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Microsoft’s famed ChatGPT has long dominated the AI market, but in recent days, news stories have been flooded with allegations of Alphabet, Google’s parent company, revealing information about its very own ChatGPT rival Bard.

According to reports, the new ChatGPT rival will initially be made available to a select group of “trusted users” before making its official debut to the broader public in the upcoming weeks. Moments after Microsoft revealed its multi-year, multi-billion dollar investment in ChatGPT developer OpenAI, news of the new ChatGPT competitor broke.

A Glimpse on Google’s Bard

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A conversational AI service that will purportedly be driven by Alphabet’s Language Model for Dialogue Applications is the latest rival to ChatGPT, also known as Google’s Bard. The aforementioned AI software is designed to give consumers AI-powered solutions to their inquiries that appear to have been written by a human.

Google then provided an example on how the software is expected to perform through a press statement. In which, the question “What kind of new discoveries from the James Webb Space Telescope can I tell my 9 year old about?” was thrown on the software which reportedly answered with “The telescope captured images of galaxies that are over 13 billion years old.”

Sundar Pichai, Alphabet’s CEO, stated that the company would first release a “lightweight model version of Language Model for Dialogue Applications,” which will allegedly require less computing power and allow for more user feedback.

The CEO went on to say that in order to ensure that Google’s Bard is of high quality, safe, and grounded in real-world data, they would reportedly combine feedback from external users with their own internal testing findings. He went on to say that they are excited about this phase, which is critical to improving the quality and speed of Bard.