NFTs have made their way into many sporting activities, and horse racing is one of them. From real-life racetracks to virtual ones, NFT horse racing is revolutionizing horse racing and gaining a ton of popularity in the process.

However, many horse races still do not understand the concept of virtual horse racing. So, here’s an article that explains what NFT horse racing is and why people are drifting towards it.

What is NFT Racing?

NFT horse racing is an e-sport where racers put digital horses up against each other for prize money. Besides racing horses, participants can also breed and sell them for profits to other racers and collectors. 

Soon, companies like Oly Sport will also make it possible for NFT horse racing gamers to own and trade stables and even parcels of land to host these stables. Such developments make the sector highly promising and explain why it draws in more and more players by the day.


Which Are the Best NFT Horse Racing Platforms?

There are several horse racing platforms where racers can sign up for this high-adrenaline sport. Here’s a list of some of the best NFT horse racing platforms in the crypto space.

1. Zed Run

For an exhilarating NFT horse racing experience, racing enthusiasts need to explore Zed Run. This Ethereum-based blockchain game is the benchmark for NFT horse racing. Using Web 3 technology, Zed Run makes it possible for racers to buy, breed, race, and even trade racing horses.

Zed Run Gameplay

Racing on Zed Run is not only fun; it is also very simple. The platform has categorized its racing activities into events and tournaments. Zed Run events are grouped into seven classes, each defined by horse ratings. The game rates horses on a scale of 0-81+. A higher rating means a horse can compete in higher-class events. There are also multiple tournaments like the Fibonacci Cup, Podium Plate, and Keep on Winning that run 24 hours daily.

Zed Bloodlines

Zed Run also comes with four distinct horse bloodlines. These four bloodlines include Nakamoto, Szabo, Finney, and Buterin. Buterin is the most affordable, while Nakamoto is the rarest and most expensive bloodline, meaning it is more likely to win. Mastering the bloodlines is key in breeding unique NFT racing horses that can fetch high prices when sold. 

Zed Run Token

Zed Run had not yet launched its in-game token when writing this article. However, It is still possible to buy ZED NFT horses on OpenSea using ETH. Players can store their horse NFTs in their Zed Run or Metamask wallets.


2. DEFIHorse

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DefiHorse is another revolutionary horse racing NFT platform. Built on the Binance Smart Chain network, this horse racing title seamlessly fuses cross-platform gaming, addictive horse racing, and impressive blockchain technology to create an epic experience for nft horse racing gamers. 

DeFi Horse Gameplay

In its gameplay, DeFi Horse places players in a mythical world where four grand corporations with a monopoly over technology have taken over the world’s governance. With each corporation trying to grow more powerful than the rest, they all sit down and come up with a strategy to determine winners from losers. This strategy is horse racing. 

The races begin from the simplest one, the Faunus. This is a stage that all unraced horses have to go through to get their rankings. From there, a horse can compete in any of the five classes in the game, depending on its ranking.

DeFi Horse Bloodlines

Getting a winning horse isn’t difficult, but it requires players to understand the four distinct horse bloodlines, Heroic, Poseidon, Titan, or the rarest of them all, Chaos. Each bloodline has special characteristics that help it achieve better racing potential. These are the characteristics that racers need to have at their fingertips when breeding or purchasing exceptional horses. 

DeFi Horse Token

The entire DeFi Horse ecosystem operates using the game’s in-game token DFH. DFH is what players use to buy all NFT horses pay for race fees and staking. Rewards are also given in DFH. Racers can buy DFH on BInance exchange.

3. DarleyGo

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Horse racing enthusiasts will also enjoy racing their NFT horses on DarleyGo. This Solana-based game allows players to experience the thrill of breeding, racing, and trading unique digital horses. 

DarleyGo Gameplay

DarleyGo’s gameplay revolves around racing modes. The game has three distinct modes: Trainer mode, Racing mode, and Breeding mode. Trainer mode is set to help players familiarize themselves with the game. On the other hand, the Racing mode is the competitive edge on Darley Go. This mode comes in six levels. The first is Griffin, which is for all first-time racing horses. This level then ranks the horses and gives them ratings which determine which of the remaining five classes the horse can race in. 

DarleyGo Bloodlines

Although racing may appear to be the most complex mode on DarleyGo, the Breeding mode is what many racers struggle with. The game has three unique horse bloodlines: Hayato, Areo, and Darley. Breeding these horses requires a proper understanding of the Mutation Probability, a feature in the game that allows players to predict which combination of characteristics will result in brilliant offspring. Players can buy the Solana horse racing NFTs from the DarleyGo in-house NFT marketplace.

DarleyGo Token

DarleyGo has a dual-token ecosystem. First, it has DGE, the governance token, used mainly for staking, breeding, and voting. The GEX is also the utility token used to make in-game purchases and reward players. 


4. Pegaxy

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Pegaxy is the industry standard for competitive NFT horse racing. The game is built on the Polygon/Matic layer 2 solution, and it leaves no stone unturned as far as NFT horse breeding, renting, selling, and racing is concerned.

Pegaxy Gameplay

The Pegaxy gameplay calls for competitiveness above all else. In this player-versus-player horse racing game, one player has to compete with eleven others to get the top 3 spots which come with rewards. What makes this even more challenging is that races take place in different elemental conditions like wind, water, and fire which are all randomly incorporated. Then there’s the annual Grand Dash Tournament, where 12 of the highest-ranking players monthly all meet to battle it out for the top sport and impressive rewards. 

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Pegaxy Bloodlines

With such levels of competitiveness, Pegaxy players need to understand the kind of Pegas (Horses) they own or intend to buy. There are four different Pega bloodlines in the game. These include the rarest, Hoz, then Compona, Klin, and the least rare, Zan. There are also five breeding types, Founding, Legendary, Epic, Rare, and Pacer, which must be thoroughly understood to come up with outstanding breeds. Pegaxy NFTs are available on the Pegaxy marketplace.

Pegaxy Tokens

When it comes to the game’s economics, Pegaxy is a dual token game. It uses PGX as its governance token and VIS as the primary utility token for making all payments and in-game purchases. 

5. Derace

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The horse racing metaverse is almost incomplete without its key contributor, Derace. This is a play-to-earn horse racing NFT game housed within the Ethereum blockchain. Derace has made its mark in the industry, especially for its hippodromes which are player-owned NFT horse racing stadia. 

Derace Gameplay

Dearce’s gameplay is quite simple. The platform lists multiple races on its website, and players can sign up to participate in any of them. Each race has a fixed number of horses per hippodrome, and a racer has to pay a fee to take part in a race. Part of this fee goes to reward the winner of the race. 

Derace Bloodlines

Horses on Derace don’t have main bloodlines. But, they have a set of visible and invisible characteristics that determine their performance and rarity. These characteristics include racing cool down, stamina, speed, shape, color, and others. 

Derace Tokens

Derace uses a token called DERC. DERC is an ERC20 token, which players can trade on the Ethereum Blockchain. DERC is a utility token in the game that enables players to buy horse NFTs in-game assets, pay for any fees, or receive rewards. 

NFT Horses Are Revolutionizing Horse Racing

Virtual horses are rapidly becoming an option for many horse racers. Not only are NFT horses easier to maintain, but they also have a higher likelihood of generating more money than their real-life counterparts. All you need to do is make sure you know the right horse traits to look for and the right platform to kickstart your virtual horse racing adventure.