hosts NFTAuction.Exchange: a community-driven, fair launched DeFi Token

BSCdaily – Admin: Hello and welcome, @colinf5! How is your day? 😀

Colin: Hi everyone, I’m very happy to be here today and recommend the project to everyone

BSCdaily – Admin: Happy to hear! Ready to start our AMA? 🎉

Colin: Yes, ready

BSCdaily – Admin: Great, here we go

Q1: What is NFTAuction.Exchange all about? Give us a little summary

Colin: Yeah, The NFTAuction.Exchange is a community-driven, fair launched DeFi Token. Three simple functions occur during each trade: Reflection, redistributed to the holders.

We want to create NFTACE platform that will allow anyone to create and list NFTs without any difficulty. This means that regardless of age, origin and income level, the user will have equal opportunities with famous artists, singers and designers to monetize their digital content, where you can buy, sell and exchange digital items.

Everything is really simple!

Q2: Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your team? What are your past experiences?

Colin: Yeah, The project was created by Rabin Tagore’s idea, he gathered a group of members from around the world like me (Colin), Mr. Bridges, Roberson, Alex…We had great conversations. And the project was established.

As for myself, I have a background in IT and Marketing and have been a fan of the project since I first heard about it. Needless to say I fell in love with the concept and the team, the people are truly amazing.

Q3: Why did you and your team decide to build NFTAuction.Exchange?

Colin: Yes, I and everyone have the same opinion that the crypto market in general and the NFT in particular is difficult to reach for everyone. So we decided to do something to make it possible for everyone to participate in this potential market.

So NFTauction.Exchange was built! This is a project for everyone, regardless of age, gender, qualifications and income.

We had some opinions on this article, everyone can read it:

Q4: Let’s dive into your token $ACE. Can you share with us your tokenomics? And what are some of $ACE use cases?

Colin: Tokenomics:

Name: NFTAuction.Exchange

Symbol: ACE

Supply: 100,000,000,000,000

Liquidity Provided: 40%

Rewards: 10%

Community Raise: 15%

Burn 1st : 15%

Founder Vesting: 5%

Rest 15% – Burn 2

Community Raise + Operations: The tokens were issued to the original community contributing members through the open bounty at different rates. To join as a member of the development team, you can read here

You can check details at:

Q5: Does $ACE get audited?

Colin: Yes, we have submitted a smart contract audit request and it is in the process of being finalized with our partner!

Q6: And for people who are interested in your token, where can we buy $ACE?

Colin: Yes, everyone can buy it on And in the future you can buy it at other Cryptocurrency Exchanges!

Q7: What can we expect in the next 3 months and in 2021 as a whole?

Colin: We will cooperate with artists, media companies to promote the project.

In the near future, we hope to be listed in several exchanges, and already have at least 2 projects in the incubation process of our portfolio. We have several offers from various exchanges and major newspapers. That’s great!

People can refer to our roadmap at the homepage: and the media to see it.

Our plan is that at least after 1-2 months we will pass the censors of Coingecko and Coinmarketcap, 3 quarter of 2021 we will complete that roadmap. Done!

Q8: Where can we find out more about NFTAuction.Exchange?

Colin: Everyone can follow us:









BSCdaily – Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with NFTAuction.Exchange

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community? @colinf5

Colin: Yeah, This is a great community. We thank everyone who attended today’s AMA. Have a nice day everyone!

BSCdaily – Admin: It was a pleasure having you @colinf5