In this post, you will learn about NFTCloud and the CloudStudio’s Suite of Tools for all Web3 Businesses, Creators, and Enthusiasts.


What is NFTCloud?

NFTCloud is a platform that provides Web3 businesses, producers, and fans with a Suite of Tools. NFTCloud provides the Enchanting Box Collection, a collection of exquisite pieces of art wrapped in lovely boxes that also serve as an investment that creates passive income for their owners, in addition to their products and services. 

By investigating CloudStudio, users may have access to their tools and services. Most of their tools are free to use, however others are only available to VIP customers who own Enchanting Box Collection NFTs.

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In summary, NFTCloud provides a plethora of vital tools for the web3 world, such as administration tools for NFT & Token, Liquidity Controller, Bulksender, NFT marketplace, and so on, as well as NFT Collection, a gorgeous artwork packaged in appealing boxes that generates passive income for holders.

What is CloudStudio?

They provide solutions for anyone to build and abuse their own tokens and NFTs in a matter of seconds. Successfully produced tokens on NFTCloud will be confirmed, published on token explorer websites, and immediately listed on DEXs in line with the Product Owner’s needs.

Token Management Tools 

With their advanced tools, CloudStudio empowers you to take complete control of token management. 

  • Token Minter: Anybody with no coding skills can still enjoy minting tokens. 
  • Token Launcher: They provide solutions that fit the needs of your sales kinds. Set up a token sale with no due diligence hassles and smart contracts that do not require extensive testing and auditing. 
  • Liquidity Controller: A method for avoiding sniping bots and other issues during listing events. 
  • Bulksender: A method of optimizing smart contracts by batching token transfers per transaction and sending them in bulk in order to save gas fees. 
  • Token Locker: A safe place to store all of your digital assets, transfer locked tokens, or keep liquidity tokens untouchable through a vesting mechanism.

What is the Enchanting boxes NFT Collection? 

Each NFT in the Enchanting Boxes Collection is a work of art packaged in a charmed box, as well as an investment that earns passive income for the holder. Each one displays a member of the Upsky Kingdom with their gorgeous goods and surroundings, offering a short tale about who they are and their adorable nature. 

The NFT Collection includes a plethora of tools for minting, launching, and building a private NFT marketplace tailored to your specific community.

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How can NFT owners make use of NFTCloud?

Staking for passive income 

Holders of Enchanting Boxes can stake them to obtain benefits as well as opportunities for fortunate drops or extra rewards. Collectors who invest a large number of Enchanting Boxes or finish Collecting Quests will be eligible for a range of prize boosters.

Revenue sharing 

50% of the platform’s produced fees will be saved in the Treasury and delivered as a monthly incentive to Enchanting Box owners.

DAO votes 

Anyone who owns Enchanting Boxes will also own a piece of NFTCloud and will be able to contribute to the product’s and community’s growth.

Discount on tools & service fees 

Enchanting Boxes will get registered customers permanent and exceptional discounts to utilize NFTCloud products and services.

Exclusive perks 

Every now and again, the NFTCloud and its partners want to surprise Enchanting Box owners with unique presents.


NFTCloud is a good and necessary solution for NFT development in the current climate. With the continuous development of the NFT market, NFTCloud will play an important role in supporting and meeting the growing needs of the NFT community.

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