In 2021, the rise of NFTs ushered in an unforeseen but profound shift in digital asset ownership. This massive influx of fans has resulted in a rapidly expanding metaverse ecology. According to NFTGo, the market capitalization of NFT will exceed $10 billion in 2021. Their first yearly report examines the NFT market’s dynamics and how all of the major events in 2021 came together to propel NFTs to new heights.

Nftgo Annual Report 2022

​​What can you expect from this report?

Based on data collected by, they give an in-depth study of the state and growth of the NFT market in this yearly Report. They are committed to provide a study that will benefit anybody who is interested in the NFT field, whether they are industry insiders or newbies. They will provide the readers a close look at this dynamic and fast-paced ecology.

  • The report evaluates the capital flow in these digital assets, investigates trends and top NFTs, and depicts the most lucrative NFTs for 2021.
  • The report includes the most up-to-date information on NFT markets, such as market capitalization, total volume, total transactions, the number of NFTs and their holders, and historical trends. These figures might serve as a short introduction to getting started in the NFT environment.
  • Gaming, Collectibles, Avatars, Art, Metaverse, DeFi, IP, Social, Music, and Utility are among the 10 categories covered in the report, which includes a basic study of all collections and a more specific examination by splitting collections into ten categories. This categorization allows you to have a better knowledge of certain collections.
  • The report examines not only high-value NFT projects and assets, but also new collections that may have underperformed.
  • The Summary presents a multi-dimensional report on NFT-related data, including not only NFT values and collections, but also NFT whales and information about the top 30 NFT holders, including their address, the amount, and the value of NFTs held. In such an inspirational, profitable, but sometimes speculative digital realm, tracking whales can help you make more secure and dependable trading decisions.
  • Professional analysis, as well as raw charts and data, are offered in this report to assist in evaluating the investment worth of NFTs through an analytical examination of the facts supplied.
  • They also examine metrics in this report, which determine their data forecast. The insights they derive from data are directly influenced by how they see it. Their description of NFTGo’s metrics includes instances of NFTs’ global effect when these measures are used.
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Why does this report matter? 

Both newcomers and experienced investors will benefit from the inaugural Annual Report. This helps to boost the rapidly expanding NFT industry in a way that is understandable to everyone. With the helpful Annual Report, newbies may get off to a much better start. Meanwhile, experienced investors may obtain a more in-depth look into the NFT market, allowing them to make the most profitable investment selections possible.

How to acquire the full report?

By purchasing Annual Report NFT 2022, you will have access to the whole report:

  • NFT Annual Report Exclusive Content
  • Access to CSV Data File – Exclusive Discord Channel & Role
  • Product Q&A Service for Individuals
  • Potential NFTGo Pioneer NFT Collection Whitelist
  • Once you’ve purchased the report, join NFTGo’s discord to get the entire report and underlying data files.

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Web3, NFT, and gaming communities use NFTGo as a data aggregation tool. They make it simple to locate critical information on NFTs. Their tools give you all of the information you need to make your next move in the NFT marketplace as the first cross-chain NFT data analysis platform.

Nftgo Annual Report 2022

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