O3 Swap is a cross-chain aggregation protocol that enables users to access multiple chains’ liquidity on a single network.


O3 Swap is a cross-chain aggregation protocol developed by O3 Labs. O3 Swap’s goal is to provide customers with access to cryptocurrency-based financial services by enabling them to trade, or “swap,” different digital assets within their O3 Wallet. The advantages of this design stem from the high degree of safety and security inherent in the decentralized model of asset management and defense. The platform also offers ‘cross-chain’ swaps for conducting trade settlements outside of the constraints of a traditional isolated Blockchain network.

The word “cross-chain” refers to the fact that the transaction is carried out after traversing two or more different blockchain networks. The initial asset and the target asset are deployed on two isolated Blockchains that are otherwise non-communicative in a cross-chain swap. Given the advanced development of decentralized financial protocols (DeFi) and the increasingly mature markets for lending, exchange, derivatives, and so on, the O3 Swap protocol, in collaboration with its associated decentralized wallet software, provides a one-stop aggregation & exchange platform for consumers while also providing developers with access to an open, distributed, limitless, and secure trading environment.


– Permissionless, anti-censorship: Anybody, in any environment, can access O3 Swap without permission or KYC verification.

– Liquidity Aggregation: Through linking their own decentralized wallets, users can exchange assets at the lowest possible rate and through the most effective trading route.

– Cross-chain Exchange: Using our aggregation protocol, we bring all tested and potential cross-chain solutions to market. This allows us to conduct cross-chain transactions. Users can freely trade multi-chain assets with a single click.

– Community Based Growth: Decentralized governance and community-driven development will be realized as a result of the O3 Swap Token’s issuance and economic model.

O3 Swap Token

O3 Swap Token (O3) is an O3 Swap program token. It serves as an essential intermediary in promoting the growth of the O3 Swap network. Based on the O3 Swap economic model, all participants and developers are encouraged to participate in the overall ecological network through token group governance.

The exchange aggregators (O3 Aggregator) and cross-chain pool are the key functional modules of O3 Swap (O3 Hub). O3 Aggregators are deployed on popular blockchains to assist users in locating the most efficient trading rates and routes in the corresponding network. O3 Hub offers cross-chain transaction services based on the PolyNetwork and allows users to add liquidity by using a single token from several chains to collect income from cross-chain transaction fees and O3 rewards.

O3 Swap User Guide


Step 1: Go to Swap Page

Go to https://o3swap.com/ Click Swap on the homepage to enter the exchange page.

Step 2: Connect your wallets

In the pop-up window, add the wallet and confirm the connection.

Eth, BSC, and Heco cross-chain swap: currently supported by O3 Wallet and NeoLine Eth, BSC, and Heco cross-chain swap: currently supported by Metamask

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Step 3: Begin swapping

Select the token in the “From” and “To” fields and type the number to be exchanged.

On the transaction information tab, click “RFQ” to see the number, value, trading path, cost, and fee.

You can also choose other options by clicking “More Trading Price.”

After you’ve double-checked that all transaction information is right, click “Confirm.”

To validate the transaction, the Metamask or O3 Wallet will show a pop-up window. You can change the GAS fee (network fee) in this section.


– GAS fees are not needed in Neo Swap, and you can cancel them in the transaction details.

– If you use Eth, BSC, or HECO, we strongly advise you not to adjust the GAS charge. Transactions can become stuck or fail as a result of this.

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Step 4: Finish the transaction

Following the confirmation of the transaction on the wallet. You can always verify the transaction states on the relevant explorers.

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O3 Hub is made up of a cross-chain asset pool, such as a stablecoin pool, as well as a cross-chain protocol based on the Poly Network. Liquidity providers can deposit one or more assets into the cross-chain pool and stake the LP shares to receive O3 rewards. During the testing process, only secure currency cross-chain exchanges and liquidity provision are available.

Step 1: Log in to your wallets.

In Metamask wallet, choose the Mainnet work for the corresponding chains.

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Step 2: Choose your properties and enter the sum to be swapped.

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Step 3: Add or Remove Liquid

To enter the cross-chain queue, click “Deposit” or “Withdraw.” (You can also choose Add/Remove Later later.)

Select one or more stablecoins to provide liquidity to the cross-chain pool.

Enter the number you wish to contribute to the cross-chain pool.

Click “Deposit” or “Withdraw” to complete the transaction in your Metamask wallet.

Step 4: Finish the transaction

Poly Network and the related blockchain network are used to add and remove cross-chain liquidity. The confirmation process will take a little longer than normal. The transaction method is still visible in the pop-up window.

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For more information, go to O3 Swap official website and Twitter here: