Haven Presale Ilo

Official Launch of $Haven Initial Liquidity Offering

$Haven is a deflationary coin that pays out BNB every three days to holders. Unicrypt’s $Haven Presale is now live!

Introduction to SafeHaven

Safehaven is a DeFi initiative created by the community and based on the Binance Smart Chain #BSC. With ground-breaking mechanisms, the $HAVEN token combats traders, whales, and bots: Simply purchase the $Haven token and hold it to receive passive income in the form of BNB rewards and reflection interest.


Holders are rewarded with $HAVEN. Every transaction (buy, sell, or transmit) incurs a 16% charge, with 9 percent going to the BNB Reward Pool, which holders can collect in proportion to their percentage of holdings. The liquidity pool receives 5% of the proceeds, which reduces price volatility. As reflective interest, one percent is given to all holders, including the burn wallet.

With each transaction, 1% is sent to the burn wallet, increasing the scarcity of $HAVEN.


50% of the total supply has been delivered to the dead wallet, ensuring the safe and organic expansion of our BNB pool. There will be no claims for the first seven days to allow the BNB pool to develop. Following that, holders can make a claim every three days. To confirm your collection time, use the Haven Dapp.


Because the dead address will be the largest holder, half of the BNB pool will be unclaimable. This increases the security of the BNB pool for our holders. Through reflection and each transaction, the burn wallet will continue to acquire additional tokens, eliminating them from circulation. These mechanisms will raise the scarcity of $HAVEN even further, making it the ideal deflationary, passive revenue producing cryptocurrency.


The entire restricted supply of $Haven tokens is 21 million. As a source of passive income, all $Haven token holders get BNB incentives based on their proportion of ownership. $Haven was created to battle day traders, whales, and bots with innovative tokenomics that rewards holders while penalizing short selling with a high transaction fee in order to increase price stability and minimize market volatility.


10.5 million $Haven (half of total supply) has been burnt to increase the resilience and dependability of the BNB pool payouts. From the start, half of the pool will be unreachable. This adds another layer of security to the $Haven BNB incentive system and helps to preserve payouts at a sustainable level.

Project Roadmap

June 2021:

  • Launch website 1.0 
  • Smart Contract Audit Passed – RD Labs (read report) 
  • KYC verification completed with SolidProof.io & BSC.NEWS 
  • Burned half of token supply (10.5 million $Haven) 
  • Integrated cross-channel marketing & influencer campaigns 
  • Over 6,000 followers on Twitter & 5,000 members on Telegram 
  • AMA’s with BSC.NEWS & BSCdaily.com 
  • Listed on CoinSniper & Coinhunt 
  • AMA with our Early Investor Community – June 27th @7PM UTC on Telegram 
  • Initial Liquidity Offering for $Haven token on Unicrypt – Started June 30th @5PM UTC

Q3 2021:

  • Pancake Swap DEX listing. 
  • Launch website & DAPP 2.0
  • Haven Logo on Trustwallet & MetaMask
  • $Haven listing on CoinGecko
  • $Haven listing on CoinMarketCap
  • Enhanced marketing activity supported by development fund plus the whale BNB reward tax. 
  • Listings on exchanges that can reflect the tokenomics of $Haven

Q4 2021:

  • Development of the Safehaven DeFi platform to enable real-world uses for Safehaven’s cryptocurrency products/services other than as a store of value or to generate BNB.
  • The second Safehaven token has been released. The tokenomics will differ from $Haven in that they will be optimized for usage as a transactional payment mechanism.

Project Tokenomics

  • Contract Address: 


  • Token Name/Symbol: Haven Token ($HAVEN)
  • Total Supply: 21,000,000 
  • Unicrypt Initial Liquidity Offering: 6,000,000
  • Burned: 10,500,000 
  • Liquidity Locked: 3,446,820 
  • Team: 330,000 
  • Marketing and Development fund: 723,180  
  • 16% Transaction tax: 9% BNB Reward Pool, 5% Liquidity Pool, 1% Reflection, 1% Burned.
  • 1.6% of the total supply split to the 3 members of the Safehaven Team. 
  • 3.4% of the total supply to Marketing & Development Fund, to ensure the continued and sustainable growth of $Haven.

Manual Burn Mechanism

They’ve chosen to destroy nearly half of the overall supply to allow the BNB incentive system to expand naturally. Because the dead wallet will store 50% of the tokens, no more than 50% of the BNB reward pool will ever be claimable, making it less vulnerable to sudden drops in BNB pool payouts.


Haven was designed to be a fully deflationary coin. With each transaction, the supply shrinks. Every transaction loses 1% of its value. Furthermore, the Dead Wallet is a wallet holder for reflection interest, with 50% of supply, implying that a substantial amount of the reflection interest from transactions also flows to the burn wallet.

Presale information

The $Haven ILO (Initial Liquidity Offering) is now live! ILO investors receive a 10% discount on $Haven and the 16 percent charge is waived. On the day of Pancake Swap’s debut, investors will receive their tokens. $Haven can be obtained now on UniCrypt. 


Total Supply: 21,000,000 $HAVEN

Safe Burn: 10,500,000 $HAVEN

Unicrypt Initial Liquidity Offering: 6,000,000 $HAVEN

Liquidity Locked: 3,446,820 $HAVEN

Marketing & Development fund: 723,180 $HAVEN

SafeHaven Dev Team: 330,000 $HAVEN

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