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CoinWire Admin: Here we goooo!!! Good day everyone and welcome back to another wonderful AMA with BSCDaily! I hope you all had a fantastic weekends 👌 Today we welcome Mr. Alain Garner – COO at Okaleido here with us. Hello Alain Garner, how is your day going?

Alain Garner: Hi hi guys thank you so much for having me on your show tonight

CoinWire Admin: Happy to have you here with us! If you’re all set, we can start our AMA right now

Alain Garner: Your the boss

CoinWire Admin: Said the man running a kick ass project ser 😳 Alrighty! So let’s kick this AMA off with our first segment: Q&A with the host! First, would you mind introducing yourself to the BSCDaily community?

Alain Garner: Hello everyone, I am Alain. I am the COO of SeekTiger & Okaleido

CoinWire Admin: Mr. Big Boss right here 🔥 And since today’s main focus is about Okaleido, let’s get to know more about this project that you’re building! During the AMA, you can talk a bit about Seektiger and its correlation with Okaleido as well

Alain Garner: Yeah it’s definitely an amazing project

CoinWire Admin: Wonderful! So:

Q1. What is Okaleido (OKA)? Can you share with us more in detail?

Alain Garner: OKA token is the governance token of the OKALEIDO NFT. We are an aggregation platform with a focus on transactions, including NFT and mining. Our architecture is based on the BNB Chain and led by Tiger DAO VC, the world’s leading crypto VC fund. We are delighted with how much engagement we have from our community. This month we have surpassed 90K+ members, with more than 114K+ social media followers

CoinWire Admin: Impressive milestones indeed!

Q2. What triggers you to launch Okaleido (OKA)? What are some of the real-world problems/ pain points that Okaleido (OKA) aims to solve?

Alain Garner: NFT’s have become an indispensable and essential part of crypto space.  Since the NFT Summer craze in 2021, Opensea, the largest NFT platform in Ethereum, has reached a billion-dollar weekly transaction volume, and the number of unique wallet addresses remains over 300,000 (Dune Analytics @hildobby, 2022). Due to the non-fungible nature and price volatility, NFTs can face low liquidity times, leading to high fund thresholds and insufficient capital utilization.  When NFT holders need funds, the illiquidity means they will take a substantial financial loss in value or be unable to participate in lucrative and blue-chip investments due to the lack of funds. In order to solve these problems, the concept of NFTFi was born, which tries to increase the liquidity, predictability, utilization and compatibility of NFTs in a financial way, in order to create a better experience for NFT holders.

So How Does Okaleido Release NFT’s Liquidity?

OKALEIDO is a high-quality ecosystem built on innovation with a mission to improve today’s financial markets.  We are creating a new paradigm for NFTs, asset classes, and the art market. In the NFT market, NFTs are primarily traded for profit.  Seldomly do individuals hold NFTs for artistic appreciation.  A primary driver behind this is the nascency of NFTs and the time needed to form a deep cultural foundation.  Therefore, in a profit-seeking market, aggregation may not fundamentally address the liquidity of NFTs in the long term. As an NFT market aggregator, OKALEIDO introduces a transaction mining mechanism, which can encourage NFT holders or potential investors to trade through further incentives.  Transaction mining itself is an incentive measure that has been proven by the industry, especially in the NFT trading market sector.  For reference X2Y2 and LooksRare both have had notable success on OpenSea.

CoinWire Admin: True, volatility is why we’re invested in NFTs in the first place, and that’s what causes this market to be super overpriced. I will definitely do more research on Okaleido, sounds like an up and coming NFT aggregator to look out for. So you kinda briefly touched on your token OKA as the governance token

Q3. What is the other role of the OKA token in Okaleido? Would you tell us more about its tokenomics?

Alain Garner: Users no longer need to rummage across various DEX platforms to find the best trading solution. OKALEIDO offers members the best transaction price based on the market and mining rewards. Deployed on the BNB Chain, we have built the premier NFT trading aggregator platform with support for transaction mining. We collect and organize all NFT trading information from different markets and provide an optimized trading experience to enhance the efficiency and visibility of transactions. Our platform is primarily used by institutional B2C traders and individual boutique traders, with C2C, collectors to conduct, emerging as a growth sector. Users can participate in early token allocation by using STI/USDT LP trading pairs.

OKA Token Allocation:

  • LP mining: 55% (27.5M OKA) 
  • Private sale: 20% (10M OKA)
  • Institutional investors: 5% (2.5M OKA)
  • Angel investors: 4% (2M OKA)
  • Team: 5% (2.5M OKA)
  • Public fund-raising: 1% (500K OKA)

Vesting Schedule:

  • Angel investors: First vesting 3 months after project launch: 10% vesting per quarter
  • Institutional investors: First vesting 2 months after project launch; 10% per quarter
  • Private sale: First vesting 1 month after project launch; 0.25% vesting daily 
  • Public fund-raising: 10% released before the project launch; 10% vesting monthly
  • Team: 1% released every month

CoinWire Admin: Thank you for the details! Anyway, I’ve read one recent twitter post of yours, it said you launched “fusion mining”

Q4. Can you elaborate on where users can join in the “fusion mining”? Also, let us know where’s the best place to research more about Okaleido?

CoinWire Admin: it seems like the website is temporarily down atm, so if you have a whitepaper, or any docs, let us know!

Alain Garner: Okaleido launched the official fusion mining at 6:00AM (UTC) on September 1, 2022.! Now, Okaleido has launched the fusion mining of OKTiger, OKA and STI (SeekTiger’s ecological token). Holders of OKTiger, STI and OKA tokens can participate in fusion mining and receive continuous OKA token rewards. Users need to pay 100 OKA+1000STI+1 OKTiger NFT to get the opportunity to participate in fusion mining. The paid OKA and STI will be burned, while OKTiger NFT can be redeemed. The redeemed OKTiger NFT can no longer participate in mining. Fusion mining can reduce the market liquidity of OKA, STI and OKTiger NFT, and further enhance their rarity and value.Starting from the official launch on September 1, the fusion mining will generate 10,000 OKA as rewards every day, and the output weight of OKA obtained by users is determined by the ratio of the number of OKTiger NFTs they hold and the total number of OKTiger NFTs participating in fusion mining. The fusion mining output is permanent. Blockchain nodes will receive additional rewards, namely 10% of the daily output of their fusion mining.

CoinWire Admin: And here are the links for people to check it out:

– The fusion mining link:

– The whitepaper:

Alain Garner: The launch of official fusion mining means that the Okaleido ecology is fully ready to set sail, and the ecology has gradually established a more stable value foundation. As one of the most promising NFT ecosystems, Okaleido is expected to push NFTs to a new chapter through its innovative mechanisms.

CoinWire Admin: Very nice. Pay attention to this fam, if you want to join fusion mining with Okaleido right now!!! Okaleido is on its way to establish a more stable value foundation, becoming a prominent NFT aggregator in the space. It’s not an easy task at all, Okaleido is going to need major partnerships as well. It’s time to address Okaleido’s partnerships with Seektiger:

Q5. What are the benefits that Okaleido gets from the Seek Tiger Partnerships? What are the other partnerships that you have?

Alain Garner: Okaleido is an NFT trading platform incubated by Seektiger, and led by Tiger DAO VC. Our Investors include:

  • Tiger DAOVC
  • Crypto Ventures
  • 7 O’Clock
  • ChainUp Capital
  • TrustFi
  • CheersLand
  • Metamoonshots
  • Alpha Capital

We have collaborated with more than 10 NFT projects(Nycticebus, MiningverseNFT,HALO NFT,Alphashark, Homeless Friends, SeekTiger, TigerdaoVC, MenderClub, Neko Mura, 凌风啸 LING, Project Galaxy,Binance NFT) , launched partnership events and got 10k supporters.

CoinWire Admin: What a lineup you have there! I spy with my little eyes: Binance NFT as well 👀

CoinWire Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Okaleido🔥🔥🔥

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Alain Garner: Thank you BSC Daily for having me here. The community is amazing, I love the enthusiasm. Be sure to join our Telegram group if you have any questions about Okaleido. We are just starting, you don’t want to miss it.

CoinWire Admin: It’s been an absolute pleasure having you here with us, Alain Garner! Okaleido seems like an innovative NFT aggregator with multiple features coming up in the future. Best of luck and take care Alain!