Oman is taking strides to diversify its economy beyond oil exports, embracing the digital frontier with the launch of a state-of-the-art cryptocurrency mining center. This move is the latest step in Oman’s efforts to accelerate its digital transformation, marking a significant shift from its traditional oil-dependent economy.

Oman’s Push for Digitalization

Oman'S Sultan Haitham (Source: Arab News)
Oman’s Sultan Haitham (Source: Arab News)

The Sultanate of Oman has unveiled a remarkable initiative: the inauguration of a new cryptocurrency mining center. This center, located in the Salalah Free Zone, is the second of its kind to be established in the country within a span of 10 months. The project comes as part of their broader strategy to foster economic diversification through digitalization.

Collaborative Efforts for Success

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The data hosting and cryptocurrency mining center, a result of collaboration between local company Exahertz and Dubai-based blockchain firm Moonwalk Systems, holds immense promise. The center has been constructed with an investment of approximately $350 million, reflecting Oman’s commitment to embracing the digital age. It is powered by cutting-edge hardware from Bitmain Technologies, a prominent player in the cryptocurrency mining industry.

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The facility’s initial operation is in a pilot phase, with 2,000 machines currently operational and consuming 11 megawatts of power. The center’s full potential will be realized by October 2023 when it is projected to host 15,000 machines, contributing significantly to the global cryptocurrency mining landscape.

Towards a Digital Future

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This crypto mining center is a cornerstone of Oman’s digitalization drive, aiming to reduce its economic dependence on oil exports. As the world transitions towards embracing decentralized technologies and cryptocurrencies, their efforts reflect a strategic vision to position itself at the forefront of this transformative wave.


Oman’s venture into cryptocurrency mining is a bold step towards diversifying its economy and embracing the opportunities presented by digitalization. By launching a cutting-edge mining center, the country is actively paving the way for a digital future while reducing its reliance on traditional industries. As the center reaches its full operational capacity and aligns with the broader goals of Oman’s digitalization strategy, it symbolizes a pivotal moment in the nation’s economic evolution.

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