Daley: Welcome to the Onyx Arches x Solana Daily AMA!

I’m your host, Daley 💪 And please welcome Mr. Amjad’ur Rahman – CEO & Founder of ONYX ARCHES

Amjad: Good afternoon from paris. My name is Amjad, I am one of the founders of Onyx Arches. Between me and my partner we have 35 years experience in the travel industry. Having travel agencies of our own we know the challenges faced by us on a corporate level as well as what customers are looking for. 

We are creating a full booking system for agents with live feed to rooms globally. Alongside this, we have created the OXA token to benefit the consumer with discounted bookings. We will revolutionize the industry.

This is just the beginning, we will have many announcements to make on the later part of the year

Daley: Fantastic, thank you so much for the introduction Amjad 🗿 And I hope we can hear some of that in today’s AMA. Let’s start with our 1st segment: Q&A with the host

Q1: How long has Onyx Arches been in development? Who are the core team members?

Amjad: We have been planning for over a year. We have a team of 17 currently developing the tech. The team expanded to close to 45 by Jan 2024. There are 3 heads under everyone else works, that’s myself, zahid and Asif who is the main developer

Daley: Great! And is the Onyx Arches team public?

Amjad: All the main team members are public

Daley: You mentioned that you understood the challenges on a corporate level  and what the customers are looking for

Q2: Can you elaborate what problems in the traditional tourism industry that Onyx Arches is solving?

Amjad: Everybody travels at some point in their lives, everyone wants to get good prices on their bookings. Travel agents make large bookings and the current methods are slow and fiat to fiat has very large conversion rates these get wiped out using crypto

Q3: How do crypto holders use Onyx Arches?

Amjad: We are creating an app which everyone can download, they can transfer their funds to a wallet on phantom and use that to make a booking. The booking process will be similar to booking.com. We will further strengthen this by creating our own exchange at a later stage👌

Daley: Interesting, can we transfer our funds to our Sol wallet too?

Amjad: yes this will be integrated👌

Daley: awesome 🗿

Q4: What cryptos do you support as payment at the moment?

Amjad: Our gateway and booking platform is still under development. When we do go live we will accept all the major cryptos. What you want to focus on is holding onto OXA tokens. There will e so many benefits

Daley: And just to mention this real quick cause I think it’s super cool: You won “The Best Start-up of 2023” in Dubai Crypto Expo!

Amjad: Yes when we presented our vision and the technology to the organizers they were blown away. We were providing a genuine solution to a  real problem. That award was in Dubai, the best place for crypto projects under a regulatory body

Daley: That’s the stuff. Congrats on that man! Now, sounds like the OXA token is indeed the one we should look out for when using Onyx Arches

Q5: What are the use cases for the $OXA token?

Amjad: The Utility of the token is discounts on your bookings with service providers, this includes hotels, transportation, excursions etc. But that is just the beginning. On a corporate level it goes much deeper than that. integrating live bookings with volume with an API that can be plugged into companies sites is not an easy task. But we have mastered this as we have developed white label booking systems and gave them to companies to use using fiat. now we are doing it on the blockchain

Q6: Have you had any major partnerships with hotels, airlines,…?

Amjad: YES we have!!!! we don’t want to mention them now as it’s in its early stages. We will be naming them regularly once we are on multiple exchanges and the platform is developed. These announcements will be done strategically to drive the value of our token. which will benefit everyone that believes in us

Daley: Huge!!! Alright peeps, remember to follow Onyx Arches on their socials so not to miss any IMPORTANT announcements 🙏

Q7: What about the community front, what are your plans to attract users?

Amjad: There are a lot of projects that get launched and then they find a use case. We are doing the other way around having a use case starting the development and launching. We already have a lot of people following us on twitter etc. Very soon we will start announcing our milestones. This will build our community further. 

A little secret… Part of our future development is a members club which will give additional benefits to the members who will be our token holders.. you do not want to miss this when we announce it😍 The members’ club will be us giving back to the community… 😉

Daley: Noiceeee. Just by holding the token or do we need to stake it?

Amjad: The members will have an option to be part of different grades like gold member platinum member etc…. I don’t think I should say more. It may upset members of the team… this is hush hush

Daley: Aight say less 😂 not gonna ask you any further questions about this then

Q8: What is your roadmap?

Amjad: Our first 2 quarters will be on development and maintain the price of OXA, it’s the last 2 quarters where we will be making major announcements and shooting the price through the roof. We want to protect our early investors and holders’ investment and belief in the project. please visit the website for the road map when you get a chance

Daley: And here’s the website fam:

Check them out!

Daley: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Onyx Arches 🔥🔥🔥

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Amjad: Yes. I want to thank you for joining us and I am sorry if your question was not answered. We are going places and tackling a 9 trillion dollar industry. Stay with us and you will see development and a whole new world opening before you. Thank you again and follow the socials

Daley: Thank you so much Amjad for taking your time and being here with Solana Daily 💪 We wish you nothing but the best and may Onyx Arches become a GIANT in Web3 Travel Industry