Openai Introduces Chatgpt Api

The Introduction of ChatGPT API

OpenAI, the company that created ChatGPT, has formally announced that third-party developers may now use an application programming interface (API) to include its AI chatbot and Whisper in their products. The business said that developers now have access to cutting-edge language and speech-to-text features thanks to the addition of ChatGPT and Whisper models to the API.

Furthermore, the company stated that they were able to achieve a 90-dollar cost reduction for ChatGPT through a series of system-wide optimizations since December. The company then claimed that they are now planning to pass those savings on to ChatGPT API users. In it, they announced that developers would now be able to use their open-source Whisper large-v2 model in the API to achieve much faster and more cost-effective results.

OpenAI is reportedly offering 1,000 tokens for $0.002 for the ChatGPT API, which the company considers to be “10x cheaper than our existing GPT-3.5 models.” Developers who use the GPT-3.5-turbo model will allegedly have the company’s recommended stable model, while still having the flexibility to choose a specific model version.

Plus, OpenAI, a Microsoft-backed firm, stated that ChatGPT AI users can now expect continuous model improvements. In addition, there is the option to select a dedicated capacity for greater control over the models. Aside from that, developers would have complete control over the instance’s load, the ability to enable features such as longer context limits, and the ability to pin the model snapshot.

Whisper API

Openai Introduces Chatgpt Api

The company also stated that developers would be able to use the Whisper API to transcribe audio for $0.006 per minute. Whisper is a speech-to-text model that was open-sourced by the company in September of last year.

The company of ChatGPT API concluded its speech by stating that they believe AI will provide incredible opportunities and economic empowerment to all. They have also stated that the “best way to achieve that is to allow everyone to build with it.”