Get ready to dive headfirst into Degens & Dragons, an epic tournament where degens flex their skills to battle for a juicy slice of a major prize pool. It’s a no-holds-barred battle of wits, cunning, and shamelessness, and the only NFT project where you don’t need to worry about when you should sell – you just need to not SUCK! 

In this nostalgic pixel world that feels like your mom’s basement, the degenerate side of blockchain enthusiasts is put on full display.  From underhanded tactics to sneaky strategies, the sky’s the limit for embracing your inner scoundrel. Have fun doing it, and Degens & Dragons could be your first step to leaving mom’s basement (if you care to).

Developed by Orange Comet Labs and built on the new Sui blockchain, Degens & Dragons is a Web3 elimination tournament-style game, where players will compete against one another across five phases. In addition to leaderboard glory, the survivors of each phase will have an opportunity to walk away with a slice of the prize pool, which starts at 10,000 SUI, and is expected to grow to a total of 60% of the mint proceeds! 

So don’t worry about people smarter than you (pretty sure there’s heaps) dumping their bags and leaving you with pixelated crumbs. Embrace the glorious mess that is Degens & Dragons. 

Make sure to get in early on the Pre-Mint Sale, happening on Thursday, June 8, 2023. For more details, go to Degens & Dragons to learn more and for the full white paper or keep reading below. 

The Game World

Here’s a Bit of the Lore –  A new ICO launched on a new chain simply called “dragon,” and Degenerate Blockchain traders couldn’t get enough of it. Typical to the Degen nature, no-one read the contract as the notification popped up to buy with their dragon wallet. Upon hitting the accept button, these Degens were sucked into their devices to compete in a tournament to fight for their liquidity.

The Town Hub

The world of Degens & Dragons is set in a 3D environment Hub Centre where players can walk around different locations to interact with and play the game. Upon logging into the game for the first time, players are taken through a tutorial that demonstrates the different locations in the world of Degens & Dragons as well as its utility:

  • Mint Box – Purchase an NFT to participate in the game’s tournament.
  • Well of Souls – Burn 4 Degen NFTs that have been eliminated, to re-enter the tournament.
  • Blacksmith — Burn 3 items of the same kind, to re-roll for a new item with higher stats.
  • Battle Arena – Participate in battles during the tournament.
  • Leaderboard – See player scores, tournament phase duration and elimination conditions.
  • Training Dummy – Test their equipped items with no impact on their score.
  • Battle Gameplay – Upon entering a battle, players are pitted up against an AI controlled opponent.
  • A Match consists of 5 rounds of picking an action to attack the opponent.
  • The player has one of four actions to select from to do damage to the opponent:  Attack, Spell, Block and Dodge.
  • The opponent will also select an action that will do damage to the player.
  • A score is then allocated for each round based on the difference between the player’s damage to the opponent and the opponent’s damage to the player.

Damage is worked out with the following considered: 

  • Each character has 3 item NFT’s equipped to their Degen NFT (Head, Body & Weapon) that increase the damage done by each of the 4 actions.  
  • The four actions are set up in a rock, paper scissors scenario where having the winning outcome reduces the damage of your opponent’s income damage by 50%.  
  • Once all 5 rounds of selecting an action have been completed, the final score will be added to the players total score on the leaderboard. 
  • Players can battle as many times as they like during a tournament’s phase.

NFT Mechanics

Mint Box

Cost: 20 SUI tokens

Supply: Unlimited 

Pre-Mint Sale Date: June 13th  (1 week only)

The mint box is where new players who wish to participate in the tournament go to purchase and mint a Degen NFT and enter the tournament. Upon accepting and signing to utilize their wallet, the player will be presented with 4 NFTs that will appear in their wallet.

  • 1x Degen NFT
  • 1x Head NFT
  • 1x Body NFT
  • 1x Weapon NFT 

Degen NFT

This is the main NFT the player needs to participate in the Degens & Dragons Tournament. This NFT can also have the other three item NFTs equipped to them. This NFT has no visual difference from player to player and has no impact on the outcome of playing the game.

Item NFTs

Item NFTs are the Head, Body and Weapon NFTs that can be equipped to the Degen NFT. The player gets 1 of each upon using the mint box and they are automatically equipped to the Degen NFT upon minting. Each Item NFT has 3 traits that increase the Damage of the 4 actions used when playing in a battle.


  • Trait 1: Increases Dodge Damage
  • Trait 2: Increases Attack Damage
  • Trait 3: Reduces randomly allocated action damage on top of the initial 50%(Can be stacked with the same action across all three items)


  • Trait 1: Increases Block Damage
  • Trait 2:  Increases Spell Damage
  • Trait 3: Reduces randomly allocated action damage on top of the initial 50%(Can be stacked with the same action across all three items)


  • Trait 1: Increases Attack Damage
  • Trait 2: Increases Spell Damage
  • Trait 3: Reduces randomly allocated action damage on top of the initial 50%(Can be stacked with the same action across all three items)

Tournament Details

Degens & Dragons game is an elimination tournament that takes place across 5 phases. In each phase, players can fight against opponents as many times as they like to increase their score and loot item NFTs. Continuing to fight gives the chance of looting stronger items. However, enemies get tougher the more you play during a phase.

At the end of each phase, a percentage of players will be eliminated from the tournament based on their total score for that phase. A reward is also allocated for each phase. The higher a players score vs. other players that round, the more reward they will receive. Distribution of rewards in each phase is determined by your overall score on the leaderboard during that phase. The reward is calculated by the following:

(MINT Reward / Total score of all players) x Players total score

Phase 1 — Duration: 1 Day. % of players eliminated: 50%. Reward: None

Phase 2 – Duration: 1 Day. % of players eliminated: 60% of remaining population. Reward: 10% of mint distributed.

Phase 3 – Duration: 1 Day. % of players eliminated: 70% of remaining population. Reward: 10% of mint distributed.

Phase 4 – Duration: 1 Day. % of players eliminated: Only Top 10 Proceed. Reward: 30% of mint distributed. 

Phase 5 – Duration: 1 Day. % of players eliminated: None. Reward: 10% of mint distributed.

The Call of the Degen…or Dragon

So, if the prospect of engaging in ruthless competition, outsmarting rivals, and climbing the ladder of success gets your adrenaline pumping, Degens & Dragons is the place for you. Why sit on the sidelines when you can be in the heart of the action? Follow Degens & Dragons on Twitter to stay abreast of the latest updates, tips, and strategies.

Dive headfirst into the glorious mess that is Degens & Dragons, and let your inner scoundrel roam free. Remember, in this realm, fortune favors the bold, the cunning, and the shamelessly crafty. So grab your gear, muster your courage, and plunge into the fray. Your destiny awaits!

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