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Cryptodaily Admin: Hey hey hey welcome everyone to the Orbofi AMA with AvaxDaily! Hope you guys are staying safe out there 😁I’m Daley and I will be your host for today.

I have here with me Mr. Benjelloun Oussama- Founder and Mr. David – Marketing Lead from Orbofi – the first social metaverse on Avalanche!

Hey guys! How’s it going?

Benjelloun Oussama: Hey guys! Happy to be here! We’re doing amazing! building some cool stuff as we speak. How is the Avax daily community doing?

David Nordhoff: Hey guys what’s up 👋

Cryptodaily Admin: You’re doing good also David? 😁

David Nordhoff: As always, doing fine 😁

Cryptodaily Admin: I’m excited for the amazing stuff that Orbofi is building also, so are we ready to start the AMA? We’ve got some biggggg grounds to cover

Benjelloun Oussama: Yeah let’s start

Q1: Please introduce yourself and the Orbofi team to the audience! Who are you and what are your experiences with Blockchain tech in general?

Benjelloun Oussama: Absolutely! hey everyone, my name is Benjelloun Oussama, Founder at we have started building Orbofi about 7 months ago, with the vision to create the first social metaverse on Avalanche, crossed with social tokens. a bit about myself, started working in the NFT space since early 2018 , and got into crypto in early 2017, that’s a little summary about myself

David Nordhoff: I am David currently based in Lisbon, I will do the Community management and a little bit of research here and there.

Cryptodaily Admin: Thanks guys for the intro! I would love to get to know more about the team if that’s ok. So how many technical experts are there in the team at the moment? Don’t get me wrong, Orbofi is a great project and building such metaverse is no easy task

Benjelloun Oussama: Yeah of course, we have built a world-class team, composed of people from Ubisoft, Microsoft, EPIK prime, and other super talented game developers and 3D environment architects. we’re about 12 people right now spread out around the globe.

We have 3 game developers, and 1 blockchain developer, and the rest very focused on 3D design. A metaverse, is all about the design, we started from the grass roots

Cryptodaily Admin: As shown in your website/socials. I love the interactive 3D model of Orbofi, even though my laptop is a potato, I still had to try it 😂It looks fascinating

Benjelloun Oussama: Hahah and did the 3d models work for you just fine? There is also the AR and VR function on those 3D models. All the NFTs and our designs are AR and VR enabled. If you open our website, go to the 3D models, choose which one, and click on AR

Cryptodaily Admin: It does yeah, surprisingly good tbh

Benjelloun Oussama: Haha great to know

Q2: What is Orbofi? Why did you and the Team decide to build Orbofi? What kind of impact did you think Orbofi would have on the metaverse trend?

Benjelloun Oussama: Yeah good question. Orbofi is the world’s first social metaverse crossed with social tokens – empowering people and communities to create their own virtual worlds, and their own social tokens, while owning their data, and the land where they sit. It is multi-chain, but we are starting with Avalanche, as there is a huge gap that needs to be filled. And Orbofi will pioneer and lead the way to social web3 adoption on Avalanche, and on other chains.

We have a way superior product than 99% of the gaming projects on Avalanche – our metaverse is ready to be used, not just a video demo lol. It’s a complete modular system built from the ground up

More info:

Cryptodaily Admin: So much is going inside Orbofi and yes, it’s a social hub for different communities if they ever want to try on-chain, everything is gonna be transparent all the time. And as you said, with their own unique token

Benjelloun Oussama: Correct

Q3:  Let’s talk about the Orbofi metaverse. What can we do in this virtual world?

Benjelloun Oussama: Yeah great question: so in a nutshell, you can build any kind of virtual world and any kind of virtual social experience – your own hang out, your own virtual mall, your own store, your own dating area etc.. literally any kind of social hub and you earn from it, while all of the other social token holders, earn as well

So basically, imagine if every discord server or subreddit had its own virtual world, and its own currency, the possibilities are limitless. You can also communicate via voice, text, and video as well ( inside the metaverse) super cool stuff

Cryptodaily Admin: True meaning to “metaverse” right there. I’ve seen and experienced “metaverse” projects that are just soooo disappointing with no actual products

So first we need to actually create a community inside Orbofi

Benjelloun Oussama: Exactly

Q4: What will we need to start building our own communities inside Orbofi?

Benjelloun Oussama: Great question, so basically the only thing you would need is some $OBI. Initially the product will be all free for everyone, but $OBI will be used to create community Orbs with your land and token. If you want a regular decentralized community, then no need for $OBI. This is one of the utilities of our token, check out our tokenomics on the wiki. And you can create it in 3 clicks.

Cryptodaily Admin: I love this 😍 eventually, Orbofi is a virtual world for people to hang out, in some degrees, it has to be accessible for everyone, not just the people with money

Benjelloun Oussama: Exactly!

Q5: What about your tokenomics? What are some of your token use cases?

Benjelloun Oussama: A little summary of the utilities

Orbofi Ama Recap

$OBI is a multi-utility token, it serves different functions, but all very important ones in the ecosystem. In a nutshell, it is the main medium of exchange, and the main, and the main in-metaverse currency.

More info on the tokenomics section in the wiki:

Q6: Right now you’re available on 3 chains: Polygon, Etherium and Avalanche. So if I buy a land on Etherium, does that mean other people can buy the same land as mine but on the other 2 chains?

Benjelloun Oussama: Yes correct, so if you have buy a piece of land on eth, you would have 2 sister lands , one on avax, and the other on polygon, you can also buy them if you want, if not, then you will be able to get their social token for free, and access that land as you wish. That’s why we call them – sister lands

Cryptodaily Admin: So it’s not gonna be owned by me, but other landlords, ah I get it

Q7: You may get this question a lot, but what makes Orbofi worthy of our investments? How can orbofi attract users on a large scale since your goal is for people to build communities in Orbofi?

Benjelloun Oussama: Yeah so we’re mostly focused on the utility of the token , otherwise we won’t need one if it’s just a governance token lol. We built the whole model based on real  utilities – we are aiming really far when it comes to attracting large numbers of people to Orbofi – and we’re doing this through multiple collaborations with brands, communities, DAOS, and organizations. We will disclose soon some super big names that are joining the Orbofi ecosystem 👀👀 Our model and systems are based on hypergrowth, and organic expansion – $OBI will follow the route

Q8: What is currently under development and will be released soon in 2022?

Benjelloun Oussama: Right now we will be releasing our public Alpha, to let people use and explore our virtual world as they wish , and connect/communicate with other people via voice and video. Also now we’re doing our private sale, then followed by the public sale, but we want to make sure that we have the product ready before we start talking – and we have it 😁

And we will be onboarding a bunch of brands (some of them are world renowned) as well as top tier communities. Exciting stuff, you can check the roadmap

Q9: Where can we find out more about Orbofi?

Benjelloun Oussama:
First step:
Second step:

Third step: join our discord or telegram:

We’re still early in Marketing and that was intentional, we wanted to build first then talk

Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Orbofi🔥🔥🔥

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Benjelloun Oussama: Yeah for sure – last words from us: EXPECT US. We’re here to improve the way social networks work, and we’re doing it on Avalanche. You will hear a lot about us in the very near future. Join our community, be one of the early adapters. Thank you guys

Cryptodaily Admin: Powerful! Thank you so much Benjelloun Oussama and David for being here and answering our questions about Orbofi – the first social metaverse on Avalanche

David Nordhoff: Thanks everybody for their time if there is any more questions feel free to ask us on Telegram or Discord

Benjelloun Oussama: Thanks Daley! that was great

Cryptodaily Admin: Take care guys!!

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