In the latest development, the BNB Greenfield Testnet “Congo” has been launched, and the community is actively seeking participation from testnet Validators, Storage Providers (SPs), and dApp Builders. This decentralized storage tech stack aims to revolutionize data ownership in Web3, and the v0.1.0 release provides a sturdy foundation for developers and the community to enhance and expand upon in future Testnet iterations.

Participate In The Bnb Greenfield Testnet And Shape The Future

BNB Greenfield: Revolutionizing Data Economy through Decentralized Data Management and Access

BNB Greenfield is an innovative blockchain and storage platform that aims to revolutionize the data economy by enabling decentralized data management and access. It is a decentralized, open-source storage chain with BNB as its token, which is designed to ease the storing and management of data and link data ownership with the DeFi context of the BNB Smart Chain (BSC).

Participate In The Bnb Greenfield Testnet And Shape The Future

BNB Greenfield provides a range of functionalities, such as the ability to create accounts, store data, manage access, communicate across multiple chains, provide storage, validate nodes, and stake tokens. Its primary objective is to offer the swiftest data service among decentralized storage solutions while ensuring cost-effectiveness, which is comparable to cloud storage in Web 2.0. This approach lays the foundation for broad-scale acceptance and usage of the platform.

BNB Greenfield’s native relayer establishes a connection between BSC and Greenfield, providing BSC Dapps with an easy-to-use SDK and minimal development requirements to integrate with Greenfield. As a result of the Greenfield mainnet’s release, thousands of Dapp data sets will be accessible, resulting in rapid ecosystem expansion and easing data-driven innovation compared to other chains.

One of Greenfield’s key features is data ownership, meaning users can decide who can access their data and set the access fees, broadening ownership from assets to data. Over time, the value of the BNB token will increase as it is utilized for large-scale data storage and trading purposes.

Joining Testnet and Zero2Hero Hackathon for a Chance to Win Rewards

In a transparent manner, Greenfield is inviting developers, validators, and storage providers to participate in the testnet through a proposal and voting process. It’s essential to note that the testnet and mainnet, scheduled to launch in Q3, will have distinct participation rules. Developers have the opportunity to join the Greenfield track of the Zero2Hero Hackathon and request grants to create applications on the platform.

Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your skills and contribute to the Greenfield ecosystem. Join the Greenfield Testnet development and Zero2Hero Hackathon for a chance to win rewards and receive a Soulbound Token (SBT) for your achievement. Let’s shape the future of data ownership together!

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