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Cryptodaily Admin: Alright! Good day everyone and welcome back to another AMA with FantomDaily! I’m your host – Daley and today I’m joined by Muhammed and JCrypto from Peg Maker!!! Greetings to you both! How’s your day going guys?

Muhammed: Thank you

Cryptodaily Admin: Hi man, how’s it going?

Muhammed: Great 👍🏼

Cryptodaily Admin: Should we start the AMA right away?

Muhammed: Yes please

Q1: Please introduce the people behind Peg Maker. Are you KYCed or doxed? What are some of your Blockchain-related experiences?

Muhammed: Hello, I’m Mo, founder of PEGMAKER , a 28 years old developer from the U.K, I have my first and masters degree in Engineering.

I’m KYC with RugDoc, and I have overall experience of digital currency of about 14year from the days of Ukash (now Skrill), Liberty reserve, and perfect money

Cryptodaily Admin: Are there any other core members in the team that you would like to introduce?

Muhammed: Of course
Josh – Co Founder 

JCrypto- Community Manager 

Nikola: Frontend UI -Web Developer

Q2: What is Peg Maker and why did you decide to build it?

Muhammed: PEGMAKER (a tomb fork) is an algorithmic stable coin on Fantom Opera, pegged to the price of 0.1 FTM via seigniorage.

The team behind PEGMAKER carefully studied TOMB and about 100 forks and highlighted the common problems among the protocols and proffer sustainable and innovative techniques that will improve the protocol and its likes.

Q3: Please explain to us the basics to using Peg Maker and what are some of the problems of TOMB that you solved?

Muhammed: PEGMAKER basics is to create an unending Printing of Peg token , and this is one of the problems of Tomb forks, inability to achieve peg when underpeg. 

With our technique, we can help other protocols to achieve Peg.

Q4: There are different models of algo stable coin, why did you go with the seigniorage model? What are you offering that’s innovative?

Muhammed: PEGMAKER is a tomb fork, therefore we are using the same model as Tomb. Our innovation include:

1) In-game Utility : We have a game utility that allows us to burn Peg tokens in-game.

2) Turbo: A special staking created for peg tokens and incentives with Turbo Token.

Q5: What are the pools you’re having right now, and what will we receive by staking our funds into those pools?

Muhammed: On our Farms, we have:

1) Maker – FTM LP to earn MAKERSHARE 

2) Makershare-FTM LP to earn Makershare 

3) Maker- Makershare LP to earn Markershare


Stake Makershare to earn Maker token

Q6: Please walk us through your tokenomics and the use cases of your tokens!

Muhammed: Makershare token: 

Circulation Supply: 7673

Total Supply: 65100

Maker token: Inflationary token with no fix supply 

Circulation Supply : 321130

Maker token is pegged to 0.1 FTM and its use case is to maintain printing and used as a reward on the Boardroom

Makershare token is a reward token for Farms and used to stake in Boardroom for Maker Reward

Q7: Are you audited by any third parties? How can we know you’re in this for a long haul?

Muhammed: Tomb’s codes have been Audited by many third parties, and since PEGMAKER is also using the same code, we are indirectly Audited.

How you should know we are in this for long haul is the dedication we put into this

JCrypto: Sorry a little late, I was taking care of my daughter. I’m Jarrod the community manager for Peg Maker. 29yo Texan, been investing in crypto since 2017 and dipped my toes into defi late 2021. Along that path I ran into Mo in another discord and he filled me in on his vision and I just had to be a part of it.

Cryptodaily Admin: Hey man! Great to have you here

Q8: What are you planning to attract more users in your protocol and increase the TVL?

Muhammed: Through Partnership and marketing and series of AMA we will bring more TVL to the protocol.

JCrypto: Absolutely! So we have a pretty robust roadmap including a p2e game that Mo has been working on for some time now, we will utilize it to make our coins deflationary so our token holders can invest with confidence that price won’t be overinflated and depreciated overtime. We are getting ready to release our Turbo initiative which is a innovative add on to our tomb fork designed to drive up the price on under peg tokens as well

Q9: Are there any new partnerships coming? Where can we find out more about Peg Maker?

JCrypto: P2e is becoming more popular everyday and we believe this will attract many new investors. We are currently in talks with multiple teams to do our first partnership should be announcing something very soon

Cryptodaily Admin: Nice, we’re waiting!!

JCrypto: our discord is our most active community and has all our official links/docs to find out more info

Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Peg Maker🔥🔥🔥

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

JCrypto: Thanks for having us, you guys are great!

Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you man for being here! Take care guys! I hope I can see more of Peg Maker in the near future 🙌🙌