Following their success on Cronos, Phenix Finance is expanding their ecosystem by launching on Polygon. The presale will begin on November 11, 2022. Continue reading to learn more about this potential project.

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Phenix Finance is set to launch on Polygon

The Polygon Chain will be the first to expand into a multiple chain. Polygon Chain Investors will have access to all facets of their ecosystem following the launch of the Polygon Token. The presale will be soon started on 11th Nov. 

Also, the Flaming Phenix NFT has arrived on Polygon. Make sure you don’t pass up this opportunity to get the unique high-reward staking limited for Polygon investors.

What can you do with Phenix Finance Ecosystem?

Exciting Released Features

  • Manage and track your payouts with compact, user-friendly, and one-of-a-kind multi-functional interface Phenix Dashboard Dapp. 
  • Test your luck with Phenix Lotto Pool. To participate in the Phenix Lotto Pool (PLP), you must put tokens into the pool in return for tickets. As long as your tokens are in the pool, you are eligible to win a huge prize created during the lotto time.
  • The Phenix NFT Series (Flaming Phenix Club) is a CRONOS-based ecosystem-based non-fungible token collection that intends to deliver tremendous utility within the Phenix Finance Ecosystem. The Phenix NFT Series will depict a powerful collection of 6,666 strikingly gorgeous, fiery, and distinct creatures that will make their imprint within the CRONOS NFT Space, in addition to being extremely gratifying and valuable assets in the Phenix Finance Exosystem. All functionalities will be available for Polygon Investors.
  • Boost your digital assets with Phenix Mystery Boxes. This new, fascinating and profitable is an addition to the Phenix Finance Ecosystem, which includes both the PHNX token and the Flaming Phenix Club NFT Collection.
  • Creating your multi-signature wallet with up to ten unique owners and access to the feature-rich and comprehensive Phenix Vault MaaS User interface, which will allow you and your team to manage your assets safely and quickly.
  • As trust and transparency are among their priority, Phenix Finance introduced their KYC Services to enable projects to demonstrate a level of trust between their owners and their community without (publicly) disclosing personal information or jeopardizing the safety of those participating in the KYC process. Your data will be kept secure using multi-layered file encryption. Furthermore, ‘KYC by Phenix’ projects are eligible to join Phenix Syndicate. Phenix Syndicate includes collaboration with other KYC projects by Phenix Projects as well as support from the Phenix Finance core-team.

Potential Scheduled Features

  • The Phenix Vault will function as a decentralized application, providing a wide range of services to various projects in order to guarantee a high level of protection to assets and contracts. These capabilities will provide everything from fully customized Token Vesting to blockchain monitoring for suspicious behaviour. The Phenix Vault will be a much-needed resource in the current nasty, dangerous, and mysterious DeFi world. 
  • The Phenix Payroll System will be a groundbreaking, multi-chain, and secure decentralized program that will allow business and project owners to handle their payroll using the world of DeFi. The Phenix Finance Core team sees the likelihood of cryptocurrency encroaching on many facets of our lives in the future years. 
  • As the launch date approaches, the current perks for Flaming Phenix Club NFT members will be implemented on Polygon. As utilities, the Phenix NFTs will be critical in continuously expanding their ecosystem. As a Phenix NFT holder, you are provided with a one-of-a-kind PFP Style Phenix NFT that can provide rewards in PHNX Token via their Premium NFT Staking Pool, free weekly access to Flaming Phenix Mystery Boxes, multiplying your chances in the Phenix Lotto Pool, decreasing fees on dApps, early access to future releases, and much more!

Features that make Phenix Finance Stand out

  • RX3 Auto-Staking Protocol: Earn huge returns just by keeping PHNX Token in your wallet! It’s really that simple. The RX3 Protocol pays out more than 1.8% of its assets every day. 
  • Unique Defi functionalities in their growing ecosystem.
  • Security Audit + KYC Verified: Phenix Finance finished their smart contract audit with Solidity Finance and KYC with Assure DeFi to verify that any money in their ecosystem are free of malicious activity or violations.
  • Trust and Transparency: To ensure Phenix Finance are known and verified in the crypto industry, lead developers and team members have either doxxed or engaged in a project-related KYC Service.
  • Ever-expanding Ecosystem: Individual investors and project owners will benefit from the resources and utilities provided by Phenix Finance.

What to expect from Phenix Finance in the near future

The ecosystem will continue to grow with new decentralized applications and services that make project and business operations easier for everyone who uses them. 

They want to release the Phenix Vault and Phenix Payroll Management System as two programs that will let businesses on DeFi manage their assets safely and correctly organize and track their employee payroll with advanced statistics that have not previously been seen in the industry. 

Besides, They want to offer DeFi services and apps initially on the CRONOS chain, then over several chains to provide a white array of utility to various portions of DeFi.

Cross chain internal bridge between Phenix Token on Cronos and Phenix Token on Polygon made simple for everyone to use and gathered the ecosystem all in one place.

DEX is also scheduled to be launched on Cronos and Polygon (Q1 2023)

A groundbreaking, multi-chain, and secure decentralized payroll system application is on its way.

What is Phenix Finance?

The Phenix Finance project is headed by a group of motivated, experienced, and community-driven individuals with a strong focus on providing simple methods of incentives and DeFi services to project and business owners in the crypto-space.

The Phenix Finance team has collaborated to present a vision based on their core principles and beliefs. As a new generation enters the crypto realm, the team places a strong emphasis on community, security, and education.

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