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Naree Kim: Hello, Nice to meet everyone! I am Naree, CEO of PixelVerse.

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Q1: Can you give us a short introduction to what PixelVerse is?

Naree Kim: Pixelverse is the next-generation content community powered by blockchain and using different technologies such as NFTs.

Q2: I see you have a publicly strong team. That’s a big plus in this industry. Can you talk about the team’s background? How confident are you in this fast-paced competitive crypto industry?

Naree Kim: Yes, sure is my Strong team! Our team has experienced members in blockchain development and marketing.

We have a combined experience of over ten years working with blockchain-based platforms and applications in different aspects. As a strong team with focuses on different aspects of the business, we are confident to adapt to changing industries.

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Q3: The entire market has become active due to the concept of NFTs and Metaverse. So what differentiates PixelVerse from others?

Naree Kim: PixelVerse’s NFT marketplace is a cross-chain NFT marketplace which allows for users to mint and trade NFTs on any public, integrated blockchain unlike the current marketplaces which are limited to certain chains like Ethereum, Polygon, or etc. We are also building a metaverse platform that interacts with our cross-chain marketplace.

Q4: Where can we buy PixelVerse native tokens? Does it get audited?

Naree Kim: Our smart contracts will be audited and an IDO is scheduled for between September and October.

Q5: Let’s talk about your tokenomics, please explain to us your token distribution model.

Naree Kim: We have designed a tokenomics model with our advisors onboard and have divided it to set for the utility of our native token.

The control emission rate and also the utilisation of token is our main priority. We are entering the market with around 200k of initial market cap.

Q6: Tell us about some of your achievements that you and your team are proud of?

Naree Kim: Prior to our IDO, we will be releasing our marketplace which is now in internal review and available for a private demo. We are one of the few NFT projects that has a working, complete product prior to the launch. 💪

Q7: Let’s talk a little bit about your roadmap. What can we expect about the launch phases and the goals for each of them?

Naree Kim: We are on track with our roadmap and currently the NFT platform is under beta testing and ready to release soon.

Apart from that we are planning for the release and update of NFT based loan launch and Pixel builds in Q4 on-chain voting in early 2022.

Later VR integration and Pixel Launch complete release.

Q8: Where can we find out more about PixelVerse on social media?

Naree Kim: You can find out more about us on our Social media and website.


Telegram: @Pixelverse


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Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Naree Kim: Thank you for the time community! We are very excited to release our products to the users to make significant progress in the market.

Thank you all 🤗🤗🤗

NFTsDaily – Admin: It was a pleasure having you Naree Kim 🔥🔥🔥

Thank you so much for spending time with our community & all the very best for PixelVerse 🚀