Have you ever considered combining artillery gameplay with an Internet cultural metaverse deployed on a multichain to boost your earnings? Welcome to the world of PlaceWar!

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What is PlaceWar?

PlaceWar is a multi-chain decentralized strategic play-to-earn game universe with highly engaging artillery gameplay that allows players to build and define the in-game world’s outlook through building, battles, and alliances.

PlaceWar is a gamified and open Internet culture metaverse that puts users in control, inspired by Worm and r/place. You can expect a gaming experience, unlike any other Play-To-Earn game you’ve ever played. They combine battle and creation, and they ensure that both are supported by an incentive mechanism. PlaceWar is now available on several blockchains, including Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Conflux.

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PlaceWar is designed to allow players to contribute their own UGC and reshape the game’s appearance. To ensure that the players are diverse, the development team diversifies the P2E mechanism. Furthermore, they link the UGC creation feature to core gameplay elements like battle and the P2E mechanism to improve player interaction.

Designed for Community Governance

PlaceWar isn’t just another player-versus-environment game. PlaceWar was created to be a gamified Internet culture metaverse and an open world for gamers and designers, not just in the crypto space. With a sustainable and lucrative enough Play-To-Earn mechanism to support it, players are able to have fun with the gameplay and indulge their creativity. Furthermore, PlaceWar is intended to become a community-driven game, which is seen as critical to the game’s long-term viability.

The Pixel system allows players to contribute to the creation of content in PlaceWar. Players are empowered to show their own design through Pixel phalanx, which is inspired by the spirit of r/place. They’ll also be able to customize tank, defender, and building designs, as well as maps and game modes. PlaceWar will encourage the development of useful tools and SDKs to aid in this endeavor. Players can vote on proposals they support, creator campaign winners, admission of new tank model designs, and even the rules of a new season through PlaceDAO.

More plans for microDAO toolboxes to help guilds build and manage their own DAOs are currently being developed.

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NFT System

Tank, Equipment, Tech, Pixel, Building, and Defender are the six NFT categories in PlaceWar.

Tank: To get started, a user will need at least three Tanks, which can be purchased as NFTs on the Marketplace. Medieval, Heavy Armor, Rocket Launcher, Mech Tank, and Amphibious tanks are the five types of tanks.

NFT Tech: The technology that determines the characteristics of a new tank in crafting and the success rate of minting equipment for NFTs. Battles are the only way to get Tech NFT.

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Tank Crafting: Tank Crafting is a method of obtaining new tanks. It takes 2 Tanks as the Sample Tank, a blueprint, Tech NFTs (obtained through battles), $PLACE, and $GEAR to make a new tank. Each new tank is created using an algorithm and has five parameters: damage, range, mobility, defense, and dodge rate. Based on Sample Tanks and Tech NFTs, the features of new Tanks are randomized.

Equipment NFTs: Turret, Barrel, Engine, Armor, and Tracks are all Equipment NFTs that can be used to improve a Tank’s stats. Resources can be used to create equipment NFTs ( non-NFT). Tech NFT regulates the failure rate.

Pixel: Players can own the land of Placedonia, choose a color to represent the pixel on the world map, build structures on it, and deploy defenders to defend it (Details available in Pixel System ).

Building NFTs can include productive facilities that produce specific types of resources, Buff adders for tanks, or resource vendor shops.

Defenders: Defenders are Pixel’s self-defense drones. These defenders are NPCs, so they can automatically respond in an invasion battle 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The player owns every defender as an NFT, and the maximum number of defenders that can be deployed is three. The invaders will win immediately if no defenders are deployed.

Battle System

Players can jump right into tank battles thanks to the Battle System. To begin a battle, players will need three Tank NFTs.

Worm or Fortress V2 are similar in terms of the core gameplay. Players will take turns shooting at their opponents by moving around and adjusting the angle and power of their shots. The objective is to eliminate all enemies while keeping at least one of your tanks alive.


There will be 3 Battle Modes (Participate without Pixel System):

  • PVE Skirmish: A basic boss-fighting game mode with Pegatron bosses. To survive, you must defeat them with a three-tank squad and keep at least one tank.
  • PVP Battlefront: A survival mode in which players are matched with other players at random in a three-on-three tank battle. The goal is to destroy all enemy tanks while leaving at least one of your own tanks alive.
  • Guild War: Any player can start a Guild War, which is a 10 vs 10 PVP arena. The objective is to keep at least one tank alive while destroying all enemy tanks. With a small arena fee to the PlaceDAO, the winning team can split all deposited funds evenly.

Pixel System

Pixel System creates Placedonia, a massive canvas world where players can invade other Pixels and create their own paintings. It is, in a nutshell, our land system.

The smallest unit of the fantasy continent of Placedonia is the pixel. Each one is an NFT that can be owned. The owner of a Pixel has the ability to change the color of the Pixel on the Placedonia World Map, construct Buildings, and harvest the resources or tokens that spawn randomly in the Pixel. Pixels have a rarity level, which determines their distance from the map center, the types of resources that can spawn, and the types of buildings that can be constructed: C (common), R (rare), E (epic), L (legendary).


The Leaderboard is a system in which players are ranked in order of their achievements in the game. Leaderboards encourage players to compete and create exciting challenges that they must work hard to overcome.


PlaceDAO is PlaceWar’s decentralized governance body. Because large-scale paintings necessitate collaboration, PlaceWar has a social DNA that will enable PlaceDAO to become a chamber for players to form alliances or declare wars. Players make proposals and vote on them using a quadratic voting system similar to CRV, which requires players to lock up their $PLACE for a set period of time in exchange for voting power.

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DAO Treasury: A portion of $PLACE from the Ecosystem Fund and the Play-to-Earn program will be injected into the PlaceDAO treasury in order to create a viable gaming community. Seasonal Creator Reward Winners, new tank designs by users, Punter Room limit, and other aspects of the game’s token economy will be incorporated into DAO voting.


For the PlaceWar Universe, the PlaceWar Governance Token (PLACE) is a BEP-20 governance token. Token staking rewards, in-game reward, and utility, and governance voting are all part of PLACE’s utility.

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Token Allocation:

  • P2E & Farming: 50%
  • Ecosystem Fund: 10%
  • Core Team & Advisor: 18%
  • Seed Sales: 5%
  • Private Sales: 15%
  • Public Sales: 2%


Q2 2021: Project genesis and initial design

  • Project Genesis
  • Game plot design
  • Economy Design

Q3 2021: Artworks and VI Design

  • VI design
  • Character drafting
  • Seed Sale

Q4 2021: Testnet & Mainnet Launch

  • Private Sale
  • Launch Public Sale
  • Testnet Demo
  • Mainnet PVE & PVP
  • NFT Sale

Q1 2022: Pixel System Launch & Multichain

  • Pixel System Launch
  • Communication Module
  • Multichain Deployment
  • NFT Bridge

Learn More

Facebook: https://facebook.com/placewargame

Discord: https://discord.gg/VVYqYFwc86

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/place-war-game

Twitter: https://twitter.com/placewar_game

Telegram: https://t.me/placewar

Website: https://placewar.io


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