Axie Infinity is a beast in the blockchain gaming space. With over 2.5 million monthly users, this Ethereum-based game remains a dominant force in the play-to-earn niche. 

However, that doesn’t mean Axie Infinity isn’t feeling the heat from other hot play-to-earn games. If you missed out on joining Axie early, you might want to check out a few up-in-coming projects. 

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Wait, Why Shouldn’t I Play Axie Infinity?

Before revealing a few Axie Infinity alternatives, you may be wondering why anyone wouldn’t want to join this game. After all, Axie Infinity already has all the hype, so why go anywhere else? 

Well, herein lies the problem: Axie Infinity is so saturated. If you’re jumping into Axie Infinity now, you’re going to face steep competition. Not only that, it’s getting more and more expensive to buy the initial three Axies you need to get onto this game. 

Also, please remember Axie Infinity is on the Ethereum blockchain. This means gas fees can take a lot of “gwei” out of your gaming. Some players have also expressed concerns over centralization after the Axie team launched its Ronin Sidechain

If your goal is to find the most lucrative play-to-earn game, it’s going to take a lot of effort to make Axie Infinity a profitable hobby. You’ll probably make a whole lot more crypto getting involved with new projects that have solid backers and considerable potential. 

Of course, if you’re only interested in having fun, by all means, check out Axie Infinity! Just keep in mind the initial cost to enter this game has become relatively high. 

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What Are The Coolest NFT Games Like Axie Infinity? —5 Alternatives Worth Considering

Yo Hero Metaverse

Arguably, Yo Hero Metaverse has the most similarities with games like Axie Infinity. Why? Because the same team developed it!

Yes, Sky Mavis developers created Yo Hero Metaverse as another entry into the play-to-earn ecosystem. However, unlike Axie Infinity, Yo Hero Metaverse is on the Binance Smart Chain. While BSC may be more centralized than Ethereum, many gamers appreciate its lower gas fees and fast transactions.

Since Sky Mavis had a hand in making Yo Hero Metaverse, this game has many similar features to Axie Infinity. However, instead of breeding monsters, players control cute people-like avatars known as YOLOs. You’ll need three YOLOs to “summon” a new character, and at least five to participate in PvE and PvP battles. 

The two significant tokens in Yo Hero Metaverse are YHC and YO. You can easily find both of these tokens on the Binance exchange. 

While Yo Hero Metaverse has yet to surpass Axie Infinity, it’s a strong contender due to its association with Sky Mavis. 

My Neighbor Alice

If you’re addicted to games like Farmville, then My Neighbor Alice should be on your radar. Inspired by both Farmville and Animal Crossing, this multiplayer game allows users to buy and earn NFTs while taking care of their virtual plot of land.

In fact, the primary NFTs in My Neighbor Alice will be virtual real estate via the Alice Marketplace. You could also earn in-game NFTs or the ERC-20 ALICE tokens by fishing, farming, or going on quests with your “neighbors.”

To get a feel for gameplay in My Neighbor Alice, be sure to check out this official trailer:

Luckily, since there’s such a high demand for My Neighbor Alice, it’s easy to find ALICE tokens on big exchanges like and Binance. 

If you’re interested in My Neighbor Alice, it’s a good idea to follow the team’s Twitter feed on @MyNeighborAlice. You could also check out My Neighbor Alice’s website for details on marketplace sales, lotteries, and token staking opportunities. 

My DeFi Pet

KardiaChain’s My DeFi Pet has many obvious similarities with games like Axie Infinity. Players who join the My DeFi Pet ecosystem get to train and breed their virtual “pets” by picking up eggs at the in-game marketplace. Players could also use My DeFi Pet’s DPET token to develop virtual farmland and provide food for their hungry pets. 

As your DeFi Pets breed and evolve, you could test their strength in battles or “Season” challenges. These features give players a chance to win hefty crypto rewards. 

Since My DeFi Pet relies on the Binance Smart Chain, the fees associated with purchasing and transferring DPET tokens are significantly lower than Axie Infinity. If you’re already familiar with using a MetaMask wallet on Pancake Swap, you’ll have no issues loading up on your first DPET tokens.


If you’re looking for a play-to-earn game that’s not super “cartoony,” then Illuvium may fit the bill.

Although Illuvium shares many gameplay features with Axie Infinity, it looks like an entirely different universe. The 3D graphics in this Ethereum-based game show the development team has professional experience. In fact, many of the core developers on Illuvium were behind games as big as Bioshock. 

So, what exactly is Illuvium? In short, Illuvium is a role-playing game that allows users to catch, breed, and battle creatures known as “Illuvials.” Like Axie Infinity, these Illuvials are NFTs, and they can enter battles to win ILV tokens. You could also sell NFTs in the Illuvium marketplace to interested gamers. 

Thanks to all the hype surrounding the Illuvium game, you can easily find ILV tokens on hot exchanges like, Binance, and KuCoin. 

Check out this ad to get a better sense of the “world of Illuvials:”


For those who prefer fire-breathing dragons to Pokémon-style monsters, CryptoBlades is probably the ideal alternative to Axie Infinity. Built on the Binance Smart Chain, this play-to-earn game has a “Game of Thrones” feel with knights, castles, and mythical creatures. 

To participate in this game, you’ll need to have a BSC-enabled MetaMask with plenty of BNB and CryptoBlade’s SKILL tokens. You’ll initially use your SKILL tokens to purchase in-game NFTs and outfit your warrior avatar with weaponry. 

As you get skilled in battling monsters and other characters, you could win extra SKILL tokens and make even more NFT purchases. Alternatively, you could develop your NFT swords and sell them in CryptoBlades’ in-game marketplace. 

With backers like IGN and Steam, it’s clear CryptoBlades has a lot of potential. Anyone who already loves World of Warcraft will probably get hooked to this hot BSC title. 

Be Extra Aware When Hunting For Axie Alternatives! 

“GameFi” may revolutionize the way people interact with video games. However, please always remember this industry is at the cutting edge. Since this market is so new, some developers are releasing fake “Axie alternatives” that may steal your crypto. 

Before testing any play-to-earn platform, please do plenty of research. Yes, there are plenty of opportunities in this space, but you’ve got to be on your guard! 

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