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Cryptodaily Admin: Hello everyone 👋 Welcome back to another AMA with AvaxDaily 🙌 I’m Daley and today I’m joined by Neil – Business Development Manager of Playpoint!!!

Neil: Hello everyone!

Cryptodaily Admin: How are you doing Neil?

Neil: I am very well Daley . Excited to see the community engagement in our project.

Cryptodaily Admin: They love gaming I guess 😂 It’s addictive though, can’t blame them. And that’s gonna be our focus for today’s AMA: Playpoint!

Neil: Cheers!

Cryptodaily Admin: Are you ready to start?

Neil: Yes I am. Let’s go.

Q1: Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your team? What are your past experiences?

Neil: I am Neil, Head of Partnerships and Business Development at Playpoint. We have Aakala as our Head of product design and Domsan as our lead Blockchain Developer. We are 3 in our core team. We have 2 other members working in marketing and 3 developers. I have a Masters degree in business & management from a university in Cambridge, UK. In the past 5 years I have worked in various Industries as a Business consultant and successfully ran two start-ups. I got into crypto after the Pandemic and I spent most of my time researching different chains and protocols.

Q2: Please introduce us to Playpoint. What is it? Why did you decide to build it in the first place?

Neil: Playpoint is an online prediction pool platform based on real-time sporting events built on top of Avalanche Network. Playpoint will also be a game-as-a-service platform and has a couple of features which will be disclosed when the game is live. Aakala has been doing research on the game for a long time and has tested it offline with many groups. We all are

sports lovers and have always been actively playing this game. Now we are on a mission to promote local sporting events from different communities globally giving opportunities to users to play and earn.

Cryptodaily Admin: Oh interesting, so you’re not an ordinary betting site, but also a game?

Neil: Nope we don’t call it betting. It’s a game. Playpoint is a p2e game where different users can use it to run their own prediction game too. So yes it’s special.

Cryptodaily Admin: Ok it’s a game, but for those who are learning about you for the first time, I think they would mistake you as a “betting” site. So let’s clear that up

Q3: What is the main objective of Playpoint?

Neil: Playpoint is looking to raise Financial Capital and transform into production capital by building the product people want, build communities around the Dapp and involve the community by giving ownership.

Cryptodaily Admin: Ok, community – orientated, I like it

Neil: Yes! It’s all about our community.

Q4: What are some of the fundamentals of Playpoint? Such as Marketplace, questionnaire hub and showcase,…

Neil: Just to make things clear. The game hasn’t launched. We are due to launch it in august 2022 as per our roadmap. The Playpoint Marketplace is a logical venue where programs of pre-scheduled international sporting events can be viewed. The Playpoint Showcase is a virtual vendor where Playpoint executives select popular sporting events and matches from the Marketplace. The Questionnaires hub is where data in relevance to Playpoint Prediction questionnaires are assessed, collected or composed and stored.

Cryptodaily Admin: Is there any reason for the late launch? Or do you just want to perfect the craft first?

Neil: Our developers are busy building the game. We wanted to build an active community by the time our game launches.

Cryptodaily Admin: Got it!

Neil: Perfect!

Cryptodaily Admin: So these “fundamentals” will be in the game? People will log in the game and then access these “fundamentals” on their screen yeah?

Neil: Exactly. As we are building on the avalanche network, people will log in through their metamask. We will not require other details of the users. 

Q5: I can see there are a variety of Prediction Pools, what are those? How do we use those to make predictions?

Neil: A Playpoint prediction pool is a virtual venue where a group of participants compete among each other on the basis of prediction outcomes of a commonly selected match. Of the variant Playpoint pools, each of the pools have significantly common aspects and form a separate unit. Users can choose whichever pool they want to participate in. The options are below:

∙ Limited Pools of 9 unit entries, 

∙ Limited Pools of 19 unit entries, 

∙ Limited Pools of 49 unit entries,

∙ Limited Pools of 99 unit entries,

∙ Unlimited Mega Pools, (3 questions Conditional Category) and 

∙ Unlimited Jackpot Pool (for 4 questionnaires category)

Cryptodaily Admin: I think I will need a little further explanation on these “limited” and “mega” pools of yours. What are the basic differences?

Neil: Sure! Let me explain it to you. 9 unit entries are basically 9 users. Mega pools are conditional pools which will have 3 questions. Depending on the player’s engagement we will create mega pools. Users can choose which pool they want to play the game in. A user can take part in multiple pools too.

Cryptodaily Admin: I will leave this for the chat to do their own research. We cannot cover all these in one session 😂

Neil: If community members have questions they can ask us later. We are happy to answer all the doubts.

Cryptodaily Admin: That’s right! So check them out here people:

Q6: Let’s dive into your tokens $PPT. Can you share with us your tokenomics? And what are some of $PPT use cases?

Neil: Sure. As per our whitepaper we have reserved the tokens for certain allotments and the projected details are below. 

PPT token:    

Crowd Sale: 5% = 50,000,000. Vesting: 20% on TGE, 6 months linear vesting

Seed: 5% = 50,000,000. Vesting: 5% on TGE, 2 year linear vesting

Private: 10% = 100,000,000. Vesting: 12 months cliff, 2 years linear vesting unlock

Advisor: 5% = 50,000,000. Vesting: 5% on TGE, 2 year linear vesting

Team: 25% = 250,000,000. Vesting schedule of 12 months cliff; 3 year linear vesting unlock

Ecosystem: 40% = 400,000,000  

Treasury: 10% = 100,000,000. Vesting schedule of 5% on TGE, 2 year linear vesting

Total: 1,000,000,000

$PPT tokens serve as both a utility and governance token. $PPT will be distributed through sales during TGE. $PPT token will be used as an in-game asset to take part in various prediction pools and rewards are awarded back to the users in $PPT.

Q7: Are you audited by any third-party?

Neil: Currently our dapp is being built and we will definitely do the necessary audits before Launch. Be it smart contract audit or VAPT tests.

Cryptodaily Admin: We’re counting on it!

Neil: Thank you!

Q8: What is the development roadmap of Playpoint in 2022?

Neil: Our development plans for 2022 are as follows.

Quarter 1 – 

Project website will be live on both centralized (Google Firebase). Decentralized (IPFS) hosting platforms

Build Community & Build Partnerships, Brand Avocations with existing Ecosystem members

Token Development & Pre, Private- Token Sale ARC20 Token (PPT) Smart Contract (Backed by: OpenZeppelin) will be live and audited. Source code will be open-sourced on GitHub. 

Quarter 2- 

Crowdsale & CEX, DEX Listings Crowdsale Smart Contract (Backed by: OpenZeppelin) will be audited and deployed and the user interface will be live. 

Playpoint will start to be listed on centralized, and decentralized exchanges. 

Staking & Liquidity Platform Staking & Liquidity platform will be introduced.

Viable Product (VP) Gaming Platform as we’re primarily focused on P2E as per our philosophy on the matter. We’ll introduce Viable Platform – VP (Beta) forgam ers. 

Quarter 3-

Playpoint will launch its Playpoint Membership NFT’s.

Slowly move towards decentralization by formation of Play Dao

Q9: Where can we find out more about Playpoint?

Neil: We have a clear Roadmap and the team is focused on executing it. You can view our detailed documents on Do follow our twitter, telegram and discord for Alpha’s.

Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Playpoint🔥🔥🔥

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Neil: Thank you Daely for a great session. If I missed any questions and you want the answers to those questions please feel free to ask us in our telegram group.

Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you Neil for being here with the AvaxDaily community! We would love to see more of Playpoint in the future. Take care guys!

Neil: Thank you!

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