Polygon is moving forward daily, and we hope you guys do not miss any news in the last 7 days. Here is your Polygon Weekly Recap.


Here are highlight events in the last 7 days for you

  • Clearpool brings institutional-grade DeFi to the Polygon Ecosystem
  • An update on distribution of staking token rewards
  • Acentrik, decentralized data marketplace now in Enterprise release, is on Polygon mainnet
  • Polygon is touching down at Korea Blockchain Week 2022
  • Polygon’s #BUIDLIT hackathon extends dApp submission deadline

Polygon Highlight On-Chain Data (28/7 – 3/8)

Polygon Weekly Ecosystem Recap 1

Network Analysis

Transaction/day climbed to a solid 2.89 Mn (+2%) and the cost/transaction ($0.020) was 13% cheaper. Weekly NFT mints grew for the third consecutive week, reaching 4.76 Mn (+13%). Sunflower Land, currently the top performing dApp, crossed the 50k user mark and processed more than 310k transactions. Crazy Defense Heroes, one of the Top performing P2E games on Polygon in Q2, grew its userbase by 460% in the past week to 8k and resurfaced in the Top 15 protocols.

dApps Spotlight

Polygon Weekly Ecosystem Recap 2

NFT Highlights

Polygon Weekly Ecosystem Recap 3

Clearpool Brings Institutional-Grade DeFi to the Polygon Ecosystem

Polygon Weekly Ecosystem Recap 4

Clearpool, the first decentralized marketplace for uncollateralized institutional lending, is launching on Polygon to bring greater capital efficiency and improved user experience to the platform. 

Clearpool will leverage the benefits of the Polygon network to allow for large-scale, institutional DeFi to be brought into Polygon’s DeFi ecosystem. By operating on Polygon, users will enjoy significant improvements to both speed and transaction fees. This will allow Clearpool’s substantial borrower network — which includes Jane Street, Amber, Auros, FBG Capital, Folkvang, and Wintermute — more efficient access to uncollateralized liquidity provided by a decentralized network of lenders. 

An Update on Distribution of Staking Token Rewards

Polygon Weekly Ecosystem Recap 5

In the three years since the staking reward system was put in place, Polygon PoS has experienced explosive growth in adoption with over 19,000 decentralized apps running on the network without the need for Polygon direct support. Polygon is now home to some of the biggest Web3 projects such as Aave, Uniswap, OpenSea and well-known enterprises, including Meta, Stripe and Adobe. Underpinning it all is an ecosystem of validators who ensure the chain’s stability by verifying the authenticity and validity of transactions.

The validator community is currently also engaged in discussions around a formalized mechanism for the replacement of underperforming validators, which would put the Polygon PoS network one step closer to becoming fully permissionless. We expect to see even more progress towards decentralization of the Polygon PoS network will be made over the next 12 to 18 months.


Acentrik, Decentralized Data Marketplace now in Enterprise Release, is on Polygon Mainnet

Polygon Weekly Ecosystem Recap 6

Acentrik, a strategic initiative by Mercedes-Benz, is now deployed on Polygon Mainnet as part of its enterprise release. 

Powered by Blockchain Technology, Acentrik is a decentralized data marketplace developed by Mercedes-Benz, using Ocean Protocol technology – facilitating data sharing and monetization for enterprises across domains. 

By deploying on the Polygon PoS as the 1st chain, Acentrik ensures transactions on blockchain are performed with significantly low gas fees, translating this cost benefit to users as they harness the value of their enterprise data.

Polygon Is Touching Down at Korea Blockchain Week 2022

Polygon Weekly Ecosystem Recap 7

Polygon is about to make a splash at Korea Blockchain Week 2022! Here is all that we are doing at Asia’s largest Blockchain event.

The annual gathering of Web3’s brightest minds will be held Aug. 7 – 14 in Seoul, South Korea, and is expected to attract more than 30,000 attendees. Polygon is sponsoring the week-long event, hosted by FactBlock and co-hosted by Hashed, alongside some of the biggest names in the industry. The action-packed venue will feature inspirational keynotes, panel discussions, pitch competitions, investor meetups, and exciting fireside chats. 

Polygon’s #BUIDLIT Hackathon Extends dApp Submission Deadline

Polygon Weekly Ecosystem Recap 8

Polygon is bumping the deadline for entries to our BUIDL IT 2022 virtual hackathon. You have until Aug. 22 to get your projects in tiptop shape before sending them to the judges. Winning projects will take home $500,000 in prizes! 

In addition to winning grants and making connections with other designers, the top Designathon participants will be considered for a design job at Polygon!





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