Polygon is moving forward daily, and we hope you guys do not miss any news in the last 7 days. Here is your Polygon Weekly recap.


  • Polygon On-Chain Data Highlights
  • zkEVM: a Beginner’s Guide
  • Polygon-Powered Icetea Labs accelerator launches with 6 startups
  • Apply to Polygon Bootcamp Africa and Kickstart Your Web3 Developer Journey
  • Green Blockchain Summit 2.0: Agenda at a Glance 
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Ecosystem Updates

Hola readers! TagSpace, a metaverse platform, has chosen Polygon as its entry point to Web3, Ankr, a crypto infrastructure platform, has partnered with us to help bring the best of Web3 developer tools for builders on Polygon, and The Ocean Conservation Exploration and Education Foundation has teamed up with Polygon to bring people across the globe closer to deep-sea missions in more engaging ways.

Let’s dive in.

Polygon On-Chain Data Highlights

Polygon Weekly Recap Week 39 (22/9 - 28/9) - 1

Network Analysis

  • Weekly active users grew to 1Mn+ (+8%) last week, the highest since the second week of May 2022. The upward trend has continued for the third consecutive week and is driven by a dramatic increase across our Top games.
  •  New entrants in the Top 50: Odos (3.7k, +528%), Overnight Finance (2.1k, +289%), Polycat Finance (1.9k, +430%), and Voxies (1.4k, +50%). 
  • While NFT Active wallets (224k) have had consistent growth over the last month, the NFT Volume portrayed a turbulent trend but closed on a high note in the past week ($400 Mn), the highest of this month. 
  • The Daily NFT Sales climbed to $238 Mn on 19th September, the highest in 30 days, driven by veDYST (Financial NFT) had the maximum share of $215 Mn.

dApps Spotlight

Polygon Weekly Recap Week 39 (22/9 - 28/9) - 2

NFT Highlights

Polygon Weekly Recap Week 39 (22/9 - 28/9) - 3

zkEVM: a Beginner’s Guide

Polygon Weekly Recap Week 39 (22/9 - 28/9) - 4

Zero-knowledge (ZK) tech is one of the most prominent and promising paths to scaling Ethereum. One popular use of ZK proofs to scale Ethereum is what’s known as a zkEVM (zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine). So what is a zkEVM, and how does it help us make Ethereum cheaper and more efficient to use?

Grasping the power of ZK proofs to scale the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) requires us to first understand what the EVM is. In one sense, the EVM is simple: It’s the mechanism by which the Ethereum blockchain executes transactions.

The general approach to using ZK proofs to scale Ethereum is to build what’s known as a ZK rollup. This is a Layer 2 protocol that “rolls up” a large batch of transactions and then uses a ZK proof to verify them to Ethereum. Many transactions become one, which reduces costs and increases throughput.

Polygon-Powered Icetea Labs accelerator launches with 6 startups

Polygon Weekly Recap Week 39 (22/9 - 28/9) - 5

Polygon has teamed up with Alpha Venture DAO and Icetea Labs to launch the inaugural Icetea Labs Accelerator Program for blockchain startups. 

Working in a tight three-way partnership, Polygon is co-creating an accelerator to funnel resources, mentorship, education, and business acumen to promising Web3 companies from around the world. The startups selected for the accelerator will receive intensive training over the course of eight weeks as they learn to grow their business and find product/market fit across gaming, metaverse, and NFT utility products. 

Apply to Polygon Bootcamp Africa and Kickstart Your Web3 Developer Journey

Polygon Weekly Recap Week 39 (22/9 - 28/9) - 6

Applications are open for Polygon Bootcamp Africa, launched in partnership with Xend Finance! The eight-week intensive educational course and hackathon combo will put developers in Africa on the Web3 map.                                                                                                                                                                 An internet and blockchain revolution is underway across the continent. Africa has seen a 50-fold increase in internet users since 2000, with 75% of people estimated to be online by 2030. Mobile technology itself has already created 1.7 million jobs and spurred $144 billion in economic value across the continent. 

Robinhood selects Polygon to launch Web3 Wallet Beta

Polygon Weekly Recap Week 39 (22/9 - 28/9) - 7

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Robinhood has chosen Polygon as the first blockchain network to support its newly launched Web3 wallet. The Robinhood Wallet beta is now live for 10,000 iOS customers out of 1+ million who signed up for the waitlist in May.

Together, Polygon and Robinhood are opening access to decentralized finance (DeFi) for millions of U.S. users. Robinhood chose Polygon to power the best possible trading experience because of the network’s scalability, speed, low fees, and robust developer ecosystem.

Robinhood Wallet users will be able to trade and swap tokens, get crypto rewards and connect to decentralized apps (dApps) immediately upon downloading the beta of the app. All of this while paying no network fees. 

Green Blockchain Summit 2.0: Agenda at a Glance 

Polygon Weekly Recap Week 39 (22/9 - 28/9) - 8

Ethereum’s shift to Proof of Stake consensus, known as the Merge, has dramatically cut Polygon’s carbon dioxide emissions, opening the path to going beyond being carbon negative and toward empowering others to do the same. The conversation has shifted from blockchain sustainability to blockchain as a sustainability solution. 

Join us for the second chapter of our Green Blockchain Summit series held virtually on Sept. 29, where we bring together climate action leaders, technologists, and the Polygon community to innovate and develop new solutions to our planet’s most pressing problems. And if you missed the first part in July, you can access the quick recap here

Additional Notable Events

Introducing the long & anticipated—SLAM-GIRL!

Collaboration between EDNS x Polygon Studios

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