Polygon is moving forward daily, and we hope you guys do not miss any news in the last 7 days. Here is your Polygon Weekly recap.


  • Polygon On-Chain Data Highlights
  • Polygon-Powered Coorest Earns Web3’s First Certified Carbon Standard
  • From UDC 2022 to Token 2049: A Week for the Devs in APAC
  • Polygon has integrated Push Protocol

Ecosystem Updates

Hola readers! We announced Polygon Bootcamp Africa, an eight-week intensive educational course and hackathon combo, in partnership with Xend Finance, Polygon-based carbon compensation project Coorest has become the first Web3 initiative to have an officially verified carbon standard, and Quadrata, a passport network bringing the identity and compliance layer to public blockchains, is integrating its passport identity technology with Polygon.

Let’s dive in.

Polygon On-Chain Data Highlights

Polygon Weekly Recap Week 40 (29/9 - 05/10) - 1

Network Analysis

  • The last week of September had the highest NFT sales volume of $1,493 Mn, primarily driven by financial NFTs that had a share of $975 Mn. Major contributors: Aave ($438 Mn), veDYST ($255 Mn), and Algebra Positions NFT-V1n ($255 Mn). 
  • Daily unique active addresses have grown every day for the most part of last week and reached 367K+ on Sept. 28 (highest in 3 months), owing to a surge in users across our Top 20 dApps. 
  • dApps with maximum user growth last week: Benji Bananas (148k, +13%), Quickswap (42k, +13%), SushiSwap (10.6k, +129%),  Ultimate champions (6.8k, +34%), and Qidao (6.5k, +275%).

dApps Spotlight

Polygon Weekly Recap Week 40 (29/9 - 05/10) - 2

NFT Highlights

Polygon Weekly Recap Week 40 (29/9 - 05/10) - 3

Polygon-Powered Coorest Earns Web3’s First Certified Carbon Standard

Polygon Weekly Recap Week 40 (29/9 - 05/10) - 4

Polygon-based carbon compensation project Coorest has become the first Web3 initiative to have an officially verified carbon standard.

The Coorest Carbon Standard (CCS) is certified by an official UN auditor and is a new benchmark for CO2 compensation that leverages distributed ledger technology to eliminate unfair and opaque carbon offset practices. 

In partnership with Polygon, Coorest is redefining how people and organizations can effectively account for their carbon footprint and bring about impactful change for a better tomorrow. 

Coorest is building a decentralized ecosystem for carbon emission compensation on Polygon’s climate-friendly network. NFTrees is a project by Coorest which creates $CCO2 tokens that can be sold or used as a carbon compensation by linking them to real-world trees.

From UDC 2022 to Token 2049: A Week for the Devs in APAC

Polygon Weekly Recap Week 40 (29/9 - 05/10) - 5

Upbit Developers Conference 2022

Some of the best known blockchain developers in Korea and beyond gathered at this year’s Upbit Developer Conference (UDC) 2022, which took place on Sept. 22-23 in Busan, South Korea. At this conference, Polygon was represented by its leadership and developers, along with other major blockchain network operators, to discuss the revolutionary potential of this technology.

Polygon Buildlers Jam

Together with BuidlersTribe, Tencent Cloud, BTSE, CapX, and Coinbase, Polygon hosted the Polygon Buidlers Jam 2022 in Singapore on Sept. 25. Many of Singapore’s most prominent investors in Web3 were on hand at a side event for TOKEN2049, where startups presented their pitches.

Web3 Connect + BUIDL with Polygon

While Polygon Builders Jam was geared toward startup founders, web developers, and builders already interested in Polygon, Web3 Connect + BUIDL with Polygon targeted a different audience. The event, held on Sept. 26-27, was an outreach to other builders in the Web3 space as a whole, sharing with them information about our ecosystem support and brand presence in APAC.

Web3 Equality Lounge

On Sept. 27, Token 2049 created the Web3 Equality Lounge with the goal of attracting more women to the Web3 community. The event was joined by The Female Quotient, an equality services firm which creates platforms for women to share their ideas and solutions for businesses to eliminate the gender gap in the workplace, and the Unstoppable Women of Web3, a group of prominent and influential women in Web3.

Mainstage Panel With Polygon 


On Sept. 29, Polygon co-founder Jaynti (“JD”) Kanani joined the mainstage panel “The Path Ahead: Onboarding a Billion Users” at Token 2049. He shed light on global developments in the blockchain industry while taking a unique and broad perspective on the Web3 ecosystem and its vast opportunities. JD was joined by Hex Trust‘s Alessio Quaglini and Ledger‘s Pascal Gauthier, with Panony‘s Alyssa Tsai moderating the panel.

ABGA Blockchain Gaming 2022

On Sept. 26-27, a gathering of the most established companies and representatives from the blockchain and tech industries took place in Singapore. Beyond the realms of gaming, NFTs, and the Metaverse, the event sought to explore new ways that blockchain technology could be used to generate revenue.

NFT Asia: Chapter One

On Sept. 29, ZOUK, one of Singapore’s most popular nightclubs, was transformed into an art gallery for the first NFT Asia chapter, featuring live performances by various renowned musicians, each of whom had created their own NFT project. Snoop Dogg’s Geek Squad showed up to bless the event, with Keisuke Honda and Champ Medici among the notable guests.

2049 Lunch Party

On Sept. 30, Polygon hosted the 2049 Lunch Party at LeVel33, the world’s highest urban microbrewery, where members of the Polygon community could mingle with builders, investors, and entrepreneurs over a meal and a few beers. The event, attended by founders, investors, and key players in the Web3/Crypto ecosystem, wrapped up an amazing week of TOKEN2049.

Polygon has integrated Push Protocol

Polygon Weekly Recap Week 40 (29/9 - 05/10) - 6

Polygon has integrated Push Protocol, previously known as Ethereum Push Notification Service (EPNS). This will enable seamless, web3-native communication to thousands of Polygon apps and millions of active users.

Enhancing user experience is critical for rapid mass adoption of Web3 products and services. Integrating Push Protocol addresses the lack of communication between apps and users. Thus improving the overall user experience in Web3.

37K+ apps are built #onPolygon! 

It is an opportunity to create custom communication channels and user-based messages that users, developers, and stakeholders will benefit from.

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