The PooCoin App is one of the leading Defi(decentralized finance) trading and analytics platforms supporting popular ecosystems. It claims to have top-notch features that make it stand out from other applications and websites. However, traders’ opinions about this app vary from one experience to another. 

In this PooCoin App Review, we’ll get into this platform comprehensively. So, continue reading, and we’ll help you decide whether you should use it now.

PooCoin App Review

Date Launched2021
Initial Supply10,000,000
Total Supply4,928,343.968657
Supported ExchangesBinance (BNB Chain), Polygon (MATIC), KuChain (KCC)
Smartphone SupportAndroid and iOS
Paid PlansYes
Customer SupportTwitter, Telegram, Reddit
PooCoin App Overview
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Pros of PooCoin App 

  • Supports three of the biggest blockchain ecosystems
  • A prominent on-chain analytics tool for Polygon, BNB, and KCC Chains
  • Nearly 10M total site visits
  • More than 66,000 holders
  • No need to sign up for an account

Cons of PooCoin App

  • Poor trust rating
  • Continued decrease in the global ranking 
  • Suspected to be a scam or tolerate scams
  • Cannot trade more than 100,000 in a single transaction

What is PooCoin?

The PooCoin.App is a decentralized finance trade and analytics website that supports the major currencies Polygon (MATIC), KuChain (KCC), and Binance (BNB). Basically, the purpose of this app is to provide information on the prices of those coins on various exchange platforms. 

Home Page Of Poocoin App

The PooCoin website offers an index for all supported networks’ token contracts. It includes a real-time projection of the buy/sell charts, wallet holdings, trade widgets, and market caps, among other unique features. Additionally, its premium features offer tracking of multiple wallets for interested users.

Source from Crypto Coin Trading with Edy ( PooCoin App Tutorial)

PooCoin App Key Features


One of the selling features of the PooCoin App is the News, located in the About tab. It presents articles where readers can learn about various coins and chains that the PooCoin app supports. However, the viewable articles haven’t been updated since their last post in August 2021.

Poocoin App Feature - News

PooCoin Charts

The Charts feature shows off price charts for tokens in your preferred exchange. You’ll have to connect your wallet first to use this part of the site or app. Then, you can maximize the search tab or their telegram public chat to view the tokens placed in your wallet.

Poocoin App FeaturePoocoin Charts

The PooCoin chart has a dashboard that provides more details about a token in addition to reading candles, analyzing the purchase and sell behavior of a contract, and dealing with the actual price of a token. These are:

  • Liquidity – how simple it is to exchange one token for another
  • Reading Contracts – enables users to view a token’s DEX transactions and liquidity status
  • Transactions – transparent transaction data

Multi-Chain Support

This essential feature allows users to easily switch between chains with a click. They can change from one network to another as long as they are all connected to the app.


The PooCoin’s buy-and-sell feature showcases the comprehensive, in-depth metrics mapped out by PooCoin. It does this for the buy and sell transaction of a respective coin. It also presents all the transactions on the blockchain coming from block explorers.

 Chart Of Selling And Buying On Poocoin


PooCoin is also famous for its widget. It is a widget for exchanging tokens that may be seen beneath each PooCoin chart. Its purpose is to help users save time by allowing them to buy and sell tokens instantly without visiting DEXs, such as PancakeSwap.

Poocoin Widget

Wallet Tracking

Poocoin Wallet Tracking Image

Another valuable feature of PooCoin is that it displays all tokens associated with a linked wallet for Polygon, BNB, and KCC chains, along with their USD value to track the wallet’s balance. However, many users warn those who want to try this app to be careful with potential dusting scams. 

It is a common tactic whereby hackers deliver “dust,” or minimal quantities of coins, to the wallets of target holders. They do this as they try to deanonymize cryptocurrency holders.

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PooCoin Price Chart

Those who wonder about the efficiency of the may also want to know how much the PooCoin price costs. The platform offers a 3-tier premium subscription, each with its respective unique features that help improve user transactions. Each transaction charges an 8% fee that applies to POOCOIN and is used for creating and removing liquidity pools (LP).

So, how much does each premium tier cost? Let’s find out!

  • To unlock premium tier 1, you need to hold $100 worth of POOCOIN or BNB LP tokens in the wallet connected to the platform.
  • To unlock premium tier 2, your holding should reach at least $300 worth of POOCOIN or BNB LP tokens in your wallet.
  • To unlock premium tier 3, you should have a holding worth $2,000 of POOCOIN or BNB LP tokens inside your wallet.

Now, you’re probably wondering what features you can get for every tier. If so, check out the table below, for we have simplified them for you.

TierTrack Other WalletsDisable AdsShow Trades for Tracked WalletsView Websites/Tokens in various Timescales
Premium Tier 1YesYesNoNo
Premium Tier 2YesYesYesNo
Premium Tier 3YesYesYesYes

As depicted in the table above, we can see that as you increase your subscription, you unlock more and better features. You get the most components from Premium Tier 3, as you have additional views for trending sites or tokens. 

Initially, you only get ten. However, with the most advanced tier, the app permits you to see up to 100, with time frames ranging from 30 minutes to 48 hours.

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How to Buy POOCOIN

As mentioned earlier, you need to hold a specific amount of POOCOIN to access their premium features. But since the token is a pretty novel coin, people wonder where they could buy it. The problem, however, is that due to the newness of POOCOIN, it is yet to be listed and supported by popular exchanges.

But don’t worry, because we have the solution for you! Though it may take extra measures, we’ll help you ensure that you’re on the right track. Check out the steps we’ve prepared below to earn yourself POOCOIN tokens.

Step 1: Purchase BNB through a licensed broker or exchange, such as Binance.

Binance is one of the supported exchanges of the app we’re reviewing. Opening a Binance account is an excellent and user-friendly method that can help you purchase BNB with the lowest fee possible.

Binance Logi

Step 2: Send your BNB to a wallet that supports the currency.

For this step, you can use your Trust Wallet or MetaMask (or any wallet that supports BNB) to send your coins.

Step 3: Sync your wallet with a DEX

Find a decentralized exchange where you can connect your wallet. We suggest you use PancakeSwap because it is easy to navigate and supports exchanging BNB to POOCOIN.

Connect Pancakeswap To Swap From Bnb To Poocoin

Step 4: Input the amount of BNB you wish to swap.

Just remember that you cannot swap over 100,000 per transaction.

Input The Amount Of Bnb That You Want To Swap To Poocoin

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PooCoin.App Alternative

There are many competitors for All help you see pricing charts for the token in your wallet and double as a portfolio tracker under the cryptocurrency section. That’s why we’ve decided to include three of them in the list to expand your options.


The CoinMarketCap is one of the leading websites for everything crypto–from news to coin statistics to data tracking. It is the home for thousands of reports regarding trading in marketplaces. However, this platform does not directly sell cryptocurrencies.


The CryptoWatch platform provides NFT price updates and cryptocurrency notifications, trading, and live price charts, such as for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Polygon (MATIC). With customizable charts and watchlists, immediate price notifications, and seamless multi-exchange trade all in one spot, it aids in the tracking of your holdings over time. presents a ranking of all cryptocurrencies by market cap. It also has fantastic features where you can mark your coins as “Favorites” when you want to keep a keen eye on them. With a single click, it also allows you to convert/change into over 20 currencies of your choice.

Final Words

PooCoin is one of the rising charting DApp and portfolios in the market, supporting three of the largest blockchains in the cryptosystem. It has plenty of impressive features and a few drawbacks, as well. With divided opinions regarding the security the app provides, you must research whether it’s worth investing your time in this app or if you should check on the alternatives.


How do I connect Trust Wallet to

Use a browser to search for the and click the “Connect” button immediately appearing on the screen. It will give you the option to connect with various wallets, so choose “Trust Wallet.” After that, it will ask you to open your Trust Wallet so you can officially sync them.

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