Unique high-quality hand-designed NFTs

Shibance NFTs will contain limited edition minted NFTs, specific to Shibance milestones

The first release will contain 100 ultra-rare NFTs for OG members

New categories of NFTs to be announced upon launch in a week’s time

Upcoming launchpad to give life in September

Shibance lottery to be released before the end of this month

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Shibance is the world’s first meme-friendly multichain DEX and launchpad for the most popular meme projects. After launching on Binance Smart Chain on July 1st, the micro-cap enterprise has a market cap of 1.86M. In the same month, the project debuted on the KuCoin Community Chain. Shibance wants to be the go-to platform for anybody who wants to trade and farm their favorite meme token. The Shibance team is continuously evaluating the most exciting new meme initiatives for their community.

The team announced the introduction of its one-of-a-kind high-quality NFTs, which will be available next week. Shibance is well-known for their digital artwork associated with their Shibu mascot and user interface.

Project Launching

Their initial batch of 100 NFTs will include ultra-rare Shibance moon-mission patches commemorating the project’s official launch date. The first 100 limited editions NFTs will be distributed to the decentralized exchange’s OG members (D.O.Gs), who earned their status by active participation in the project. These are then available for trading on the Shibance platform. On the Shibance platform, users will be able to farm and earn future NFTs. The community’s in-house graphic designer is working on several platform-specific and exclusive designs. 

Users on Shibance are motivated to pool liquidity through yield farming in order to acquire the local currency, WOOF/KWOOF. Shibance now offers APRs of much over 700 percent. Puppers may also use their acquired WOOF to invest and earn additional tokens, as well as unlock special features. WOOF may presently be staked to gain CUMMIES, CUPCAKE, and BUSD.

The Shibance Ecosystem is growing, with new collaborations and a list of the most popular projects in the sector. Shibance’s team plans to debut projects on their launchpad in the form of initial WOOF offerings (IWOs) in September. Last week, the developers teased the community with facts referring to five major tiers on the upcoming launchpad based on allocations. Higher levels will be assured allocations, while lower tiers will be allocated through a lottery method.

This project has successfully undergone independent audits, including an evaluation by the influential RugDoc. Shibance has an engaged team that has developed a dedicated and fast-increasing community that believes in the Shibance Ecosystem’s future.

Shibance is composed of nine team members that have been involved in the cryptocurrency business since 2017. After forming strong friendships over the course of five years, they combined their avid crypto passions with their individual skills to create an ecosystem that has learned from the mistakes of previous projects to create a unique, safe, and multifaceted platform with a lot of utility for its users.

Shibance was sponsored by two venture capital firms and was three times oversubscribed at its initial launch on BSC. Shibance accomplished a limited private sale of $100,000 to fund the first launch and development expenditures. They have witnessed a change in pattern in recent weeks, with TVL gradually climbing after a jump to over 12M Total Value Locked (TVL) during the early days and a subsequent decline.

Shibance is the only project on BSC committed to promoting and nurturing the best meme initiatives in the world. In the future, they hope to be the Pancakeswap on KCC.

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Project summary

Shibance is the first DEX and Launchpad dedicated to showcasing the most exciting projects (MEME friendly). They intend to be the go-to site for anybody wishing to trade and farm their favorite meme token, as well as a place to discover the hottest new meme initiatives. This project is powered by the Binance Smart Chain and the KuCoin Community Chain.

Users on Shibance are motivated to pool liquidity through yield farming in order to earn the local currency, WOOF/KWOOF depending on which network is used. Puppers may also use their acquired WOOF to invest and earn additional tokens, as well as unlock special features.

Partnerships and listings of the top boys and girls in the space, Initial WOOF offers (IWOs) on the forthcoming Launchpad, NFT farming, DAO migration, Prediction/Lottery rounds, and cross-chain capabilities are all planned for the Shibance Ecosystem.

Shibance’s goal on KCC is to be the Pancakeswap of KuCoin Community Chain (KCC).


Binance Smart Chain + KuCoin Community Chain 

The problem they solve

Shibance is a site that lists only the greatest projects in the Defi sector. They handle all of the legwork for you. Their platform has been thoroughly tested for safety. This will safeguard all of their Pups as they enjoy all of the delights on offer. Their Puppers have access to all of the greatest treats and may exchange them with one another. 

Key Features

Launch Features:

  • DEX platform – Most slick platform you have ever seen
  • Farming rewards for partner projects: >700% APRs
  • WOOF staking pool (rewards in native and partner projects)

Current Achievements

  • Amazing APRs in LP farms and staking pools
  • Rapidly growing global community (>13k TG, >13k Twitter)
  • Most wallet holders for KWOOF on KCC (after KCS token: token required for fees)
  • First block halving completed on both BSC and KCC
  • Recent updated roadmap for Q3 (Lottery and NFT’s within next week)
  • Launchpad within 1 month
  • Multiple partnerships and creation of new staking pools in the Doggy Pound (CUMMIES/CUPCAKE/BUSD pool)
  • Simultaneous token buybacks and burns
  • Partnership with PADD finance on KCC (one of the KuCoin Grant nominees)
  • Very active team (competitions, AMA’s, weekly updates)

Influential Supporters









  • Australian Safe Shepherd (ASS): Australian Safe Shepherd is a community meme token forked from the well-known Safemoon project. The token is completely community-driven and was fairly launched. Every trade continues toward automatically generating liquidity locked inside of PancakeSwap’s LP. Holders earn passive rewards through static reflection as they watch their balance of “ASS” indefinitely grow.
  • CumRocket (CUMMIES): The World’s First 18+ NFT Marketplace
  • Cupcake coin (CUPCAKE): “$CUPCAKE is the sweetest yield farming token based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Get rewarded in $CAKE by holding to satisfy your sweet tooth, hold longer to earn more, stack the cake and eat forever.”

Listings on BSC

  • Pancakeswap (PCS): One of the most well-known decentralized exchanges on BSC to trade/earn/win crypto
  • Moonshot (MOONSHOT): Deflationary, frictionless yield & liquidity generation protocol
  • BIRB finance: Welcome to Birb, a high deflationary defi token built on the Binance Smart Chain. Birb aims at becoming a highly usable token with multiple use cases such as diverse security options, e-commerce plugins, and social $BIRB sending


  • PADD finance: Padd Finance is the next-generation launchpad for KuCoin Community Chain-based projects. Its robust ecosystem comprises Padd launchpad, Padd swap and the Padd labs. The project’s native token is $PAD and holders of the token can stake to gain allocations to invest in promising early-stage projects listed on the platform.

Listings on KCC

  • KuStarter (KUST): A new and innovative launchpad for projects on the KuCoin Community Chain
  • KuGhost (GHOST): KuGHOST is a simple, yet brilliant idea; earn USD simply for holding KuGHOST. 

Current Initiative

Launchpad weekly teaser release:

  • Every week the Shibance team releases some information about features of their upcoming Launchpad
  • First post last Friday revealed: 5 Tiers with the top two tiers guaranteed allocations for new projects being launched on Shibance

Audit and Reviews

They have already completed one successful audit for both Shibance BSC and Shibance KCC.

Also reviewed by RugDoc:



Team Info

Their team consists of front-end and back-end developers, DeFi specialists, community managers, and a graphic designer on staff. Projects will be thoroughly reviewed to ensure that they only include the finest memes while minimizing the danger of rugs.

Official Links

Website: https://shibance.com/ 

Medium: https://shibance.medium.com/ 

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/CDQckAf5f6

Twitter: https://twitter.com/shibance 

Telegram: https://t.me/Shibance 


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