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Coinwire Admin: Welcome BSCDaily and Poriot fam to the AMA! Our project of discussion today is: Poriot! I’m Daley and joined with me is Mr. Chandresh – Community Operations Officer at Poriot. Hello Chandresh, how are you?

Chandresh – Poriot: Hello guys,i’m Chandresh, i’m the Community Operations Officer of  Poriot, and glad to meet you🤝

Coinwire Admin: It’s a pleasure having you here with the BSCDaily community! Thank you for taking the time

Chandresh – Poriot: My pleasure😊

Coinwire Admin: Our topic for today is: Talking about Poriot Block Space, and seeing how the new IDO platform ZK-PORT creates a competitive differentiation barrier. I’m ready to jump right into this, what do you say?

Chandresh – Poriot: Ok

Coinwire Admin: Perfect! Let’s start our AMA with the first segment: Q&A with the host. We’ve prepared a few questions for Mr. Chandresh here. The first question is:

Q1: Please briefly introduce Poriot to the audience. Is “block space” a brand-new narrative?

Chandresh – Poriot: Poriot may be a brand new narrative for everyone. However, it is a block space product that has been basically implemented for Poriot. Poriot has a WEB 3.0 underlying public chain and a block browser, wallet, NFT trading marketplace and other spatially owned applications. We are committed to establishing a space ecology with shared underlying resources and ecological applications and equal value distribution. Trust me, Blockspace is an amazing narrative😉

Coinwire Admin: I would love to understand more about it!

Q2: Who came up with the new narrative of block space?

Chandresh – Poriot: This is a good question! The new narrative of block space was proposed in a media interview by Chris Dxion, Partner of a16z. He believes that the computer world was driven by software through hardware, while in the next 10 years, block space will be the best product driven by hardware and software in parallel with the WEB3,0 underpinning. And this new narrative coincides with Poriot’s technical route and ecological building route, so we have positioned Poriot for block space. I hope everyone remembers “Blockspace” – Poriot

Coinwire Admin: Interesting 👀

Chandresh – Poriot: Thanks

Coinwire Admin: Poriot also built a new IDO platform called: ZK-PORT. Let’s get to know more about that:

Q3: Please talk about the upcoming IDO platform ZK-PORT

Coinwire Admin: It is my pleasure, I am proud that ZK-PORT is the value channel application of the Poriot block space, which will fully link a wide range of industry builders and investors. ZK-PORT will help industry realize token value and help investors to discover and maximize the return on their token investments.💪

Coinwire Admin: I see, I believe this brand new IDO platform, powered by Poriot Block Space, is going to be quite different

Q4: Compared with existing IDO platforms, what are the differentiating advantages of ZK-PORT?

Chandresh – Poriot: Thank you for your praise. The answer to this question is what I most want to convey: There are 3 main advantages.

  1. ZK-PORT develops the optimal mix of issuance targets by market reputation rather than just institutional reputation. Through the combination of big data and expert strategy database analysis, It develops a combination of strong endorsement, meme and narrative and other targets of the optimal issue ratio .
  1. ZK-PORT pioneers DAO governance of the IDO platform. The right of platform governance and decision-making is fully delegated to PORT owners, truly achieving IDO shared by all.
  1. 100% of the funds with smart contracts automatically execute market value, with eliminating the giant capital and covert operations.

Coinwire Admin: With these benefits of ZK-PORT, including the DAO, your token would be a necessity. So:

Q5: Please talk about the value of the platform coin: PORT

Chandresh – Poriot: Platform coin PORT is the first platform coin officially issued by IDO, but it does not hold the platform coin of token. Its value is reflected in ecological governance, IDO priority qualification, destruction of scarcity (94 million issued, 90% destroyed) and space ecological application pass utility.

Coinwire Admin: 90% will be burnt? Wow

Chandresh – Poriot: Yes

Coinwire Admin: Do you have a burning/emission schedule for the token in-hand to share here?

Chandresh – Poriot: PORT will automatically burn in the smart contract

Coinwire Admin: Yep that’s how it works! So fam, check out their website, socials for more information about the token PORT! About the token again, investors would love to know whether they can buy/sell PORT now or not, please:

Q6: Does PORT have any plans to be on the secondary market?

Chandresh – Poriot: As you kown,DEX and various distributed SWAP protocols will be the future of industry trading, and we are currently witnessing this trend. Currently, PORT holders can trade in swap at any time, and early holders have already enjoyed the increased value of PORT. Of course, we will not exclude centralized exchanges. Everything will be up to PORT holders to decide.

Coinwire Admin: That’s cool, maybe later, if you can send links here to direct people where to buy/sell PORT, that would be much appreciated! For now, I would love to know:

Q7: When will the IDO platform ZK-PORT go live?

Chandresh – Poriot: ZK-PORT is in the final stages of testing, and we will announce the exact launch date on the official Poriot social platform.

Coinwire Admin: And that leads me to the final question for Poriot!

Q8: How can we get more information about Poriot and ZK-PORT?

Chandresh – Poriot: You can follow Poriot’s social platform:

Poriot official website:




We look forward to your attention

Coinwire Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Poriot!🔥🔥🔥

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Chandresh – Poriot: Thank you again for your enthusiasm, please continue to pay attention to Poriot, see you next time😊

Coinwire Admin: Thank you for being here Chandresh! Best of luck to Poriot! Take care!

Chandresh – Poriot: Thank you 🙏