We’re almost halfway through 2022 but there are still plenty of price predictions coming your way. In this post, we’ll talk about Alchemy Pay (ACH), which is a relatively new project focusing on bridging the gap between crypto and fiat currencies. How will ACH perform in the future? Keep reading and we’ll tell you!

What is Alchemy Pay?

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Alchemy Pay is a Singapore-based crypto project that aims to help solve some of the problems that exist between fiat currencies and cryptocurrency. ACH launched in June 2020, with CEO Molly Zheng running the show at the time.

Since then, John Tan has taken the reigns with Zheng moving into a senior consultant position.

The project resides on the Ethereum blockchain, which makes it an ERC-20 token. It does not have its own blockchain or native coin, however, you might see it called Alchemy Pay coin. Either way, it’s a digital currency that wants to solve some of the problems plaguing the crypto market.

One way the project wants to do this is by returning the power of crypto to the customers and merchants. ACH does this by allowing users to receive payment in their native currency, no matter what currency was used to send the payment. 

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ACH Price Prediction for 2022

At the time of writing, Alchemy Pay is trading at $0.01131. The token has a daily trading volume of roughly $9M with a total market cap of just over $51M. Additionally, ACH has a current circulating supply of more than 4.5B tokens. If you want to get your hands on some ACH, you can do so through Binance, Huobi, Coinbase, KuCoin, and several other crypto platforms.

Currently, ACH ranks #338 by market capitalization on CoinMarketCap. Unfortunately, since the beginning of 2022, Alchemy Pay has been on a downward trend. It started the year on a high note, at it was worth over $0.08 in early January, but has since continued its slide to the current price.

However, there have been some project upgrades and development changes that many in the industry expect to help drive the price of Alchemy Pay higher. For example, Alchemy Pay Ramp is a new feature that supports easy onboarding and payouts for Web3 platforms.

The token tried to make a push in May, but unfortunately the rest of the market drug it back down to its current low. On the other hand, if you’re bullish on ACH, it’s not too far-fetched to see it bounce back. A strong bull run could see the currency move back up to $0.05 in the next few months and potentially even overtake its previous 2022 high and reach $0.13. 

On the other hand, if the market continues on its downward trend, we could enter an even deeper bear market, which would result in an even further drop in the price of ACH. If that happens, we could see the token check-in at $0.008. Not ideal.

Over the long-term, we expect ACH to return to its previous highs with the possibility of setting new records in terms of price. Of course, that’s only going to happen if the market breaks out of its current bear-like trends.

If the crypto market turns and we wind up in a bull run, don’t be surprised to see ACH reach $0.135 by the end of the calendar year. If that’s the case, we’ll see it hit $0.072 in the next few months. With the expectation of new developments and partnerships, Alchemy Pay could wind up being as high as $0.20. Keep in mind this is a more optimistic view and is not likely to play out in 2022.

ACH price predictions from other sources

Alchemy Pay Price Prediction What Is Alchemy Pay


Price Prediction sees Alchemy Pay as having an average price of around $0.019 for 2022. However, if the market continues in the currency downward direction, the site suggests that ACH could see a low of $0.018. On the other hand, a good year could result in ACH reaching a max of $0.021.


Digital Coin Price isn’t quite as optimistic about the average price of ACH, as it expects to see levels around $0.0144 for the rest of 2022. The site predicts a low of $0.0142 for Alchemy Pay, with a potential high of $0.0153 before the end of the calendar year.

Tech News Leader

Per Tech News Leader, ACH could reach a high 0f $0.024 during the calendar year if things turn around. However, if the market continues to drop and we continue on our current bear run, don’t be surprised to see ACH fall as low as $0.020. Tech News Leader expects the token to see an average of $0.021 throughout 2022.

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ACH Price Prediction for 2023 – 2025

As the year turns over, experts predict ACH to be a valuable option for many platforms. As a result, Alchemy Pay will hold steady at its current price for much of 2023, eventually rising to a high of $0.035. However, if the market doesn’t recover as expected, the price may only get to $0.029.

As volatility continues to be a major factor in the crypto market, forecasting becomes a difficult challenge. Many experts are gunshy due to the potential for new regulations, bans, and restrictions in the crypto market. As a result, many predict ACH to get as high as $0.051 in 2024, with a low around $0.043.

The potential for ACH growth is significant as we move into the midway point of the decade. This is largely due to the potential for collaborations, partnerships, developments, and innovations that may occur. This is why it’s not unrealistic to expect ACH to see a high of $0.071 in 2025. Of course, we could also see the price dip as low as $0.062.

ACH Price Prediction for 2026 – 2030

Alchemy Pay Price Prediction Price Prediction For 2026 2030

Alchemy Pay starts off the second half of the decade by garnering interest from many investors and traders. Because of this interest, ACH could rise as high as $0.11 throughout 2026. It could also see a low of $0.098, which is still a solid return on investment from the token’s 2022 price.

2027 will see a new era for cryptocurrencies. The optimism behind the rise of crypto will see ACh shoot up to $0.16 in 2027. Because there will be such a good outlook for the market – and plenty of attention on ACH – the low for Alchemy Pay will only be $0.13. 

The outlook for 2028 is once again positive as the optimism from the crypto market turns into a huge digital economy. Decentralized apps become more and more popular which means ACH begins to take up more of the market in its niche. With these changes, ACH will get as high as $0.24 by 2028, with a low of $0.20.

A new year brings additional partnerships and more users jumping onto the crypto bandwagon. As a result, Alchemy Pay will make a huge surge forward, trading at a maximum of $0.34 by the end of 2029. Even if everything doesn’t go according to plan, ACH will still trade at around $0.30 on the low end.

Because of its increased market, Alchemy Pay will need to expand its operations in 2030. The project will hire additional developers as more and more investors purchase ACH. This results in a maximum price of $0.50 for Alchemy Pay by the end of the 2030 calendar year. Even if things don’t pan out the way we expect, ACH will still be worth at least $0.43.


Here are a few of the more commonly asked questions about Alchemy Pay.

Is Alchemy pay a good investment?

This is a difficult question to answer as it depends on the market conditions at the time you make your investment. Generally, ACH is seen as a solid long-term investment due to its potential for price growth in the future.

Is Alchemy pay bullish?

The current market conditions are not bullish for ACH. However, many experts believe that the market will recover in the coming years which will result in a surge in the price of ACH.

Will Alchemy Pay go up?

This is impossible to predict as the price of ACH is highly dependent on the market conditions. Generally, if the market is doing well, ACH will also see an increase in price.

How do you earn Alchemy Pay?

There are a few ways to earn ACH. One way is to simply purchase the token on an exchange and hold it until the price goes up. You can also earn ACH by participating in the Alchemy Pay network or by completing certain tasks related to the project.

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