Remember the Farmville craze on Facebook? It seemed like everyone was into it. Like it or not, farming has been a significant part of the gaming market for the past decade. It’s been essential in popular games like Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing. So what does that mean for ALICE? Our Alice coin price prediction guide will tell you.

What is Alice Coin?

Alice Coin Price Prediction Alices Website

Alice coin is a part of the crypto game, My Neighbor Alice. This game is perfect for a wide range of users, from those looking to get more involved in decentralized finance to those who just want to play a casual farming game.

If you’ve played New Horizons, gameplay will feel familiar, as it allows users to own their personal virtual island, collect and gather items, and socialize with other players within the game. The significant difference between My Neighbor Alice and traditional farming games is the blockchain.

All items in the game, including land, are represented as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Players can buy, sell, and trade these items using the in-game ALICE tokens. However, you don’t have to know a thing about blockchain or cryptocurrency to play and enjoy My Neighbor Alice. It seamlessly integrates these features into gameplay.

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Price Prediction for 2022

At the time of writing, the ALICE coin has been subject to the six-month-long bear trend that is impacting the entire crypto industry. Many investors wonder if Alice will see an uptick this year as it has made a bit of a correction since its low point. Others wonder if it might go lower still before the year ends.

In February 2022, the price of ALICE managed to rally to nearly $9. However, there are many in the industry who believe this surge is attributed to the coin’s listing on Coinbase. While this may or may not be true, ALICE did drop down to $5.50 by the end of March. Was this a correction, or was it due to the market as a whole suffering a downturn?

There are also predictions that the price of the coin will once again rise when the game launches this summer. Don’t be surprised if you see a decent uptick for a few weeks.

Bearish case

It’s hard to see how the price of ALICE doesn’t go up when the game launches, but the success of the game will be a good factor in how it performs for the remainder of the year. If the game doesn’t attract and keep the users it expects to, it’s not unrealistic to expect the price of Alice to drop.

Additionally, if the crypto market as a whole continues to sink, it’s likely that Alice will drop with it. This might also be true if blockchain gaming doesn’t take off. Many within the industry expect it to. If these things come to pass, you might see ALICE drop below its all-time low of $1.85.

Bullish Case

The bullish case for Alice hinges partially on how well the My Neighbor Alice team handles the launch of the game. Will the marketing team do its job and build anticipation for the game? If so, it’s likely the coin sees a significant price increase throughout the rest of the year.

If the development and core team behind My Neighbor Alice can keep the project on course even after the high of the launch has worn off, it’s possible that ALICE could test double digits before the end of 2022. If this is the case, don’t be surprised if ALICE is so popular it hits $10 in December.

Price predictions from other sources

Alice Coin Price Prediction Alice Token

Here are a few Alice coin predictions from other sources:

Wallet Investor

Wallet Investor predicts that ALICE has the potential to be in a bear cycle for the next year. This would coincide with a continued downtrend in the market as a whole. However, Wallet Investor says that ALICE is not a good investment at this time based on its negative trend and recommends not adding it to your portfolio.

Tech News Leader

On the other hand, Tech News Leader sees ALICE as a project with plenty of upsides. The prediction site sees plenty of potential innovations and collaborations with other companies that come as a result of user growth and adoption within the game itself. 

If investors concentrate on the opportunities within My Neighbor Alice, it’s possible the price of ALICE could rise as high as $4.11 by the end of 2022. However, there’s also potential for the coin to drop in price as well. Tech News Leader sees ALICE with a minimum price of $3.55, with an average of $3.69.

Based on the technical analysis by, ALICE should see a minimum of $2.70 by the end of the year. The site also predicts that the coin may climb all the way up to $3.20 as a high for 2022 and $2.81 as the average price.

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Price Prediction for 2023 – 2025

As we take a look at ALICE for 2023-2025, we expect the coin to be a solid investment option. With the launch of the game and continued features and updates, the community behind My Neighbor Alice will drive the value of the token up. 

Of course, fluctuations in price can be difficult to forecast, especially when the market turns bearish or bullish. 2023 will be a decent year for ALICE as the price could reach a maximum of $6.19. The low price will be around $5.34, with an average of $5.52 as interest for the game continues to grow.

2024 is the year that ALICE finally begins to recover the value it lost during the bear market we’re currently in. The coin will reach levels similar to its all-time highs, with an average price near $7.95. If the project continues to grow and gain traction in the market, its price could get as high as $9.46. Of course, there’s always the potential for another downturn in the market, which could result in a low of around $6.45.

Many prediction sites believe that there are indications the cryptocurrency market will see massive growth in 2025. With a bull market predicted, the long-term outlook for ALICE looks promising. As the game gathers more attention, the average price of the coin in 2025 will be $11.65. The maximum price will be around $13.34 with a low of $11.26.

Price Prediction for 2026 – 2030

Alice Coin Price Prediction Alice Token Metrics

As we enter the second half of the decade, it’s important to keep in mind that price predictions are based on the data at hand. As a result, the expectation in 2026 is that the crypto market continues its upward trend with decentralized applications (dApps) showing significant growth. Logistics, storage, and payment options become viable and affordable for the masses.

With adoption comes an increase in value, which will lead to a high price of $19.63 in 2026. This is a direct result of additional investors in My Neighbor Alice. Even if the coin doesn’t get to its high, it will still see an average price of $17.10 with a low of $16.64.

The successes of 2026 will drive an increase in interest in the project throughout 2027. Outlook on My Neighbor Alice will remain bullish, which will push the price into the $20-range for the first time. Community investors and network developers will push the price up to a high of $29.29.

Of course, the trend line can’t always keep going up. If the coin doesn’t grow as much as expected throughout 2026, it should still see an average of $25.58 with a low of $24.90.

The price of ALICE could reach as high as $42.70 by the end of 2028 as the project sees increased interest from financial institutions and enterprise investors. With additional users and a larger community, the average price of My Neighbor Alice should be around $38.25 throughout the year. Forecasts show that the coin will beat out its latest trends, setting new price highs throughout the year.

As we approach the last year of the 2020s, My Neighbor Alice will continue to see adoption and partnerships with other blockchain projects, which will drive the price through the reach, reaching a high of nearly $65. A bull market will increase the value of the vast majority of crypto projects. As a result, ALICE will see an average of $55.08 with a low of $48.83.

2030 brings with it a huge price increase in My Neighbor Alice. The coin could nearly double in price with a maximum high trading price of almost $91.42. We believe that as the coin continues to draw interest from investors and users, it will stay on its path. If the market turns bullish in 2030, the predicted high won’t be surprising. Even if it doesn’t, ALICE will see an average of $78.93 with a low of $74.22.


Here are some commonly asked questions about My Neighbor Alice and the ALICE coin.

Does Alice coin have a future?

Yes, Alice coin has a very bright future. The project has a lot of potential and is already gaining traction in the market. Many prediction sites believe that the coin will reach a price of $11.65 by 2025.

Is Alice a good long-term investment?

Yes, Alice is a good long-term investment. Even though the game hasn’t been launched to the general public, it is garnering plenty of interest from investors and users.

What is the maximum price Alice coin will reach?

The maximum price that the Alice coin is expected to reach its $91.42 by 2030. This is based on current trends and the potential for growth in the project.

What can I do with ALICE coin?

ALICE is the native token for the My Neighbor Alice blockchain-based game. With ALICE tokens game players can purchase in-game land, avatars, and other playable assets. Plus, if you hold ALICE, you can vote in the community’s governance process, which determines how the project moves forward.

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