If you are searching for FileCoin market forecast, analysis, or price prediction, you probably want to know where the price of FileCoin (FIL) may go in the future. Our price predictions use various machine-based algorithms to try and predict future price movements. 

This price prediction is aimed at answering most of your questions. Will FileCoin (FIL) reclaim its ATH (all-time high)? What will FIL be worth next month? Is now the right time to buy FileCoin? Is FileCoin currently showing bullish or bearish signs? In this FileCoin price prediction forecast, we will process various FIL technical indicators to predict the price of FileCoin.”

FileCoin Price Prediction Overview

According to our long-term Filecoin price prediction, the price of Filecoin will reach $2.73 by the end of 2022, rising to $6.39 by the end of 2023 and $12.14 by the end of 2025. FIL will then rise to $21.86 in 2027, and $68.10 in 2030.

FileCoin Price Prediction in the Short-term

Short Term Price Prediction

FIL’s short-term price prediction indicates a decline in the token’s value. Here’s a table that summarizes FIL’s price over the next 30 days.

DateLowest PriceAverage PriceHighest Price
December 23rd, 2022$2.90$2.97$3.03
December 25th, 2022$2.79$3.06$3.14
December 29th, 2022$2.73$3.00$3.27
January 6th, 2023$2.62$3.00$3.38
January 23rd, 2023$2.68$3.68$4.68

FileCoin Price Prediction December 25rd, 2022

On December 25th, 2022, FIL price forecasts indicate the coin will have a minimum price of $2.79. On average, the coin can hit the $2.97 value mark, while the maximum price FIL can achieve on this day is $3.14.

FileCoin Price Prediction December 28th, 2022

FileCoin’s lowest price on December 28th, 2022, will be $2.79. However, the coin can manage an average price of $3.06 or a maximum price of $3.14.

FileCoin Price Prediction January 6th, 2023

Towards the end of the first week of 2022, FIL will be worth a minimum price of $2.62. The coin’s average price will be $3.00, and its maximum price will be $3.38.

FileCoin Price Prediction January 23rd, 2023

On January 23rd, 2023, FileCoin’s value can hit lows of $2.68. Alternatively, it may be worth an average trading price of $3.68 or a maximum price of $4.68.

If you intend to purchase FileCoin, this low-price period would be one of the best times to buy the coin. Buying during low-price points when there is a price rise forecast soon will increase profit margins. But as you make your purchase, remember to invest only what you can afford to lose because the crypto market is volatile, and predictions may vary from market prices on an actual day.

FileCoin Price Prediction in the Long-term

Long Term Price Prediction

Filecoin price prediction in the long term indicates that the coin will perform significantly better in the years to come. Let’s explore the FIL market value starting in 2023 and how high it can go by the end of the decade.

YearLowest PriceAverage PriceHighest Price

FileCoin Price Prediction 2023

If $FIL shall be able to prove itself as a value investment, $FIL shall secure the low of the accumulation zone in 2023, resulting in the low price for $FIL in 2023 would be $2.5.

According to the latest news of $FIL about the infrastructure of EVM in July 2022, the top price for $FIL in 2023 shall be around $11, equaling the highest price of this hype.

The average price for $FIL in 2023 shall be $5.5, which is also the liquidity zone of $FIL in almost all of 2022. 

FileCoin Price Prediction 2024

A year later, FileCoin’s prices will still be on an upward trend. December 2024 will see the token’s price go up to a minimum price of $8.47. On average, FIL can be worth $9.18 during the same year, or its price can go as high as $9.95.

FileCoin Price Prediction 2025

By the decade’s halfway mark, FIL will be at least $12.14. Its average price can be as low as $13.03, and go to highs of $14.21.

FileCoin Price Prediction 2030

FileCoin will end the decade at a high of $78.39. On the lower scale, the coin can post a value of $68.10, but it will likely be worth its average forecast price of $71.77.

For traders planning to purchase FileCoin long-term, the best time to acquire the FIT token would be around the end of 2023. At this point, the coin will have regained some of the value it lost in 2022, and it will not be too expensive.

Price Prediction For FileCoin From Experts

Predictions From Experts

Several crypto analysts have a keen interest in FileCoin’s price forecasts. These experts have generated detailed predictions about the coin’s price trajectory. Here’s a breakdown of what most have discovered through technical analysis.

DigitalCoinPrice FileCoin Price Forecast

According to DigitalCoinPrice predictions, FileCoin’s price by the end of January 2023 will be as low as $6.43. The average trading price given by this analyst during this period is $7.05, and the maximum is $7.23. By December 2023, DigitalCoinPrice estimates these values will move to $6.39, $6.79, and $6.88, respectively. 

YearLowest PriceAverage PriceHighest Price

PricePrediction.Net Filecoin Price Forecast

PricePrediction.Net estimates that FileCoin will be worth at least $3.08 by the end of January 2023. This crypto expert’s technical analysis also places the coin’s average and maximum values at $3.21 and $3.30 within the same period. 

By the end of 2022, PricePrediction.Net predicts that FIL’s minimum, average, and maximum values will be $4.77, $4.89, and $5.47, respectively. Let’s analyze the platform’s FIL price predictions for the years leading to 2030.

YearLowest PriceAverage PriceHighest Price

TechNewsLeader FileCoin Price Forecast

Using historical data analysis and research, TechNewsLeader predicts that FileCoin’s value by the end of the first month of 2023 will be at least $4.44. On average, the value will be $4.86, and the highest price will be $5.00. 

At the end of 2023, TechNewsLeader believes that FilCoin will have a maximum price of $7.85, a minimum price of $6.36, or an average price of $7.11. Here’s a breakdown of TechNewsLeader’s price prediction for FileCoin from 2024 to 2030.

YearLowest PriceAverage PriceHighest Price

FileCoin Fundamental Analysis

FileCoin Overview

Token NameFileCoin 
Current Price$3.03
24-Hour Volume$88,666,064
Current Market Cap$1,058,578,492

What Is FileCoin Used For?

FIL token is the native currency used in the FileCoin interplanetary file system. This coin helps FileCoin users to store their data in a decentralized filing system that beats the constrictions of centralized data-storing services like the Cloud. It uses the proof of spacetime and proof of replication concepts to validate transactions.

The FileCoin network works with the help of three categories of individuals, clients, retrieval, and storage miners. Clients are the people who pay to store or retrieve data from the network. Storage miners are responsible for filling in the data that clients submit for storage. In contrast, retrieval miners are responsible for finding this data from the many hard drive sectors existing on the network.

Clients pay for the services they receive through FIL. On the other hand, storage and retrieval miners receive rewards in FIL.

FIL Price Technical Analysis

FileCoin Technical Indicators

To find the Filecoin price predictions, we used several technical analysis indicators. Here’s a summary of what the Filecoin technical analysis revealed.

15 Mins1 Hour4 Hours1 Day1 Week
RSI (14)45.6450.5767.0861.0335.55
Stochastic (14, 3, 3)60.4430.2064.7982.5224.22
MACD Level (12, 26)0.0000.0210.129-0.02-2.18
EMA (50)3.743.643.393.6913.24
EMA (200)3.643.393.487.0719.35
Rate1 Sell
2 Neutral
2 Buy
1 Sell
2 Neutral
2 Buy

2 Neutral
3 Buy
1 Sell
2 Neutral
2 Buy
2 Sell
2 Neutral
1 Buy

FileCoin Technical Analysis

Filecoin Technical Analysis

With regards to the long-term performance of $FIL, it’s obvious that $FIL currently is in its markdown phase – the last phase of an asset in its growth cycle.

The accumulation phase of $FIL started from 2019 to the mid of 2020, fluctuating around $2.6 to $7.5. Then, the markup phase of $FIL has created one of the most well-performing coins at that time. From $7.5, $FIL experienced 31,600% growth to achieve its ATH at $237 in Mar 2021. 

The distribution phase of $FIL lasted for 6 months, ranging with such an amplitude, from $237 to $47. Right now, the mark-down phase has dragged $FIL back to its accumulation zone in 2019, losing 98% of its value from $FIL ATH.

How to Buy FileCoin

To buy FileCoin, coin holders must register on a crypto exchange supporting the coin. For this explanation, we will use Binance. You can read through this article to learn how to create an account on Binance, then follow the instructions below to learn how to buy FileCoin.

  1. Once you have created a Binance account, log in and click on the Buy Crypto dropdown menu.
Buy Filecoin Step 1
  1. Select the payment method you want to use to buy the token. In this case, we used the credit and debit card options.
  1. Under the buy section, enter the number of funds you want to spend on buying FileCoin and your currency of choice (EUR) and click continue.
Buy Filecoin Step 2
  1. Click Add new card, enter your credit card details, enter your billing address and click Add card.
Buy Filecoin Step 3
  1. Confirm your details and click the Confirm button. This will redirect you to your Bank’s transaction page.
Buy Filecoin Step 4
  1. Follow the on-screen instructions to verify the transaction, then click Submit.


How much is Filecoin worth in 2025?

In 2025, Filecoin will be worth at least $12.14, and its average price can be $13.03. On the other hand, it might hit a maximum $14.21 price mark by the end of the year.

Does Filecoin have a future?

Filecoin has a promising future. In the short term, the token’s price might drop or rise only by a slight margin. However, as the years pass, the coin will gain more demand, and its value will soar significantly.

Is Filecoin a good investment?

Filecoin is a good purchase. However, traders need to have their timing right. If they buy too soon, they may experience a prolonged period of price declines. The best time to buy would be early 2023 because the coin will have regained a bit of its lost value, will not be too expensive, and will have higher odds of a bearish tendency.

What is so good about Filecoin?

Filecoin cryptocurrency is the native token for the Filecoin data storage network. This makes it a unique coin because it enables users to store their data on decentralized storage, which has more perks than centralized storage systems like the cloud. With more data coming up as technology grows, there will be more demand for storage systems like Filecoin, giving FIL greater utility and a higher value. This is why the coin is considered a good investment.

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