If you are searching for a GALA market forecast, analysis, or price prediction, you probably want to know where the price of GALA may go in the future. Our price predictions use various machine-based algorithms to try and predict future price movements. 

This GALA price prediction is aimed to answer most of your questions. Will GALA (GALA) reclaim its ATH (all-time high)? What will GALA be worth next month? Is now the right time to buy GALA? Is GALA currently showing bullish or bearish signs? In this GALA price prediction, we will process various GALA technical indicators to predict the price of GALA.

GALA Price Prediction Overview

According to our long-term GALA price prediction, GALA’s price will reach $0.033 by the end of 2023 and $0.063 by 2025. GALA will rise to $0.112 in 2027 and $0.350 in 2030.

2022 has been a rough year for many digital coins, GALA included. The currency opened with a high value for the first three months of the year. Between January and March 2022, GALA’s price hit highs of $0.463, $0.379 $0.272 and only went as low as $0.181, $0.186, and $0.212. 

However, from the second quarter of 2022, GALA’s prices began to dip. From April to December, GALA’s highest values have been $0.264, $0.161, $0.088,$0.057, $0.069, $0.052, $0.044, $0.042, and $0.026, respectively. On the lower scale, the coin’s prices have hit values of $0.155, $0.069, $0.053, $0.047, $0.049, $0.040, $0.033, $0.024, and $0.017.This gradual price drop can be attributed to the current bear market that has hit the crypto world during the better part of the year. However, it may also be due to the decreasing number of blockchain gaming players.

The number of crypto game players on platforms like GALA has reduced because many gamers feel that game developers prioritize earnings over fun. Such views have reduced the use of platforms like Gala and consequently affected the price of their native tokens.

GALA Price Prediction in the Short-term

GALA’s short-term price forecast shows a downward trend in the coin’s value. Here’s a table that summarizes GALA’s price over the next 30 days.

DateHighest PriceAverage PriceLowest Price
February 9, 2023$0.05560$0.053125$0.05065
February 11, 2023$0.05842$0.05556$0.0527
February 14, 2023$0.04712$ 0.0466$0.04273
February 22, 2023$0.04733$0.04613$0.04493
March 7, 2023$0.04905$0.046305$0.04356

GALA Price Prediction February 11, 2023

The value of GALA crypto will have a minimum, maximum, and average price of around $0.0527, $0.05842, and $0.05556 for the February of 2023. According to our GALA price prediction for 2023, the percentage change will be around 55.6% in the crypto markets.

GALA Price Prediction February 14, 2023

February 14, 2023, GALA’s price will be at least $0.04273. The coin’s average price will be $0.0466, and its maximum price will be $0.04712

GALA Price Prediction March 7, 2023

On March 7, 2023, the GALA value could hit lows of $0.04356. It may also go up to an average of $0.046305 or spike to a maximum of $0.04905

GALA Price Prediction in the Long-term

GALA’s long-term price prediction shows that the token’s value will rise gradually over the coming years. Let’s analyze GALA’s price forecast from 2023 to 2030.

YearLowest PriceAverage PriceHighest Price

GALA Price Prediction 2023

The value of GALA crypto will have a minimum, maximum, and average price of around $0.040, $0.036, and $0.033 for the year 2023. According to our GALA price prediction for 2023, the percentage change will be approximately 106% in the crypto markets.

GALA Price Prediction 2024

Come 2024, GALA’s value will be on a steady rise. This year, the coin will have a minimum price of $0.046, an average price of 0.051, or a maximum price of $0.057.

GALA Price Prediction 2025

By 2025, the GALA price will be at least $0.063. On the high end, the coin will be worth $0.077; on average, it will be worth $0.069.

GALA Price Prediction 2030

The end of the decade will see GALA’s price rise to $0.417. The average price this cryptocurrency will post in 2030 will be $0.370, and the least it can get to is $0.350.

Price Predictions for GALA from Experts

DigitalCoinPrice GALA Price Forecast

DigitalCoinPrice predicts that GALA’s price by the end of January 2023 will be at least $0.035. This analyst also believes GALA will have an average trading price of $0.036, or a maximum of. $0.041. 

According to DigitalCoinPrice, the close of 2023 will see GALA’s value rise to a maximum of $0.042 or maintain an average or minimum value of $0.039 and $0.035, respectively. Let’s explore the GALA technical analysis as listed on DigitalCoinPrice.

YearLowest PriceAverage PriceHighest Price

PricePrediction.Net GALA Price Forecast

PricePrediction.Net’s gala crypto price prediction indicates that GALA’s price by the end of January 2023 will be $0.019 on the lower scale, $0.020 on average, and $0.021 on the higher end.

By the end of 2023, PricePrediction.Net maintains that GALA will post values as low as $0.027. On average, this analyst believes GALA will be worth $0.028.

They also point out that the maximum GALA price for the same period can be $0.033. Let’s break down the GALA price analysis from 2024 to 2030.

YearLowest PriceAverage PriceHighest Price

TechNewsLeader GALA Price Forecast

According to TechNewsLeader, GALA is set for high performance in the years leading to 2030. Although gradual, this analyst predicts that the maximum, average, and minimum GALA price at the end of January 2023 will be $0.026, $0.028, and $0.029, respectively.

By the end of 2023, TechNewsLeader’s analysis reveals that the coin will have a minimum price of $0.036, a maximum price of $0.045, or an average price of $0.040. Let’s analyze GALA’s price prediction for 2023 to 2030 according to TechNewsLeader’s GALA price prediction model.

YearLowest PriceAverage PriceHighest Price

GALA Fundamental Analysis

GALA Overview

Token NameGALA
Current Price$0.05246
24-Hour Volume$169,152,476
Current Market Cap$366,037,044
SocialWebsite: https://gala.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GoGalaGames
Discord: GalaGames.chat
The data is collected from CoinMarketCap at the time of writing

What Is GALA Used For?

GALA cryptocurrency is the native token for the Gala Games ecosystem. GALA enables Gala game users to purchase in-game assets on the network. The Gala Games ecosystem is a blockchain platform that combines multiple crypto games in one place, making it easier for Gala games users to gain access.

The Gala ecosystem also brings a twist to the crypto gaming industry by focusing on the fun before funds, an element that lacks in many play-to-earn games. Here are some of the popular game titles on the Gala network.

The platform is also home to an NFT collection of avatars called VOX. VOX are NFT characters that owners can stake using GALA, and earn rewards from. VOX owners can also access FBX files used to animate the characters, and generate them in 3D

GALA Technical Analysis

This $GALA forecast will present the maximum price level, minimum value, and average trading price of $GALA. We’ll begin with the $GALA price prediction in 2023 and end in 2040. It should be noted that $GALA’s price could change anytime, and this $GALA price forecast is based on observations as of this writing.

The data we’re presenting is based on the available $GALA forecast announced by market analysts. The price of $GALA you’ll see should be taken as something other than your only source of investment advice. We encourage you to conduct your own research by reading whitepapers, listening to podcasts, and subscribing to YouTube channels that discuss crypto.

$GALA Technical Analysis for 2023

According to macroeconomics, it seems like the market would continue to find its low in 2023 until the interest rate top shall be formed. However, $GALA shall be able to find its bottom at the low of the previous accumulation zone at $0.007, whereas the highest price that $GALA would reach shall be $0.03. The average price of $GALA is also set at $0.015

$GALA Technical Analysis for 2025

As far as we are concerned, 2025 shall be the next cycle of the market. There would stand a chance to reach its ATH again, however until there, $GALA has much to do to prove the project’s worth with that capitalization. 

The expected maximum price of $GALA is $1.6, whereas the minimum price of $GALA is $0.17, and the average forecast price will be $0.83.

$GALA Technical Analysis for 2030

Although the year is quite far from today, the price of $GALA shall be determined by the number of users of this game and its coverage in terms of the game industry. From some perspective, we believe $GALA shall be one of the best metaverse games in the future. 

When that scenario happens, the expected maximum price of $GALA is $10, whereas the minimum price of $GALA is $1, and the average forecast price will be $5.

Gala Technical Price Prediction

The price of $GALA has witnessed such exceptional growth in the first half of January, about 333% from its bottom. Moreover, this growth had also broken the down trendline, which had been created for such a long time, from the crash of the market in May 2022. The break-out indicated that $GALA is no longer under the selling pressure of the market, turning into another phase of growth.

$GALA is now having two major liquidity zones, the 32-42 zone, and the 70 – 100 zone. The first one was created during October and the FTX crash had pushed $GALA much lower than this base. The 2nd one was created after the LUNA crash with such a trading volume.

Right now, $GALA is fluctuating in a rising channel, however, the trading volume of this channel is getting lower and lower. The possible way for $GALA to move is to test again the Liquidity zone 1 (32-42 zone) and then rise to the higher liquidity zone.

How to Buy GALA

To buy GALA, traders need to create an account on a crypto exchange of their choice. Below are step-by-step instructions on how to purchase GALA from Binance.

If you don’t have a Binance account, you can use this guide on how to create a Binance account to get started. 

1. Create a Binance account, then log in and tap the Buy Crypto dropdown menu.

Buy Crypto On Binance

2. Choose your preferred payment method. For this illustration, we’ll use the credit and debit card options.

3. In the Buy section, enter the amount of money you want to spend buying GALA and your preferred currency. Enter the name and number of the coin you wish to purchase and click Continue.

Enter The Name And Number Of The Coin

4. Click the Add new card option, enter your credit card details and billing address, and then click Add card.

Confirm The Transaction On Binance

5. Confirm your details and click the Confirm button. This will redirect you to your Bank’s transaction page.

6. Follow the on-screen instructions to verify the transaction, then click Submit.

GALAprice prediction – FAQs

How Much Will GALA Be Worth in 2023?

At the start of 2023, GALA can be worth at least $0.20. The average price that GALA will maintain by January 2023 is $0.26, and the maximum price is $0.28. By the end of the year, the GALA coin price will stand at a minimum, average, and maximum price of $0.033, $0.036, and $0.0723, respectively.

Is GALA a good investment?

GALA is an excellent long-term investment. The coin has great potential for a price spike in the years to come. However, on the short-term level, the GALA price will experience slight rises, but fluctuations are to be expected.

Can GALA coin reach $1?

GALA can reach $1s. However, according to this price prediction and multiple other crypto analysts, the coin will not make it to the $1 mark by the end of 2030. By the end of the decade, the coin can only pot a minimum price of $0.350, an average price of $0.370, or a maximum price of $0.417.

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