If you are searching for THORChain market forecast, analysis, or price prediction, you probably want to know where the price of THORChain RUNE may go in the future. Our price predictions use various machine-based algorithms to try and predict future price movements. 

This price prediction is aimed at answering most of your questions. Will THORChain (RUNE) reclaim its ATH (all-time high)? What will THORChain be worth next month? Is now the right time to buy THORChain? Is THORChain currently showing bullish or bearish signs? In this THORChain price prediction forecast, we will process various RUNE technical indicators to predict the price of THORChain.

THORChain Price Predictions Overview

1 Thorchain

According to our long-term THORChain price prediction, the price of RUNE will reach an average of $2.040 by the end of 2023, rising to $4.147 by the end of 2023 and $5.993 by the end of 2025. 

THORChain (RUNE) will then rise to $11.377 in 2027, and $32.180 in 2030.

THORChain Price Prediction in the Short-term

THORChain price forecast in the short-term shows a downward trend in the coin’s value. Here’s a table that summarizes THORChain’s price over the next 30 days.

DateLowest PriceAverage PriceHighest Price
January 31, 2023$1.28$1.770$2.26
February 2, 2023$1.860$1.879$1.898
February 7, 2023$1.940$1.960$1.979
February 10, 2023$2.079$2.100$2.121
February 28, 2023$2.123$2.145$2.166

THORChain Price Prediction January 31, 2023

The value of RUNE crypto will have a minimum, maximum, and average price of around $1.570, $3.860, and $2.040 for the remaining year of 2023. According to our THORChain price prediction 2023, the percentage change is expected to be around 70% in the crypto markets.

THORChain Price Prediction February 2, 2023

By February 2, 2023, RUNE will be worth at least $1.860. The coin’s average price will be $1.879, and its maximum value can reach a high of $1.898.

THORChain Price Prediction February 7, 2023

A week later, RUNE’s value will still be on an upward trend. This altcoin’s value will be at least $1.940 by February 7, 2023. On the same day, THORChain’s RUNE price forecast places the coin’s value at an average of $1.960 or a maximum of $1.979.

For day traders interested in buying THORChain, February is a promising month. RUNE’s volatility and bullish pattern can create significant spikes in THORChain ROI.

THORChain Price Prediction in the Long-term

THORChain’s long-term price prediction indicates that the token’s value will increase steadily over the coming years. Let’s analyze THORChain price forecast from 2023 to 2030.

YearLowest PriceAverage PriceHighest Price

RUNE Price Prediction 2023

The value of RUNE crypto will have a minimum, maximum, and average price of around $1.570, $3.860, and $2.040 for the remaining year of 2023. According to our THORChain price prediction 2023, the percentage change is expected to be around 70% in the crypto markets.

RUNE Price Prediction 2024

By 2024, RUNE’s price will have soared to a maximum of $4.663. However, on average, the currency will be worth $4.147, and the lowest price it can post in 2024 is $3.633.

RUNE Price Prediction 2025

The half of the century will see THORChain hit a minimum price of $5.463. This price may, however, rise to an average of $5.993 or get to a maximum of $6.617.

Price Predictions for THORChain from Experts

Various cryptocurrency experts have opinions about the price trajectory that RUNE will have in the years to come. Let’s explore a summary of the leading RUNE price forecast from different experts in the crypto world.


According to DigitalCoinPrice, RUNE’s minimum price in February 2023 will be $1.51.  The coin may, however, post an average price of $3.0 or a maximum price of $3.74.

By the end of 2023, this analyst predicts that THORChain will be worth at least $1.58. On the higher end, the coin may have a maximum value of $3.89, but it is more likely to be worth an average value of $2.05.

Here’s a breakdown of DigitalCoinPrice’s price forecast for THORChain from 2024 to 2030.

YearLowest PriceAverage PriceHighest Price


TechNewsLeader predicts that THORChain’s RUNE will close in February 2023 at a maximum price of $1.98. However, during this month, the coin’s value may fluctuate between an average price of $1.91 and a minimum price of $1.82.

By the end of 2023, TechNewsLeader indicates that RUNE’s maximum, average, and minimum prices will be 2.96, $2.54, and $2.45, respectively. Let’s analyze this analyst’s THORChain forecast from 2024 to 2030.

YearLowest PriceAverage PriceHighest Price
2025$5.78 $5.98 $6.84 
2026$7,68$8.78 $9.88


From PricePrediction.net’s price prognosis, RUNE will be worth a minimum price of $1.98 by the end of February 2023. The analyst sets the average price for this coin at $2.05 and the maximum price at $2.15.

As 2023 draws to a close, PricePrediction.Net predicts that RUNE will be worth an average minimum and maximum price of $2.73, $2.65, and $3.23, respectively. Here’s a summary of this analyst’s THORChain RUNE price prediction.

YearLowest PriceAverage PriceHighest Price

THORChain Fundamental analysis 

THORChain overview

Token NameTHORChain
Current Price$1.82
24 Hour Volume$102,754,798
Current market cap$545,584,176
Price Change 24h-3.6%
Price change 7 days1.82%

At the beginning of last week, the cost of the THORChain cryptocurrency was $1.76. At press time, Rune is trading at $1.82 after moving up nearly 4.0% over the past week. However, RUNE records a drop in its current price by -3.6 % over the last 24 hours. 

A modestly pessimistic mood pervades the crypto market. However, the long-term outlook is still positive, and RUNE may reach $12.45 towards the last quarter of 2023. RUNE’s market cap is still at $544,534,225, while the total circulating quantity is at $300,700,561.

What is THORChain Token (RUNE) used For?

3 Thorchain Token

THORChain is a decentralized liquidity network that supports interoperable blockchain communication. The network facilitates cross-chain transfers across multiple networks. The network enables users to swap tokens through different layer blockchains. As such, traders can move their crypto tokens without registering with an exchange. 

RUNE coin is the native token used to increase the network’s utilization value. The more liquidity in the network, the higher the value of RUNE. RUNE’s major functions include;

  • It acts as a base pair. For example, BNB/RUNE, ETH/RUNE, etc.
  • It stands as security during staking.
  • It is used for governance 
  • It is used as an incentive to pay out rewards
  • It is used as an amplifier to elevate 

What’s Affecting the Price of THORChain

An increase in investor demand has led to RUNE’s price increase. Earlier in the year, ThorGuards, an NFT running on THORChain, partnered with Eldorado. This has increased the number of NFT holders who will enjoy awesome benefits on their coming DEX, including:

  • Reduced trading/swap fees
  • Potential for temporary boosted LP rewards 
  • NFT gate the d access to LP pool 

Furthermore, other positive developments like THORChain swaps and vaults are already operational in the THORChain network. This has given investors and traders favorable market conditions for the THORChain token, resulting in RUNE’s price rally.

THORChain Technical Analysis

5 Technical Analysis

THORChain Technical Indicators

INDICATOR5 MINS15 MINS30 MINS1 Hrs2 Hrs4 Hrs24 Hrs
MACD Signal-1.06547-0.730097-2.18413-6.14763-9.08534-6.082-22.5474
MACD Histogram0.444129-0.14688-0.2659830.591258-0.406899-3.931917.47
Bollinger (Lower)$1,225.10$1,225.04$1,225.51$1,224.08$1,212.21$1,211.86$1,121.77
Bollinger (Middle)$1,227.25$1,229.81$1,230.49$1,229.81$1,241.22$1,257.97$1,218.04
Bollinger (Upper)$1,229.39$1,234.57$1,235.46$1,235.54$1,270.22$1,304.07$1,314.30

Technical Analysis of THORChain

Below you can find some of the technical indicators that we use to predict future price movements of RUNE, some of these include the relative strength index (RSI), moving average convergence divergence (MACD), average true range (ATR), and Bollinger bands. 

6 Technical Analysis Of Thorchain

The price of RUNE has been on a series of bearish movements, as indicated by the 50-day EMA on the chart, bottoming out with a bearish pin bar or hanging man. The pin bar at the support level always shows the change in the price trend. 

The bulls are in control from the support level of $0.849, moving up to $1.76, creating an inverted hammer. However, the market forms a reverse trend pattern, forming a higher low at $1.254.

A higher high is formed at $1.966, breaking the 200-day EMA. This followed a further surge in a retest on the 200-day EMA, which confirms the bull run, which should meet resistance at $3.104. The RSI is well above the 50-period level on the daily time frame to be trading at $59.04.

How to Buy THORChain

Here is a step-by-step process of how to buy THORchain (RUNE) on Binance.

Step 1: Log in to Binance or create a new account if you don’t have one. Click on this link to get 100 USDT trading fee rebate.

7 Buy Thorchain Step 1

Step 2: Once you are logged in Click the Buy Now button.

8 Buy Thorchain Step 2 1

Step 3: Now choose how you want to add funds to your Binance account (You can buy crypto using either VISA, MasterCard, Gpay, or P2P). Add your payment details and buy some USDT using your FIAT.

9 Buy Thorchain Step 3

Step 4: Now that you have USDT, go to Trade in the Binance Menu ribbon, Click Trade, and choose Binance Convert.

10 Buy Thorchain Step 4

Step 5: Now convert your USDT crypto to RUNE and you are done.

11 Buy Thorchain Step 5


How much will RUNE be worth in 2023?

RUNE crypto will have a minimum, maximum, and average price of around $2.040 by the end of 2023. However, it may rise to a maximum value of $3.860, or drop to a minimum of $1.570.

Is RUNE a good investment?

RUNE is a good investment, but investors need to understand the nature of the coin’s price movement. In the short-term, the coin is best suited for day trading because of its volatility. In the long term, however, the coin will stabilize and its value will rise. At this point, RUNE will be wonderful for long-term investments.

Can RUNE’s value reach 2$0?

RUN’s value has the potential to soar significantly. By 2029, this coin’s minimum value will be $21.243, and from this point forward, it will maintain prices above $20. But, in the short-term, RUNE’s prices will range below $20.

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