Will Verasity be able to reclaim all-time highs? The effect of Bitcoin and Ethereum on the market has been vast and catastrophic. Many VRA investors are hoping this asset can hit $1 and make them life-changing gains. Can VRA hit $1 in 2022? Let us dive into the VRA price prediction for 2022 and whether it is a good investment.

What is Verasity?

Vra Price Prediction What Is Verasity

Verasity is a one-of-a-kind project that has branded itself as the future of digital entertainment, e-sports, and advertising technologies. The way we currently consume media is much different from what it was 100 years ago, and this is definitely set to change in the next 100 years. 

However, video is currently king, and as for advertising, it is a key market for promoting sales. Video marketing faces several issues that need to be solved, and Verasity, priced at $0.0051, plans on solving these issues.

Founded in 2017 by entrepreneur and technologist R.J Mark, Verasity is a protocol and product layer platform for eSports and video entertainment. It combines traditional models such as advertising, subscription video-on-demand, and crowdfunding into a decentralized blockchain. It takes intermediaries out of the equation and keeps value within the Verasity community. 

Verasity achieves this by awarding its users, who can include viewers, gamers, or publishers, with VRA. The Verasity protocol uses a cycle of six steps.

The first step includes buying VRA to fund tournaments or campaigns by game developers, influencers, or sponsors. Step two consists of Verasity earning a percentage from these tournaments, campaigns and ads. The third step three is where influencers, gamers, and viewers can all earn VRA from their activities.

Step four is where game developers, influencers, and sponsors get revenues in the form of a percentage from the tournaments, campaigns, or ads they organize. Step Five allows VRA to be used for subscriptions and entry fees and to be staked for 25.55% per year. And finally, step six is where revenues are earned to fund additional tournaments and campaigns, causing the cycle to repeat.

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What is VRA’s Price Prediction for 2022?

Vra Price Prediction All Roads Leads To Vra

Verasity looks like it will have a nice run when the bull market is finally back. This is because the asset is already down -94%, which means that the asset has likely hit bottom. As of the time of writing, Verasity is trading at $0.00481. Verasity started significantly rising in February of 2021 when it rose from $0.0002 to a local high of $0.05. The markets then plummeted down about -84% but quickly recovered, and Verasity shot up +1,000%. 

Even though Verasity began its descent in late October 2021, the downward trend was confirmed on December 25, 2021, when the 21-day exponential moving average crossed below the 200-day EMA. Since then, VRA has been trending below the 200 moving average and has not yet recovered. The most significant price drop came on December 3, 2021, when Verasity dropped by 50% in just four days.

Will VRA’s Price Crash in 2022?

The case for a bearish Verasity in 2022 is a strong one. Since December 25, 2021, Verasity has been trending downwards. Between that date and February 3, 2022, VRA had been trending below the 21-day moving average. This signified a heavily bearish sentiment.

On February 4, the asset began its ascent to try and test the 200 moving average and has tested this indicator twice since then. The last attempt at breaking the 200 EMA was on April 1, 2022, and further attempts to retest it have been an utter failure.

Since VRA sunk under the 21 EMA on April 7, it has not been able to break above. This is an indicator that the bears have the markets in their paws. Presently, Verasity is about +40,000% from its all-time low price; hence, most early investors are still in deep profits.

Additionally, Verasity is in a falling wedge that has not yet fully reached maturity. It would seem that Verasity has some further distance to fall. If Bitcoin bears persist, Verasity could fall to $0.000234, or below.

Will VRA’s Price Rally in 2022?

Verasity is also likely to rally in 2022. Currently, it is sitting at the lower trendline of the falling wedge mentioned previously. Like with other altcoins, its means that VRA has the opportunity and the potential to post a +147% increase as it tries to break out of the falling wedge.

If it manages to break out of the falling wedge, the asset could rise a further +41% to test the 200 moving average, putting it at $0.0058. If it manages to break above the 200-day moving average, the next stop would be $0.03, $0.035, and then $0.04.

The $0.04 target presents a major old resistance zone for Verasity and is going to need much more power from the bulls to break it. If they manage to break this resistance, the bulls can push the price of VRA a further +98%, placing it back on its previous all-time high price of $0.087.

However, the bullish case for Verasity, similar to the bearish case, depends on the behavior of Bitcoin. If bitcoin completes its cycle by September, as expected, then Verasity and the whole of the crypto market might be in for a green Q4 of 2022.

What Will Be The Average Price of VRA By the End of 2022?

The immediate forecast for Verasity by the end of 2022 shows a rather consolidated price. Since May 10, VRA has been slowly moving downward. However, beginning June 12, all the way to date (June 30), Verasity has been in a tight consolidation pattern, only rising and falling by a +/-20% margin.

If this continues, VRA might hold this support until August or September. However, if bitcoin decides to break lower, Verasity is looking at an ugly downfall. 

Furthermore, the asset is pasting a descending triangle, which is a bearish continuation pattern. Descending triangles have a 67% chance of breaking to the downside and a 33% chance of failing to break to the upside.

Verasity could fall devastatingly. 

In a show of solidarity, Verasians have proven to be tough, holding the line and preventing the price from falling lower. In addition to that, the developers are busy coming up with new partnerships and products that put faith in the holders. 

Taking all these factors into consideration, Verasity might end the year at around $0.012.

Vra Price Prediction Vra A Digital Token For A Digital Economy
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VRA Price Predictions By Other Analyst Experts

While personal is encouraged when investing, consulting other experts in the industry is also important. Experts can shed new light on the price of an asset you might have missed. There are many different teams of investors on the internet; their expertise and experience in reading and analyzing the charts make their forecasts worth considering. Here is what experts think about the price of Verasity in the future:

Trading Beasts

Trading Beasts experts have an increasingly bearish sentiment on Verasity. This might be because of the way Bitcoin is performing. They see VRA closing the year at $0.0084. While this is above the current price right now, it is still a decline over the months beginning from July.

  • July: Minimum $0.00691 – $0.0101 Maximum
  • August: Minimum $0.000676 – $0.00993 Maximum
  • September: Minimum $0.000658 – $0.00974 Maximum
  • October: Minimum $0.000633 – $0.00946 Maximum
  • November: Minimum $0.000597 – $0.00875 Maximum
  • December: Minimum $0.000546 – $0.00846 Maximum


As per the forecast analysis by DigitalCoinPrice.com, Verasity is headed up in 2022. The experts see this asset rise up slowly but steadily. The large community and steady development rate by the team might be behind this growth. Here is what the team at DigitalCoinPrice.com forecast for VRA.

  • July: Minimum $0.0059 – $0.00691 Maximum
  • August: Minimum $0.00599 – $0.00698 Maximum
  • September: Minimum $0.00598 – $0.00684 Maximum
  • October: Minimum $0.00607 – $0.00686 Maximum
  • November: Minimum $0.00597 – $0.00685 Maximum
  • December: Minimum $0.00596 – $0.00736 Maximum

Coin Codex

Experts at Coin Codex see the price of VRA falling throughout the second half of 2022. They predict that the price of VRA will rise to $0.015 in July, but then the price will slowly drop in the following months leading up to December 2022.

  • July: Minimum $0.00511 – $0.0151 Maximum
  • August: Minimum $0.00546 – $0.00903 Maximum
  • September: Minimum $0.000608 – $0.00894 Maximum
  • October: Minimum $0.00663 – $0.00876 Maximum
  • November: Minimum $0.00717 – $0.00855 Maximum
  • December: Minimum $0.00766 – $0.00806 Maximum

Gov Capital

Experts at Gov Capital think VRA is a good buy because it is posting bullish sentiments. They predict that Verasity will pull a 715% increase in the next year, multiplying investments made now seven times. They see a price of $0.041 by the end of June 2023. Here is what they see for 2022, though:

  • July: Minimum $0.00491 – $0.00781 Maximum
  • August: Minimum $0.016 – $0.01803 Maximum
  • September: Minimum $0.01628 – $0.01864 Maximum
  • October: Minimum $0.033 – $0.0376 Maximum
  • November: Minimum $0.0317 – $0.0355 Maximum
  • December: Minimum $0.0246 – $0.026 Maximum

VRA Price Prediction for 2023 to 2025

In 2023 Verasity is forecasted to hit a maximum price of $0.0085 by the end of that year; VRA will also have reached a minimum price of $0.0065. While this will not have crossed the previous all-time high, it is still a nice profit from the current market price.

In 2024 VRA price will hit a maximum price of $0.0089 and a low of $0.0059. The price of Verasity will average at $0.008 during that year.

Finally, in 2025, Verasity price will average $0.01, which will be just a few percentage points below the highest price in that year of $0.015. The asset will touch a minimum of $0.0085.

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VRA Price Prediction for 2025 to 2030

Vra Price Prediction Vra Website

In 2025, there is a high chance that VRA will cross above $0.01. However, this will not be so far below the maximum price that year. VRA will touch a high of $0.015 but will also post lows of $0.0085.

In 2026, VRA will fall slightly to $0.0096. The minimum for that year will be $0.0080, and the price will finally average at $0.0093. These may be attributed to the fact that 2026 will be two years after the Bitcoin halving event of 2024, when the market is in bear mode.

In 2027, the price of Verasity will begin to recover. It will hit a maximum of $0.011 and a minimum of $0.009. The average for that year will be $0.01.

2028 will be the year of another Bitcoin halving, and crypto prices will start to spike across the market. The price of Verasity will hit a maximum of $0.015 and a minimum of $0.01. For the rest of the year, it will average at $0.0154. 

In 2029, Verasity will be trading at prices of $0.0197. The highest price for 2029 for Verasity will be $0.021 and a low of $0.019.

By 2030, Verasity will be trading at $0.0223 with a minimum price of $0.021 for that year. The highest price Verasity will touch in 2030 will be $0.0231.


Does VRA Have a Future?

Verasity has a bright future ahead. The team is very dedicated to making the project a success, and the VRA community is large. Projects with large communities and educated devs rarely fall.

How Many Verasity Coins are There?

There are a total of 110,356,466,695 VRA tokens. 10,356,466,695 of them are in circulation. However, the 100 billion tokens got unlocked recently and are going to go to the Verasity Proof of View. However, holders need not panic because the team promises this new supply will not affect the circulating supply.  

Will Verasity Go Up?

Verasity will eventually go up. Like with other penny cryptocurrencies with high potential, the VRA’s price is only down because of Bitcoin’s dominance. Otherwise, the asset has had a massive pump of over 170X in the past two years. Verasity is a cheap blue-chip project, and long-term holders will be rewarded.

Is Verasity a Good Coin Investment?

Verasity is a good coin to invest in. It will rebound with the entire market after Bitcoin finishes its super-cycle retracement. Investors have to be patient and continue studying the market. However, short-term investors might be frustrated with Verasity because it tends to move slowly.

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