Even though it’s not as well-known as it once was, Stellar is a project that’s been around for quite a while. The platform has introduced many developments to the blockchain industry and continues to draw investors and traders because it’s cheap to purchase. What does the future of Stellar look like? We take a closer look at our XLM price prediction.

What is Stellar?

Xlm Price Prediction What Is Stellar

Stellar is a blockchain project that has been around since 2014. The coin was created by Joyce Kim and Jed McCaleb as a Ripple (XRP) alternative. During its initial launch, Stellar issued 100 billion XLM to investors. Less than a year after its launch, Stellar boasted more than 3 million users on its platform along with a market cap of close to $15 million.

The purpose of Stellar is to allow financial systems around the world to work in one harmonized network. With its decentralized ecosystem, Stellar believes it is the best option in the market to accomplish this task. A big part of this strategy is the Stellar digital Lumen or XLM.

Additionally, Stellar wants to create a form of currency that’s accessible to everyone, no matter where in the world they live. The purpose is to eliminate the waiting periods associated with fiat currencies when they cross borders. Instead of taking days to complete this type of transaction, Stellar’s goal is to provide a system that takes only a few minutes or even seconds.

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Price Prediction for 2022

Let’s take a look at how Stellar will perform for the remainder of 2022.

Best Scenario for 2022

Stellar will offer more interoperability making it more appealing to other projects and more scalable, driving XLM to a high of $0.83. As Stellar becomes an attractive investment, other projects within the blockchain market gain interest and suggest the possibility of partnerships. This helps drive up adoption for Stellar, which continues to gain traction in the e-payment sector.

Worst scenario for 2022

If, for some reason, the market and investors decide to turn against Stellar, the coin could see a bear market for the rest of the year. This could drop the value of XLM all the way down to $0.113. However, a short-term drop could result in a long-term gain for holders, as many projects the coin to rebound in the coming years.

Average price for 2022

On average, Stellar should see steady growth by the end of the year, checking in at around $0.42. However, if that growth is slower than expected, it might only reach $0.20. This is largely due to the apathetic attitude many have toward Stellar, which is driven by the perception that it’s connected to Ripple.

XLM Price Prediction from Other Analysts

Xlm Price Prediction Price Predictions From Analysts

Stellar started 2022 with an uptick in price, contrary to what the rest of the market was doing. Still, it only hit a high of $.029 by the end of the month, and then dropped to $0.19. In February, the price ticked up just a bit to $0.23 but began a downward trend once again in March.

XLM made a valiant effort to recover in April, getting back up to the $0.23 mark. But soon dropped back off in the middle of April, getting as low as $0.12 as the month closed. The price bounced back and forth between $0.12 and $0.15 through May and early June but fell once again when the market began to sink.

As crypto winter continues to deepen, XLM is trying to hold steady at the $.10 mark, which many analysts believe will create a slowly falling wedge. However, the belief is that the $.10 support line might signal a rebound in price.

Let’s take a look at how a few other sources predict Stellar to behave for the remainder of 2022.

Wallet Investor

According to the data used by Wallet Investor, Stellar has the potential to continue experiencing a bear market for the rest of the year. However, there are also positive trends in the way XML is moving, which could result in a positive outlook. For this reason, Wallet Investor suggests adding XLM to your portfolio if it’s not already a part of it.

Digital Coin Price

According to digitalcoinprice.com, Stellar could see some short-term growth throughout the next quarter with a drop back to $0.14 by the end of 2022. Additionally, some analysts believe XLM could rise as high as $0.16, which is why digitalcoinprice.com believes XLM is worth holding onto for the long haul.

Tech News Leader

Tech News Leader takes a less optimistic approach to Stellar, mainly due to the lack of benefits the crypto offers the rest of the market. However, the digital economy that XLM has established makes it a solid investment for the remainder of the year. 

With that in mind, the site believes that Stellar will have an average of $0.17 throughout 2022. If investors and traders begin to buy into XLM, there’s no reason the coin couldn’t see a high of $0.18. On the other hand, Stellar may not do as well as many believe, and may not rise much above its $0.15 floor.

Price Prediction

Based on priceprediction.net’s analysis of Stellar, the average price of XLM throughout 2022 will be at $0.17. The price minimum level will come in at $0.16 while the maximum for Stellar will reach $0.18.

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Price Prediction for 2023 – 2025

Let’s take a look at how Stellar will perform over the next few years.

For starters, XLM has an RSI (relative strength index) of over 50 for the rest of 2022. This should signal a strong uptick for Stellar as more buyers enter the crypto market. This could be a strong indicator that the coin will reach $0.80 by the time 2023 comes to a close.

With 2023 in the rear view mirror, Stellar will continue to make strides as a project. With new features and upgrades on the horizon, investors become excited about the possibility of what XLM can accomplish. As a result, partnerships form with high-profile companies in 2024. With this boost in interest, XLM has the support it needs to get to the $1.00 mark by the end of the year.

2025 could see XLM with a price as high as $1.20. Based on the price prediction for XLM, it’s not unreasonable to expect the coin to get to this point and beyond by the middle of the decade. With plenty of long-term, short-term, and medium targets on purchase orders, investing in XLM now could pay off in just a few short years.

Price Prediction for 2026 – 2030

Xlm Price Prediction Price Prediction 2026 2030

As we enter the second half of the 2020s, XLM will continue to see significant growth. Analysts predict Stellar to reach $2.00 by the end of 2026 as the crypto market sees increased adoption and investments.

2027 will see Stellar take a massive step forward. The project will release its most recent developments and upgrades, along with a new roadmap that will propel Stellar throughout the year. XLM investors will reap their rewards as Stellar continues to garner partnerships from significant players in the crypto space. With this type of interest, XLM will reach $5 before the year closes.

By the end of 2028, investors will see Stellar reach a new all-time high as it races to double digits, checking in at $10. With continued interest in the project, there’s a high possibility that the coin could not only reach that target but soar past it.

Stellar’s popularity continues to grow in 2029 as its roadmap comes to fruition. The project releases its newest upgrade, developments, and features, which draws even more interest from outside sources. XLM becomes a name brand when it comes to cryptocurrency, which drives adoption and value. As the end of 2029 approaches, the price of Stellar spikes at roughly $20, which makes it one of the best investments of the decade.

As humanity rolls into another decade, XLM’s price continues to skyrocket. Analysts see 2030 as a massive year for Stellar with its price more than doubling. The coin will reach an all-time high of $50 by the time the year ends, which isn’t surprising considering the continued investments made in the project itself. With a valuation of $50 per XLM, Stellar sets itself up for the next decade and beyond.


Is XLM a good long-term investment?

For the long-term, Stellar is a solid investment based on the predictions from most expert analysts. Many top-tier prediction sites show that XLM could reach $20 before the end of the 2020s, which is a massive return on investment since it’s currently trading at around $.15.

Is XLM deflationary or inflationary?

When XLM coins are purchased, the process takes some of the coins out of circulation. When that happens, the coins are burned, which means there aren’t as many XLM remaining in circulation. Because of this method, Stellar is considered a deflationary coin.

How high can XLM go?

With all the positive news and development surrounding Stellar, it’s hard to predict how high the coin could go. That said, some analysts see XLM reaching $50 by 2030, which would be an unprecedented growth in value.

When will XLM hit $1?

The current price predictions have XLM hitting $1 sometime in 2025. This could change based on the development of the project and the overall market conditions of cryptocurrency.

What is Stellar used for?

Stellar can be used for a number of different things. The most popular use cases are for cross-border payments, micropayments, and mobile money.

What is the difference between Stellar and Ripple?

The biggest difference between the two is that Stellar is an open-source project while Ripple is a company. Ripple owns the majority of XRP coins, which gives it control over the price. Stellar, on the other hand, doesn’t have any centralized control, which lets the market dictate the price.

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