PupPunks is an exciting ecosystem where you can start playing and earning precious NFTs thanks to its limited collection of over 5,000 hand-drawn NFT.


PupPunks is a limited-edition collection of 5,555 hand-drawn NFTs, which are one-of-a-kind digital collectibles available on the Fantom network. Your PupPunk entitles you to join the Fantom Pup ecosystem as an elite member and have multiple opportunities to earn. Every PupPunk created also allows the native Fantom Pup tokens to be burned. Through roadmap activations, the community can gain access to new regions and benefits.


Every puppy is one-of-a-kind, with over a million choices to choose from. Each puppy has a unique set of traits that vary in rarity. Eyes, breed color, mouth, hats, and other features! Every puppy is unique, but some are legendary. They have a dedicated attributes page where each attribute and it’s rarity is defined. There is also a one-of-a-kind rarity explorer, where one can explore PupPunks via rarity or via IDs.

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Fair Distribution

The cost of minting each PupPunk is fixed at 30 FTM. Puppies that are rare or legendary do not cost more. There are no price levels or costs that increase as more PupPunks are produced. The smart contract will create a unique ID for each PupPunk you mint, ensuring that IDs are dispersed evenly. This assures that every PupPunk has an equal chance of being rare or legendary. Paladin also audits them to assure their security and fairness. Everyone has an equal opportunity to mint puppies.

DK Mobile: Genesis 970x90

Project Roadmap

At the time of writing, 541/5555 PupPunks have been minted, with The PupPunks Giveaway, Pat Button, Rarity Explorer & Ranking, Dog Show Social Game and Lottery already unlocked. There’s a lot more to be unlocked, as shown below.

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Upcoming milestones: 

  • 10% Pup Lottery
  • 25% Pup Agility game to win prizes
  • 50% Dog Park – Exclusive Member’s Area & $2000 Bonus Burn for fPUP
  • 75% Dog Pee Feature Launch $2000 Bonus Burn fpup
  • 100% $5000 Bonus Buyback and Burn for fPup

Existing Play 2 Earn Utilities

PupPunks offers a range of methods to make income on the platform by participating in games.

Agility Run – Coming soon

One of the most fascinating parts of the PupPunks NFT is the PupPunks Agility Run, a Play to Earn game. Each breed will have their own in-game avatar to use while playing the platform running game. Both rarity and a pup’s pats will grant the pup special advantages.

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Dog Show Contest

This is the first time they have ever run a social contest game for PupPunk NFTs. Only PupPunk parents are allowed to attend. Once a participant enters the event, their goal is to get as many pats for their dogs as possible from a variety of people. The puppy with the most pats (during the contest) wins at the end! Enter the dog show for a chance to win up to $2500 in prizes!

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Pup Lottery

For all PupPunk owners, the lottery is the second fair play utility. Only PupPunk parents are allowed to attend. With as many puppies as the owner owns, he or she can enter the lottery. There will be a small admission fee for each puppy. The greater the number of puppies one enters the lottery with, the better the chances of winning. The lottery pool is one of the incentives, and there are also unexpected rewards every now and again!

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Learn More

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PolyPup1

Telegram: https://t.me/PolyPupFarm

Discord: https://discord.gg/Jps8dQug42

FAQs: https://puppunks.fantompup.finance/faqs

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