Push Protocol, the multi-chain communication protocol for web3, announced the launch of Push on the Binance Smart Chain mainnet. With this launch, the largest Web3 communication platform is now available to thousands of Dapps and hundreds of thousands of daily users in BNB Chain’s ecosystem.
Push Protocol Launches On Bnb Chain, Enhancing Web3 Communication

Push Protocol expands on BNB Chain

In September 2022, Push launched on Polygon’s mainnet, demonstrating its commitment to becoming the multi-chain communication protocol for web3. The launch on BNB allows existing BNB Dapps and developers to launch and create their own channels, offering customized notifications to users.

Push Protocol has powered over 25 million notifications to more than 70,000 subscribers across the Ethereum and Polygon networks. The addition of BNB Chain now enables Push Notifications and Push Chat to the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem.

At launch, Push will be available for use with 1inch, Sushi, Thena, and Apeswap channels. However, any application or individual can launch a notification channel starting today.

Push Smart Contracts v1.5

BNB Chain will implement Push Smart Contracts v1.5, the newest upgrade to the Protocol, enabling extra customization such as time-bound channels and editable channel details. The Protocol Fee Pool in v1.5 will deduct 10 PUSH from the original staked amount for any critical transaction, such as creation, reactivation, or detail modification.

Push’s upcoming v2 release will have more functionality, allowing protocol users to claim rewards and distribute funds to wallets that integrate Push.

The BNB notification ecosystem is available through the primary app: app.push.org. Those interested in creating and enabling their own channels on the BNB can follow the setup guide for a complete setup.

To conclude

The launch of Push Protocol on BNB Chain marks another step in the company’s promise to build out the multi-chain communication protocol for web3. With the Polygon and Push Chat launches, the company began its journey toward this goal. The addition of BNB continues this promise to the Push community and Web3 at large.

In conclusion, the protocol launch on BNB offers more opportunities for customized notifications in response to on- and off-chain events for existing BNB Dapps and developers. Push continues to strive towards building an interoperable future for Web3 by expanding its presence on multiple chains.