hosts RareMall: All-in-one solution for all NFTs Holders, Crypto Traders to break the ice of earning more revenue.

NFTDaily – Admin: Hello and welcome, @iris_raremall_nfts How are you today? 😀

Iris Le: Hi @rachelll88 and every member. Yahhh so good and so excited to be in our AMA today.

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Ready to start our AMA?

Iris Le: Yes. Can’t wait.

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Q1: Could you please introduce yourself and tell us more about RareMall? What is the essence of RareMall? 🚀

Iris Le: Hi everyone, I’m Iris – Co-founder of RareMall NFTs.

RareMall NFT Marketplace with token MALL – a revolutionary marketplace that will change the way NFTs creators sell & buy unique digital goods. It is expected to be the first content creation NFT Marketplace to aim at building the future of digital creation for EVERYONE. The RareMall ecosystem benefits all stakeholders, empowers everyone with hassle-free access to top trending NFTs products and provides tight security for online transactions via NFT technology.

With advanced technology, RareMall is a platform that outperforms existing marketplaces: it is the first platform that allows buyers and sellers of NFTs to interact, optimizing users’ service experience by SOCIAL MODE of newsfeed, profile & collection page and providing tight security for online transactions through an NFT technology to ensure stakeholders’ safety.

NFTDaily – Admin: Interesting

Q2: When did you start to develop your project? And what are the main obstacles you wanted to overcome?

Iris Le: We started researching the market, pain points, and found the way we deliver our solutions, bring more value in June and started to develop marketplace in the early of July 2021.

As a new project, we also have some challenges from the market. The massive arrival of NFT marketplaces in 2021 pushes us to go faster and more strategically. These push us to go faster and more strategically than NFTs marketplace already in the industry. Therefore, we need a sincere advisor with an excellent financial foundation to accompany our passionate team led by a strategic Founder, contribute to develop our RareMall marketplace, run Marketing & PR campaigns in a potential long-term roadmap to acquire more NFT creators.

Q3: We would like to know more about your project. What are the highlights of your project and products that you believe will help you succeed?

Iris Le: Actually, we are so dedicated to believe that we can bring more value to NFT creators and other stakeholders. RareMall is a worth-investing project because first, RareMall can be all-in-one solutions for all existing problems in the NFT market & of all users. Secondly, RareMall possesses many outstanding features that only it has.

Firstly, RareMall outperforms existing marketplaces in both structure and functionality. It offers:

– Completed synthesis of all DeFi functions to increase liquidity for transactions of decentralized exchanges. Also, native tokens MALL offers more applications than any other NFT Token when participating in RareMall exchanges.

– Supportive AR/VR display rooms for the items listing and regular virtual exhibitions.

– Flexible NFTs pricing mechanism to estimate the price of NFTs goods in an equitable manner.

– Appealing Product Pages, Category pages and Collection pages to offer the best aesthetic-usability experience.

– Clear authorized and privacy policies to ensure stakeholders’ safety.

Secondly, RareMall is the pioneer marketplace that prioritizes users’ engagement amidst several revolutionary features:

– Interactive Social media newsfeed, profile and portfolio Page for sellers and buyer

– Dynamic and radically advanced filter and search navigation system

– Live chat in auctions with moderations and algorithms to keep it safe and user friendly

– “NFT bundles Purchase” allows one Wallet to pay for multiple purchases at the same time.

Born with the desire to create a better future for digital creation, the launching of RareMall also opens up the opportunity to participate in the NFTs market in a more accessible way for everyone so that everyone can monetize their NFTs products.

NFTDaily – Admin: Thank you for your clear answer.

Q4: So, what are the main benefits you offer to long term holders?

Iris Le: Yahh, it’s an interesting question.

We offer many benefits to long-term stakeholders and honour their contribution:

– Activities: We will hold activities such as exhibitions, competitions, etc by separate categories: artworks, gaming, memes, domains,.. to boost more transactions & revenue.

– Staking: We reserve a portion of tokens to award the top contributors on the platform: the most extended MALL holders or the biggest token holders.

– Governance: Long-term stakeholders will have the right to vote and influence future RareMall changes.

– Honours: Long-term stakeholders will be invited as judges or sponsors of RareMall’s programs and exhibitions in the future.

– Membership benefits: We will build membership tiers to incentivize users to increase transactions to discount when upgrading to a tier.

In addition to these benefits, every quarter, we analyze the user behaviour we collected during the run of RareMall and come up with new features and advantages following the user’s needs.

NFTDaily – Admin: Great.

Q5: Let’s talk about your token. Can you share with us your tokenomics? And what are some of the $MALL use cases?

Iris Le: This seems to be hard to say in short words…

NFTDaily – Admin: You have your time mate.

Iris Le: Our platform will be governed and supported by native and fungible MALL tokens. It is an ERC-20 based token created on Binance Smart Chain and can be used in a wide range of activities.

– Payment: MALL is the main payment unit to pay transaction fees on RareMall.

– Advertising: MALL holders can use MALL to buy placements to put their NFTs on any online exhibitions.

– Royalty: MALL tokens are used to pay authors for their authorization rights as a secondary sale’s commission.

– Lending/ Borrowing: Holders can put up NFT assets as collateral for a loan.

– Staking/ Earning: Holders can lock tokens in their wallets for a set amount of time to receive the rewards.

– Yield Farming: Holders earn fixed or variable interest by investing in a DeFi market.

– Governance: MALL holders have the right to vote for important changes of RareMall

For our tokenomics: Before launching IDO, we offer Seed and Private Sale rounds with discounts for our investors. The Seed sale is launching and we will close for individuals tomorrow. Too much registration 🙂 But this round, we want to reach for VCs and who loves our ideas and support us. The total capital we target is $5M. Each funding round will have different lock-up regulations and vesting schedules to ensure all investors’ interests and avoid market inflation. All of you guys can check this out in our Whitepaper:

NFTDaily – Admin: Thank you for your answer ^^

Q6: Does $MALL get audited?

Iris Le: Yes, of course. Currently, RareMall is considering choosing an audit firm and expects to audit MALL tokens when launching IDO.

Q7: Where can we buy $MALL?

Iris Le: The seed sale is closing tmr so it’s hard for individuals to purchase MALL in Seed. But no worries, private sale for individuals will come soon. At the IDO stage is,  you can purchase MALL tokens on other popular platforms like CoinList, Polkastater, DAOmaker and Pancake.

NFTDaily – Admin: I’m so excited that I can’t even wait until the private sale.

Thanks Rachell.

NFTDaily – Admin: Alright.

Let’s jump to the next question.

Q8: Can you tell us more about your next move? Anything I can expect from RareMall this year?

Iris Le: Next 2 months of Q3/2021, we are going to:

– Boost social media to acquire more creators.

– Outreach more KOLs, other PR influencers & channels

– Implement Marketing & PR activities to tell everyone about the value of RareMall and benefit from holding MALL tokens

– Airdrop/ Bounty Campaigns

– Promote for Private sale in September

– Segment users communities (For gaming creators, artist creators, etc)

– Cross-marketing with strategic Partners (Big names acquired) to raise brand awareness of RareMall, reach more indirect audiences from different communities.

Coming to Q4/2021 and later listed in Roadmap, we expect to boost “Words of mouth” from our users, audiences and still running different activities for users to be aware of RareMall and MALL Tokens. We will list on strategic IDO platforms such as CoinList, Polka and DAO to boost community effects and meet the target of IDO sales. Also, we will partner with other platforms during every stage of the RareMall journey.

And so many strategies to boost MALL token’s ROI will be implemented from the RareMall team and published numbers on Social media and community.

We will follow our Roadmap to develop RareMall’s branding or community growth. Hope that we have more chances to do our project faster to bring value for all stakeholders.

NFTDaily – Admin: That’s clear roadmap.

I hope you would follow and complete all your plans ^^

Q9: Finally, where can we find out more about RareMall?

Iris Le: Yahh of course will do. You can find us:

– Website:

– Twitter:

– Telegram:

– Facebook:

– Instagram:

– LinkedIn:

– Email:

Our marketplace will be officially launched this August. Be patient, follow us and we will prove that we are RareMall for real, not any scam project :)) Trust me and our team.

Raremall (

NFTDaily – Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with RareMall🔥🔥🔥

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?  @iris_raremall_nfts

Iris Le: Yahh, thanks @rachelll88 and hope that everyone will feel inspired with our projects. We are at early stages and hope that all of you can join and follow us. It’s our motivation to boost our project faster and make the plan become an achievement.

Once again, thanks and wish all of you the best.

NFTDaily – Admin: I’m sure we will

It was a pleasure having you guys @iris_raremall_nfts

Thank you so much for spending time with our community & all the very best for RareMall.