Recently, Reddit has continued its foray into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) by introducing the “Retro Reimagined” Gen 4 Collectible Avatars. The latest drop features a vibrant collection of artistic interpretations centered around Reddit’s iconic “Snoo” character, created by a diverse group of 100 independent artists and renowned NFT collections like Cool Cats. With limited edition releases and prices ranging from $2.49 to $199.99, these NFTs have already captivated a sizable audience.

A Diverse Array of Reddit’s Artistic Riffs

Reddit'S Retro Reimagined Nft Collection
Retro Reimagined NFT Collection

The “Retro Reimagined” Gen 4 drop showcases an array of creative renditions of Reddit’s beloved “Snoo” alien mascot. As one of the largest brands associated with NFTs, Reddit has seen over 18 million Polygon-based Collectible Avatars minted in the past year. This latest release pulls together works from artists who participated in previous drops, along with contributions from its community. Notably, the drop also includes NFTs inspired by the popular Cool Cats profile picture (PFP) project and artist Micah Johnson’s Aku NFT character.

Each NFT avatar in this collection is a limited edition, with varying quantities of tokenized avatars available for purchase. The price spectrum caters to different budget ranges, making the NFTs accessible to a wide audience of collectors. Notably, several avatars were quickly sold out upon the collection’s launch, showcasing the high demand and interest in its NFT offerings.

Learning and Evolving in the NFT Space

In this latest drop, Reddit has implemented certain changes to ensure a more controlled and secure sale. To prevent large-scale flipping of NFTs by newly-created accounts, Reddit has limited purchases on the first day based on account age and other metrics. Additionally, the platform has introduced a CAPTCHA verification system to deter automated bot activity. These measures aim to create a more level playing field for genuine collectors and protect against potential abuses of the system.

Reddit first introduced its Collectible Avatars on Polygon last summer, tapping into the Ethereum scaling network to enable faster and more cost-effective transactions for large-scale NFT projects. The platform has distributed millions of avatars to its community through giveaways, constituting a significant portion of the overall NFTs minted by Reddit. So far, nearly 18.2 million Polygon NFTs have been minted, with over 14.25 million unique wallets holding the avatars.


Reddit’s “Retro Reimagined” Gen 4 Collectible Avatar series marks a major expansion of the platform’s NFT ecosystem. The artistic interpretations of the iconic “Snoo” character, coupled with the diverse array of artists and accessible price points, have garnered significant attention from collectors. With its ongoing efforts to refine the NFT buying experience and embrace blockchain technology, Reddit continues to attract users into the world of NFTs while exploring new ways to engage its community.

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