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Referral Program Details

The more your referrals spend, the more commissions you earn.

Want to have unlimited income? Easy!

If you’ve got to know any project eager to gain more public exposure or set to make its debut in the crypto space, you could earn $USDT commissions by referring them to our crypto media channels. Once your referral makes a purchase, commissions will be paid by us within 7 working days.

Tk Refferal Program

How it works

  1. Spread the word by messaging the person you want to refer
  2. Introduce our sales deck to them (find the sales deck for each channel here).
  3. If the referral is interested in our services on any of the channels, create a group in Telegram with 3 parties: you, your referral, and our Account Manager @tk_media.
  4. You will earn 5%, 10%, or 15%* of your referral’s purchase value when they place their first order. Cha-ching!

(*) based on your level (starter, pro, expert)


  • Referrer: anyone can refer a project or a friend they know, regardless of if you’re a current customer. You cannot refer yourself.
  • Referral (person being referred): Referrals must be new customers and should be introduced by the Referrer.
  • Qualifying Purchase: a successful transaction made by the Referral.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What rewards are available?

Commissions in USDT/BUSD, advanced notice of the release of new services or updates, exclusive deals, and/or mystery gifts on special occasions.

Who can I refer?

You can refer our services to any crypto project that is not currently a customer of ours.

When and how will I get paid?

You will be eligible for your commission payment once your referral has made a purchase.

Once you’re eligible for your payment, you will be instructed to send us your BEP20 wallet address.

For any commissions you earned, you will receive a direct $BUSD or $USDT deposit in your BEP20 wallet address within 7 days after your referral has made a qualifying purchase.

For example, the commissions will be paid out by November 22 if your referral makes their purchase on November 15.

What is the maximum amount I can earn for referring projects?

The commissions you can earn are unlimited. You’ll receive 5%, 10%, or 15% of what the referrer purchases depending on your level: Starter, Pro, Expert.

For example, if your referral makes a purchase of $10,000, you will receive the following USDT commissions:

  • $500 USDT if you’re a Starter
  • $1000 USDT for Pro
  • $1500 USDT for Expert

We are a marketing agency and directly manage our clients’ budgets, is it possible for me to convert the % commission into a % discount on my purchase?

Yes, you can. If you’d prefer NOT to have the $USDT commission billed to your personal or business wallet, you can add it directly to your order.

As an example, consider yourself a marketing agency that spends $10,000 to buy tweets for a particular project. Now, if you’re at a ‘Pro’ level, you’ll get a commission of $1,000 USDT (equals 10% of your referral’s purchase value).

Instead of sending you a $1,000 commission, we will now subtract this amount from your $10,000 order, requiring your agency to pay us only $9,000.

What happens if someone cheats the commission system?

We retain the right to investigate participation in the Referral Program for any fraudulent activities and take any measures to end them. 

Terms & Conditions

We may at any time and in our sole discretion: (i) modify or update the terms of, including but not limited to, the Referral Program, Incentives (and their governing terms and conditions), or (ii) terminate Participant’s participation in the Program in its entirety.