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CardanoDaily – AdminToday I have here with me Jaden from the Reforestnation project!

Jaden Yan: Hi guys!

CardanoDaily – AdminGood day and welcome Jaden to the cardano_daily community! How are you doing?

Jaden Yan: I’m doing great. Thanks for having me 🙂

CardanoDaily – AdminThank you for reaching out to our community! Always appreciate a project that cares about the community. Are you ready to start?

Jaden Yan: Of course! We are very excited to be here. We are big fans of what you have built, and we are lucky to have a community that has stuck by us as well. Through all the highs and lows over the last few weeks.

Q1: What is the idea and objective of the project Reforestnation?

Jaden Yan: Well what we really want to do is to offer the people an opportunity to participate in a reforestation and conservation, hemp farming or forestry land project without a need to actually own and organize it.

To collectively make a positive environmental impact and change the way classical projects work 🙂

Really making use of NFT technology to try and make a bigger impact in the real world and the conservation of the planet.

CardanoDaily – Adminwow the project is heading towards “rebuilding” the forest, planting trees,.. is that right?

Jaden Yan: well currently we’re focused on preserving existing lands and improving their utility through sustainable farming and growth, so that they can continue make the earth greener and more free of carbon emissions.

CardanoDaily – AdminWith NFT and blockchain, cryptocurrency,… the amount of energy used is becoming excessive, is Reforestnation built to tackle these problems?

Jaden Yan: Well, definitely using cardano does help with that, given its lower energy output as a whole. I think the mining technologies we are building in the blockchain space will definitely tackle these problems as our space continues to grow and hit the mass market. But what we are looking at is really increasing the utility that NFT technology can have, by acquiring land and conducting sustainable farming for it, as well as planting and growing forests and hemp plants.

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Q2: Why exactly did you choose this location – the Baltic states?

Jaden Yan: So the location was chosen for 2 main reasons:

The first is that the baltic states are a tax haven in Europe, so that creates more opportunity for returns for our investors. More so the Baltic States is lush with greenery, and one of the few places on earth that are relatively untouched, giving us lots of existing green land that we can acquire

The second reason is that the main founders are all based in Latvia. Reforestnation is a registered legal non-profit entity in Latvia. So having it closer to home for the core team just makes everything easier to manage as well

In terms of site visits, video releases for our community and so on

Q3: What is the Reforestnation ecosystem and how does it work?

Jaden Yan: In short,  Reforestnation ecosystem is a marketplace in development for Reforestnation members where they will be able to sell and buy NFTs, as-well swap their collected cards for $REFO and collect earnings from NFTs.

NFTs serve as ownership of plants, land, and other utilities within the hemp, forestry and forest farms.

And holders will receive passive rewards for the NFTs they hold, based on the carbon emissions offsets produced 🙂

CardanoDaily – AdminSo for example, when I buy a Land NFT, one of the passive income streams that I have will depend on the carbon emission offsets produced, but how can I increase these offsets since I cannot actually be there and farm? Will Reforestnation take care of this? To eventually earn more passive income.

Jaden Yan: Yes, so reforestnation’s non-profit organisation acts as a proxy, owning the land on your behalf, so that you don’t get in trouble with securities laws in your country. The land NFTs can actually be merged with other cards like hemp plants or tree plants within the ecosystem to improve the output in rewards you receive. Reforestnation engages professional farm agencies to manage the land.

So all these are costed into mint prices. Which is why some people comment it’s on the highside for ADA NFTs, but if you look at the actual costs of running the land, farming, and all inclusive logistics, it’s really designed around these factors. Because we aren’t a PFP project, the funds are costed for the activities which maintain the land.

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Q4: How will you reward your members?

Jaden Yan: Members will be rewarded through Reforestnation ecosystem by a $REFO coin that is in development phase right now. The $REFO token will be launched on official ADA DEXes. Sometime in Q2 of this year. We’re currently setting up all the logistics for the land.

Q5: Has the Reforestnation team been Doxxed?

Jaden Yan: Yes, as stated Reforestnation fund is a registered entity. As i mentioned its a registered entity in Latvia, and the founder’s names are available to the public

We also have a channel in our discord where our founders sometimes come in to talk to the community and answer questions 🙂

They have been busy over the last weeks though, signing the deals for the land and as such

Q6: Land NFTs owners will earn carbon credits. Are carbon credits tradable in the carbon offset markets?

Jaden Yan: Currently no. While Reforestnation project will have significant environmental benefits in the sense of storing atmospheric carbon and protecting forests, it currently does not pursue verification for certified/ standardized carbon credits for a specific voluntary market/ registry.

Since the certification and verification requires a concrete set of processes, finances and resources. The process also can take up to several years to finalize certification. We do not represent any warranties of any particular carbon offset standard. However, we have made inquiries and screened organizations that would suit the best for the certification.

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Q7: So what are the future and further plans for Reforestnation?

Jaden Yan: We would like to see expansion of the land acquired by reforestnation, also to introduce a function we call land lease protocol where any landowner will be able to provide their land for co2 credit generation or collective farming.

After verifying the ownership and purpose of the land we would generate a particular amount of NFTs dividing the land info plots and putting it up for public minting in the ecosystem. We intend to enhance and create as much as possible valuable lands and collaborate with other sustainability-driven organizations.

So in essence, we keep building, keep launching, and keep growing our impact on the earth 🙂 Slowly but surely!

Q8: Where can we find out more about Reforestnation?

Jaden Yan: Let me send over our links!




CardanoDaily – AdminThat’s it! With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Reforestnation 🔥🔥🔥

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Jaden Yan: Yes! Just want to let everyone know that our next phase of mints will be available on the week of the 20th-25th of January, so stay tuned on our discord for the announcement 🙂

CardanoDaily – AdminAbsolutely! Thank you for being here with the community Jaden. We wish you the best of luck.

Jaden Yan: Thanks so much for having us. It was a pleasure!

CardanoDaily – AdminOur pleasure!

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