Reforestnation is a Blockchain-based forest land preservation, hemp farming, and forestry business. NFTs to save the world.


Reforestation is based on the Cardano blockchain, which uses the greener proof-of-stake protocol than others and is currently the largest by market cap. After the first pre-sale, the goals will be prioritized and developed by decentralized voting based on the algorithm’s randomized distribution of NFTs. 

The main idea is to allow individuals to participate in collective (shared) forest conservation, reforestation, and sustainable forestry activities, as well as collective hemp farming, by owning the appropriate NFT cards. 

Unlike other digital projects, you can use the tokens to benefit from real-world lands and forests. Because the planet’s land area is limited, its value is more stable than digital assets. Forests grow continuously in value if protected and managed sustainably. Every NFT owner has the right to participate in collective forest and land decisions that are decentralized and free of third parties. The first batch (minimal marketable product) will be used as a Kickstarter for the next steps. 

Reforestnation is convinced that by working together, they can have a positive impact on the planet’s climate and environmental systems while also benefiting each participant.


How It Works

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Once the plan is in motion, Reforestation will issue new NFTs whenever we buy land.

The cycle goes like this:

  1. ReforestNation buys land.
  2. The land is either conserved, hemp farmland, or logged.
  3. The land is divided into three plots: hemp, forestry, and forest.
  4. The NFTs are listed in the market for purchase.
  5. Depending on the token and the land parcel, holders of NFTs receive carbon credits or profit from forestry activities. Owners of NFT can sell their NFT back to the market.


Earn Co2 Credits

Own a forest plot NFT and earn CO2 credits. Each forest NFT plot has its carbon credit score. As a result, individuals and companies that own this asset will be able to offset their crypto carbon footprint.

Earn Seasonal Profits

Own a Hemp farming plot NFT and earn seasonal profits Hemp farming is a rapidly growing industry. Becoming a part of it by owning hemp farmland NFT.

Each holder will receive a slice of profit after the Croptober harvest

Earn Annual Revenue

Introducing crowdfunded forestry business to the cryptocurrency market.

Own forestry land NFTs with real rates of return ranging from 10% to 17% per year, depending on the size of the NFT and the quality of the plot it represents.

Own a Hemp farming plot NFT and earn seasonal profits

Hemp farming is a rapidly growing industry. become a part of it by owning hemp farmland NFT. Each holder will receive a slice of profit after the Croptober harvest.




The Forest Plot NFT represents a section of “conserved forest,” with no forestry operations and no harvesting. The land represented by this NFT is solely for conservation, reforestation, and carbon sequestration purposes. As such, the NFT has been assigned a carbon credit rating. It can be used by members to offset their carbon footprint. When land is purchased for conservation or reforestation purposes, Forest Plot NFTs are generated for each subdivided plot. After obtaining verified carbon credit rates, the NFTs are assigned a carbon credit score based on the specific plot they represent. Forest Plot NFTs are publicly traded on the ReforestNation ecosystem.


Profit from seasonal hemp farmland NFTs. Hemp farming is a rapidly growing industry as demand for hemp-based products increases. This NFT depicts a plot of land from ReforestNation’s hemp field, which grows and harvests hemp each Croptober. Profits from fiat currency transactions will be reinvested in the ecosystem. Through the ReforestNation ecosystem, revenue generated from sales is returned to the NFT owner.


The Forestry NFT is a plot of land used for forestry and forest thinning. ReforestNation will acquire forestland and, if they choose, will continue to use it for forestry (for instance, continuing or introducing harvesting of trees). When a new plot of land is designated for Forestry, the Forestry Plot NFT will be deployed. ReforestNation will acquire forestland and generate the corresponding NFT once the land is subdivided into plots.

The NFTs will provide investors with the opportunity to own forestry land that generates real rates of return ranging from 10% to 17% per year, depending on the plot’s size and quality (and that of the relevant NTF). Forestry Plot NFTs will be distributed in limited quantities and will be available exclusively to members who participate in the minting of the first collection.


Token Details:


ReforestNation will manage one token and three non-fungible tokens 

Ticker: $REFO

Use Cases:

The $REFO token is used in three main ways: 

  • Payment — The Primary exchangeable counter digital currency is $REFO for all trades on the Marketplace. 
  • Fees — All fees for the NFT Marketplace applications, including listing fees are paid with $REFO. 
  • Rewards — Rewards distributed and contributed to all uses will be denominated in $REFO.

Token Allocation:

Burned At The Outset – 33% 

Marketing – 6% 

Land Acquisition – 17% 

The Team – 7%

The Advisors -3%

Sold In The Market – 33% 



  • Technology research 
  • NFT Initialization 
  • Project development 
  • Acquiring first hemp farmland 


  • Website Launch 
  • Social Media Launch 
  • Partnership with One Tree Planted 
  • NFT launch 
  • First private round of NFT sales 
  • First Public NFT Sale Round 
  • Acquiring more hemp, forest land 
  • 40 000 trees planted with OTP 
  • The great giveaway – more than 1.5 ha in Plot NFTs to lucky REFO members


  • Launching Reforestnation ecosystem 
  • Reforestnation NFT Marketplace 
  • ReforestNation APP on IOS/Android 
  • Burning 330 million $REFO tokens 
  • Land Lease Protocol 


  • Listing $REFO on another DEX 
  • Volunteer program 
  • Drone project funding 
  • Applying for Grant Funding from the EU

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