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RetroDeFi is a one-stop-shop for anything related to DeFi. Retro DeFi will have its own ecosystem, running on the Binance Smart Chain network ($BNB) and blasting that 80’s Retro Tech theme at 1.21 gigawatts. The team recently has taken their ecosystem to the next level with the launching of R-QBERT token, replacing QBERT and equipped with enhanced features to become a useful farming token. 


The R-QBERT token is designed to be a useful farming reward token. Only 10% of the total supply of R-QBERT was initially minted, resulting in a max supply of 8 million tokens. R-QBERT can be earned by participating in RETRO Farms or purchased via PancakeSwap. 

To enable quick improvement of the RETRO DeFi ecosystem, roughly 1.25 % of all originally produced tokens will go to the treasury. BNB and R-QBERT tokens will be added to the Pancake Swap Liquidity Pool once it is launched, with a listing price of $2.00 per R-QBERT.

Launching R-QBERT is a significant step forward in the evolution of their Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. This update provides the Retro ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain more stability, and they will be able to give their native token a utility beyond standard yield farming tokens or any token available, working with their incredible partners to assist their users in developing a strong crypto portfolio.

R-QBERT is a powerful tool for their partners; their token will buy back their partners’ tokens on a regular basis, allowing them to increase their liquidity while also allowing their community to diversify their portfolio with Binance Smart Chain’s finest projects. They open the doors to democratization of the ecosystem with R-QBERT, which means more empowerment and participation of the community in project decision-making.

This will also be a huge boost for R-CUBE; thanks to R-never-ending QBERT’s buybacks, R-QBERT will not only speed up the process of burning down R-CUBE supply to 8.8 million, but also raise the price.

R-QBERT Features and RetroFarms


R-QBERT is the first farming token to provide holders with automatic dividends in two separate tokens. This will be accomplished by imposing a 12% fee on all transactions, which will be distributed as follows:

  • 4% will be used for automatic R-CUBE buy backs and distribution
  • 3% will be used to automatically buy and distribute the secondary reward token. This secondary token will be determined by their partnerships and chosen democratically by the community
  • 2% for R-QBERT auto-liquidity
  • 2% used for Marketing
  • 1% R-QBERT Auto Burn


RetroFarms, the RQBERT optimized farming system, provides an ideal chance for ordinary people to enter the DEFI sector without incurring high transaction costs, allowing them to participate and gain even with a modest amount of capital. Everyone will be able to benefit from RETRO automated compounding because their smart contracts will compound your profits for you without the need for you to do any additional measures. They choose Pancakeswap, like other yield aggregators, because they’re the fastest-growing platforms on BSC.


Profits can simply be compounded. The Automated Compounding feature will automatically expand your stake, increasing your yield potential every day.

  • Multi-Reward System: RetroFarms offers a number of different tokens to earn, including R-QBERT, CAKE, BUNNY, and BNB tokens.
  • Sustainability: The goal is to build a long-term, sustainable framework that will provide stability, security, and trust.
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  • Utility Focused: RETRO users have access to a number of Dapps in which both of their tokens play a key role, providing incentives, voting rights, and other benefits to their community.

Gaming Integration

  • Games of Probability: Simply add the required token to your bet. Choose your own percentage of chance and try your luck! Choose a Roll Dice choice that is lower or higher than your stake and try your luck!
  • Lottery: Purchase lottery tickets with specified tokens, which contribute directly to the lottery pot. The lottery prizes and lottery drawing schedule will be disclosed at the start of the game!
  • Arcade: In the Arcade section, you can play free retro games. They intend to develop fully integrated games in the future so that users can be rewarded for playing using RETRO DEFI tokens.

Vaults & Farm

Users can deposit a variety of tokens in Retro Farms to gain even more R-QBERT tokens. Except for the RCUBE single stake pool, there will be no withdrawal fees at Retro Farms. If a user unstakes outside of the “no fee” period, the RCUBE transfer tax will be imposed. Every pool in the Farm has a 4% harvest cost and a 1% staking fee.

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RetroDefi has formed partnerships in order to become larger and faster while still ensuring the greatest possible user experience.

  • Cryption Network: will provide a number of benefits to both communities, including a new R-QBERT staking pool with CNT payouts that will operate for 45 days and be available on RetroFarms: Polygon.
  • ApeSwap: New farms will be deployed in RetroFarms Binance Smart Chain and Polygon Network, including Banana/BNB LP and Banana/WMATIC LP pairs.
  • TCG World: to provide new Staking and Yield Farming options to their communities. RetroDEFI will host TCGCoin 2.0 staking as well as provide various yield farming and staking alternatives for both communities.
  • More can be named Fabwelt, Crystal.finance, UniFarm, Smart Exchange, PDO.finance, etc.
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Learn More

Twitter: https://twitter.com/retrodefi

Telegram: https://t.me/retrodefibsc

Medium: https://retrodefibsc.medium

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/RETRODEFI

GitHub: https://github.com/retrodefi