The Ripple vs. SEC legal battle has taken a new turn, sparking a heated debate among crypto lawyers and experts. A recent court order from Judge Analisa Torres rejecting the SEC’s plan for an interlocutory appeal against Ripple has divided opinions within the legal community. While some view it as a significant win for Ripple, others urge caution and emphasize the complexities of the legal process.

Mixed Reactions Among Crypto Lawyers

Legal experts and commentators are split in their interpretation of Judge Torres’ decision. Crypto lawyer Jeremy Hogan labeled the ruling a “disaster” for the SEC, emphasizing its potential implications. However, lawyers like Bill Hughes and Gabriel Shapiro have adopted a more balanced perspective. Hughes noted that the ruling’s limitations are specific to this case, indicating that it might not significantly impact future proceedings. Shapiro echoed this sentiment, cautioning against overenthusiasm and highlighting the possibility of future appeals by the SEC.

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Potential Ramifications for Ripple

Screenshot From The Order Denying Sec Motion To File Interlocutory Appeal Against Ripple
Screenshot from the Order Denying SEC Motion to File Interlocutory Appeal

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While some experts downplay the ruling’s impact, others, including Scott Chamberlain, argue that it could be more substantial for Ripple than initially perceived. Chamberlain pointed out that the SEC’s position might be weakened in future appeals due to the existing factual record. He emphasized the challenge the SEC faces in proving its case and highlighted the absence of major legal questions, suggesting that any future appeal might face an uphill battle.

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Ripple CEO’s Optimism and Trial Timeline

Amidst the legal debate, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse expressed his optimism regarding the recent developments. Taking to social media, he shared his positive outlook following the court order. The trial on this matter is currently scheduled for April 23, 2024. Notably, any potential appeal from the SEC can only be lodged after the trial concludes, adding another layer of complexity to the ongoing legal saga.


The recent court ruling in the Ripple vs. SEC case has ignited a fierce discussion among crypto lawyers, reflecting the intricacies of the legal battle. While opinions differ on the ruling’s immediate impact and the potential implications for future appeals, one thing remains certain: the crypto community will be closely watching as this high-stakes legal drama continues to unfold.

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