Rise of Defenders is a new NFT game based on the Tower Defense concept with a lot of Play-to-Earn potential.


Rise of Defenders is a Tower Defense game with RPG elements thrown in. Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem, Tactic Ogre, and AFK Arena were all inspirations for this game. The goal of the game is to organize the formation, improve heroes, and keep enemies from destroying the base. Each game hero has their own special abilities that make fighting and defending easier. Aside from fighting the machine in Campaign mode, players can compete with other gamers from all over the world in two separate modes: Tournament and Arena, both of which are extremely competitive and exciting, to show off their tactical talents.

In addition to experiencing exciting games and a stunning setting, joining the world of Rise of Defender allows players to gain NFT items such as heroes, mythological equipment, and strengthened items through various game modes in the gameplay. All of the players’ efforts will be rewarded with fame and precious prizes that no other game can provide.

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Defenders’ Ascension Built on the Binance Smart Chain platform, which has a low cost for participants, a diverse environment, and a quick pace. 

What makes Rise of Defenders unique?

Rise of Defenders not only captures the trend of the Play-to-Earn game concept, but also distinguishes itself and makes NFT games participation easier. 

  • Different and Interesting: Rise of Defenders features captivating graphics created by the top artists and provides gamers with the best experience possible.
  • Lift off barriers to participate in NFT game: The game mode comprises the following features: Free to Play and Play to Earn allow gamers to make their own decisions, guaranteeing that every effort they make is rewarded.
  • Sustainable money-making opportunities: Attractive incentive schemes that allow players to obtain game tokens RDG, RDR, and unique NFTs, as well as fast market liquidity. This game is always available to the ecosystem, allowing players to earn in the long run with Rise of Defenders, making it an appealing source of money.

The Team

The Rise of Defender Team is made up of around 70 full-time employees with backgrounds in blockchain, gaming, finance, and marketing. They have produced a number of appealing games that have attracted up to 15 million monthly downloads and more than 5 million daily active users throughout the world. In terms of game and app developer rankings, the team, which has been together for more than five years, has been honored to be in the top 30 in the world, the top 7 in Southeast Asia, and the top 3 in Vietnam.

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Game Plot

The story is set on the mythological continent of Enotias, which is home to a vast array of races. After 200 years of peaceful coexistence among the races, the Orcs secretly established The Crimson Swarm alongside other races such as Undead, Lizardman, Goblin, and Night Elf, reigniting the fires of battle. Prince Adrius of Althia, mankind’s largest country, has gathered his kingdoms and friends to combat The Crimson Swarm in order to maintain peace on the continent. It is entirely up to the player to bring Enotias back to peace.

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Game Mode

Rise of Defenders offers a variety of game modes for all kinds of gamers. 

  • Campaign: Campaign is a PVE mode in which players fight on various maps against a range of opponents in order to obtain a variety of tantalizing loot boxes. The player’s opponents become more powerful as he or she passes through additional levels or territories, but the prizes also increase.
  • Tournament: In Tournament, participants can demonstrate their abilities and use the hero system to engage in an endless battle. The better the player’s score and rating, as well as the number of monsters killed, the higher the rank.
  • Arena: Arena is a unique game mode in which players compete against other players for glory and awards using their current Hero system. Arena, like Tournament, has a rank system that determines how players are ranked as well as the awards they receive.

Hero & Equipment System

In the present ROD, heroes are separated into five classes, each with its unique set of features, strengths, and characteristics:

  • Defender: specializes in defensive power.
  • Attacker: specializes in attack power.
  • Ranger: specializes in attack speed and finishing.
  • Mage: specializes in wide-area magic power.
  • Supporter: specializes in supporting teammates in both attack and defense power.

Each class will also have its own skill table (Mastery), which will include a number of different skill branches. The allocation of skill points and the coordination of heroes in the squad, which will be set by the player, will be more varied as a result.

In addition, an equipment system is created to assist the hero’s ability and raise the odds of winning. Hats, Armour, Weapons, A cape, Ring, and Necklace are all available to each Hero in ROD.



Two free heroes, Adrius and Evelyn, will be provided to players. RDG coins can be used to improve these teams’ defenses. These defensive units will not be available for purchase or sale to other players.

Free players can use the RDG they obtain after clearing a level to open Normal Loot Boxes, which contain important NFT items such as heroes, hero shards, and mythological equipment.

If free players participate in Tournament and Arena game types on a regular basis, they can earn the premium token, RDR. For players, the more prestigious the rank, the more enticing the advantages are.


There are a variety of ways for players to make money in Rise of Defenders:

  • If you don’t want to spend real money on the game, you can beat the level using the available defenses and get RDG as a reward. RDG coins can be used to open the Normal Loot Box, improve their team, and progress further in Tournament mode to earn bigger prizes like RDR coins.
  • If you have digital assets, you can use them to purchase Premium Heroes and premium equipment such as digital assets (NFT), as well as earn awards and income by battling Extreme in game modes such as Tournament and Arena. Legitimate gamers can lease NFT assets on a peer-to-peer basis through private agreements between NFT asset owners and genuine gamers.


The dual token economy is used in Rise of Defenders, with RDR serving as the governance token and RDG serving as the in-game token.


  • Total Supply: 500,000,000 RDR
  • The RDR token is the game’s main token. It allows token holders to participate in the game by playing, investing, and participating in the game. RDR was built to be a major player in the gaming industry. RDR economics was created with the goal of encouraging and maximizing player-to-player interaction. Players will be rewarded with RDR for certain acts in the Rise of Defenders game.
  • Use cases:
    • Player Reward
    • Payment, trading
    • Staking Reward
    • Regulating Economy in game
    • Governance
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  • Total Supply: Infinite
  • RDG coins received during game play. After receiving the RDG, the player can claim the RDG to the wallet.
  • Use case:
    • Hero level up
    • Upgrade equipment level
    • Normal loot box
    • Castle level up


Q2 – Q3 2021:

  • Develop game
  • Cooperation advisor/ partner

Dec 2021:

  • Announce Partner
  • Seed & Private round
  • IDO Public sale
  • Release version 1 with campaign mode
  • Marketplace opens

Q1 2022:

  • Marketing campaign
  • Announce partner
  • Tournament mode
  • New 10+ heroes
  • New legendary equipments

Q2 2022: 

  • Announce partner
  • Arena mode
  • Polishing core product
  • New 10+ heroes
  • New campaign maps
  • New tournament maps

Q3 2022:

  • New game mode
  • Continue balancing and polishing game

Q4 2022:

  • Update new heroes
  • New towers, artillery
  • Building based mode
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Learn More

Testnet Game: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/1Gd-McGOCO2nCCs8z4SdeS65VrWK2G6hc 

Core team: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IA0g94MMIYVegdNfDF8v8vj5pBTes9ic/view?usp=drivesdk 

Pitch Deck: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EfIb3E5AdXhFCXnH8LsCLH5Ex9smojzx/view?usp=sharing 

APERO Portfolio: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-JcM5kYjW1vx2JUiclAqmdyJEPpBSY9z/view?usp=sharing 

PlayStore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=vn.apero.warriorDefenders.td.tower.defense.rush 

Trailer: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZrpoTW05ObgJ-62YYll9am-r7IWy6nAc/view?usp=sharing 

Website: https://risedefenders.io/ 

Telegram ANN: https://t.me/RiseDefendersAnn 

Telegram Community: https://t.me/RiseDefendersChat 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DefendersRise 

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/RiseDefenders 

Discord: https://discord.gg/x7cAKWnWh4 

Medium: https://medium.com/@risedefenders 

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCl7V5NtAgh7DAOHEUCku2A 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RiseDefendersnft