Web3 + AI infrastructure project RSS3 launched the first Web3 AI Assistant, Model 1,  trained by RSS3’s AI Open Platform, the latest and most advanced Web3 open model training platform from RSS3, an invite-only beta.

RSS3 confirms that their AI Open Platform (AIOP) meets both the cross-chain data dissemination and Natural Language Processing (NLP) model training criteria, a first for this technology along with OpenAI’s GPT. AIOP’s advanced reasoning and data analytic ability is validated by its performance on various professional and academic benchmarks of Web3-related topics, ushering in an era of rapid and profound change in the Web3 industry.

“AIOP is powered by the comprehensive Web3 data on the RSS3 Network, and we have been consistently improving our fast and stable data dissemination protocols since day 1. The trained AI models can be employed in various applications, and Model 1 serves as a perfect example. Functioning as an AI assistant, it provides personalized conversations, and recommendations, and can even make price predictions.” – Joshua, Founder of RSS3.

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The implications of AIOP for the Web3 industry go far beyond training models with decentralized data. AIOP, when paired with RSS3’s standardized data schema and data dissemination expertise, has made possible for innovative and professional-level solutions that Web3 builders and investors can rely on. “Model 1 demonstrates the power of next-generation AI with the accuracy of data analytics that Web3 professionals require,” – Henry, CTO of RSS3. “We leverage the most comprehensible blockchain activity feed that retrieves data from social networks, transaction records, and profiles, and we make sure all trained datasets on the AI Open Platform are ready-to-consume.”

Model 1 leverages the potency of AIOP and decentralized data distribution, providing a “force multiplier” for Web3 builders, with a particularly significant impact on developers. Fast Web3 information flow is vital for developing meaningful projects, yet time and data source limitations often restrict its effectiveness. Model 1 is already empowering developers to generate more innovative ideas efficiently during the Web3 project brainstorming process. The complexity of processing Web3 data is a major problem when it comes to project development. The result is that folks with extensive data resources are more likely to generate pioneering technological concepts. By integrating NLP into the training process, Model 1 can analyze and give recommendations on content disseminated from various dApps and Web3 platforms, providing users with time-sensitive and insightful information about on-chain activities. This can help builders make more informed decisions and drive project growth in the rapidly evolving Web3 industry.

About RSS3

RSS3 is an information dissemination protocol designed to achieve open, efficient, and secure information flow in the Web3 environment. We are committed to serving as the indispensable Web3 + AI infrastructure for all Web3 content. RSS3 bridges the gap between Web3 and AI by providing efficient access to comprehensive decentralized data coverage, enabling the development of a wide range of AI-powered applications.

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