The creators of SafeMoon, a widely known cryptocurrency, are facing serious legal trouble. The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has charged the executives, including SafeMoon creator Kyle Nagy, CEO John Karony, and chief technology officer Thomas Smith, with fraud. They are accused of misusing $200 million in investor funds for lavish personal expenses. Both the SEC and the Justice Department have taken legal action, alleging fraud, unregistered securities sales, and money laundering conspiracy.

Deception and Misuse of Investor Funds

The SEC’s investigation revealed that SafeMoon’s executives deliberately misled investors by promising that funds would be securely locked in the liquidity pool, inaccessible to anyone, including themselves. However, it was discovered that a significant portion of the pool was not locked as claimed. The executives allegedly withdrew $200 million from the project, diverting these funds for personal use. This included purchases of luxury vehicles, real estate, and even manipulating the SAFEMOON market by making fraudulent trades to artificially inflate its price.

Safemoon (Source: Analytics Insights)
Source: Analytics Insights

These actions led to an astonishing 55,000% increase in SafeMoon’s value between March 12 and April 20, 2021, reaching a capitalization of over $5 billion before vulnerabilities in the smart contract’s code were exposed.

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Previous SafeMoon’s Controversies and Legal Troubles

Ceo John Karony (Source: 24/7 Crypto)
CEO John Karony (Source: 24/7 Crypto)

This isn’t the first time SafeMoon has faced controversy. In February 2022, the cryptocurrency, along with CEO John Karony and several celebrities, was sued for allegedly orchestrating a pump-and-dump scheme. Despite these legal challenges, SafeMoon continued to operate until March 2023 when it fell victim to a hacking incident. However, even this setback did not deter the executives, as they managed to strike a deal with the hacker, who agreed to return 80% of the stolen funds.


The SafeMoon scandal serves as a stark reminder of the risks associated with the cryptocurrency market and the importance of due diligence when investing. As regulatory authorities crack down on fraudulent activities, investors must exercise caution and be aware of the potential pitfalls. The arrest of SafeMoon’s executives highlights the commitment of law enforcement agencies to ensure the integrity of financial markets and protect investors from unscrupulous practices. As the legal proceedings unfold, the cryptocurrency community watches closely, hoping for justice to be served and for transparency to prevail in the ever-evolving world of digital assets.

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