Sandwich Network is unquestionably the best place to begin a cryptocurrency project. Anyone can use it because it is user-friendly and permissionless. Sandwich is genuinely decentralized and non-custodial, allowing any user with a Web3 wallet to access all of the ecosystem’s Dapps.

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At this time, the DeFi market is quite fragmented. Different tools are required for each task, which can be inconvenient but also lead to blunders such as losing funds or failing to keep track of assets and holdings.

The fragmented market problem might be remedied by establishing a central hub with everything an investor or project owner would require. Sandwich Network is doing precisely that. So they have everything you’ll ever need to invest in, track, and trade tokens on decentralized markets.

Sandwich Network Ecosystem

Sandwich Network is establishing a decentralized application environment. There are four basic apps in this ecosystem. These will be discussed shortly below.

  • SandwichBeta(LIVE): Mint, launch and lock tokens permissionless on multiple chains to easily launch your own cryptocurrency project.
  • SandwichSAFU (Q1 2022): Tiered-system launchpad where $SANDWICH holders get access to private and public rounds of top-tier projects on multiple chains.
  • SandwichTools (Q1/2 2022): The most extensive toolbox for DEX trading. Analyse and anticipate market movements, statistics and connect personal wallets to track all investments in one place.
  • SandwichSwap (Q2/3 2022): Get access to all market-leading decentralized exchanges through one easy to use interface.

Project Roadmap

Platform/website revision

  • UX & UI Audit by external party
  • Improve UX & UI
  • Create faster working platform
  • Better mobile friendliness
  • New navigation system


Reducing risk in the cryptospace is unfortunately still much needed. With SandwichSAFU; a decentralized launchpad with heavy security features Sandwich Network will raise the bar for applicants to launch their projects by setting new standards for Seed, Private and Public fundraising. 


Aiming to become the one stop-shop for launches of new crypto projects SandwichTools will provide

the most extensive toolbox for DEX trading. Analyse and anticipate market movements, statistics and

connect personal wallets to track all investments in one place.


Automated audit tools for all projects on Sandwich-supported networks to check their smart contracts. To ensure you don’t fall victim to another honeypot or rug pull.


Access all market-leading Decentralized Exchanges through one easy-to-use interface by only connecting your wallet once. 

Sandwich Network

Project Tokenomics

As the native token, the Sandwich Network ($SANDWICH) is used to power the Sandwich Ecosystem. The token will mostly be utilized as a utility token across a variety of apps.

Token Detail

Token Name: Sandwich Network


Total supply: 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion)

Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)

Sandwich Network

Token Sale

Seed & Private Sale

After launching the ecosystem’s first Dapp (SandwichBeta), the team has been on the road, bringing value to Venture Capitalists, Exchanges, and accredited investors in the form of promotion, networking, and listings.

A total of $960,000 was raised in the Seed Sale, while $1,680,000 was raised in the Private Sale.

  • Seed Sale Participants: Magnus Capital, Oddiyana Ventures, LD Capital, Moonwhale, Maven Capital, X21, Lavender Capital, Vespertine Capital.
  • Private Sale Participants: AU21, Fairum Ventures, Kaso2ka Ventures, Lavender Capital, Launchcode Capital, X21, Chainfir, Dutch Crypto Investors, Excalibur Capital, Rubin Ventures, Magnet Capital, Vespertine Capital, OIG, AU21, Aussie Capital, Palar Capital, MH Ventures, Panda Capital, BBS Finance, Infinitypad, Viking Ventures & Maksims Flow Graph.

Public Sale (IDO’s)

The native token of Sandwich Networks will be available for purchase in the Public Sale on four separate launchpads. Keep a look out for announcements about which launchpad they’ll be using on certain dates.

First IDO: 13 January 2022 (Launchpad TBA)

Second IDO: 14 January 2022 (Launchpad TBA)

Third IDO: 17 January 2022 (Launchpad TBA)

Fourth IDO: 18 January 2022 (Sandwich Network)

Pancakeswap Launch

Sandwich Network’s native token $SANDWICH will be listed on Pancakeswap’s DEX on January 19, 2022. Until the initial CEX listing, $SANDWICH will only be traded on Pancakeswap.

Sandwich Network

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