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Anthony Scaramucci, the founder of SkyBridge Capital, an investment management firm focused on the digital asset ecosystem, announced via email that he would be investing his own personal funds to support Brett Harrison’s new venture. Brett Harrison was previously known as the ex-FTX US president, and the aforementioned ‘new venture’ was revealed just three weeks after the collapse of crypto exchange FTX.

The aforementioned ‘new venture’ has yet to be named, but it is expected to be a crypto software company that will reportedly allow crypto traders to create algorithmic-based strategies to access various markets, both centralized and decentralized. The former FTX US president allegedly set a fundraising goal of $10 million, which would result in a $100 million valuation.

Scaramucci responded to Harrison’s lengthy tweet last Saturday on Twitter, in which the former claims to be “proud” to be an investor in the latter’s new company. Harrison’s lengthy thread, on the other hand, was reportedly lingering about Sam Bankman-Fried and his time at FTX US.

Harrison noticed Scaramucci’s tweet and responded that he appreciates Scaramucci’s support and that his advice “means the world” to him. He also stated his willingness to collaborate with SkyBridge Capital’s founder. Scaramucci’s investment in Harrison’s new venture has not yet been disclosed.

Scaramucci’s Outlook And the Beginning of Harrison’s New Venture

When Harrison announced his resignation as president of FTX US, he also hinted at his plans for a new crypto venture. He stepped down as president, but he was supposed to remain in an advisory role for the next few months.

However, according to Harrison’s most recent tweet, he has already left the respective firm after his relationship with Bankman-Fried soured, causing him to shift his “focus to the future and to my own company.”

Scaramucci, on the other hand, reportedly has a positive outlook for the crypto market this year, even referring to 2023’s market outlook as a “recovery year.” He recently spoke with CNBC and stated that he expects Bitcoin to rebound to the $50,000-100,000 range within the next two to three years.