Scroll, a new player in the zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM) sector, has officially confirmed the launch of its mainnet. The team behind Scroll made the announcement on October 17, revealing that existing applications and developer toolkits on Ethereum now have the opportunity to migrate to this innovative scaling solution.

Scroll’s Advancing Scalability with zkEVM Technology

Scroll’s mainnet, which went live on October 8 according to Etherscan data, introduces a novel approach to enhancing the scalability of Ethereum. The zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM) architecture enables Scroll to significantly reduce transaction costs while increasing throughput for decentralized applications on the Ethereum platform.

Scroll achieves this by aggregating thousands of transactions off-chain into a single batch, subsequently submitting a concise data proof to Ethereum’s mainnet. This breakthrough approach promises to revolutionize how transactions are processed, offering a more efficient and cost-effective solution for developers and users within the Ethereum community.

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Rigorous Testing and Community-Driven Development

Scroll Mainnet Launch

Scroll’s mainnet launch follows an extensive 15-month period of rigorous testing and security audits across three separate testnets. During this phase, over 450,000 smart contracts were deployed, facilitating more than 90 million transactions across 9 million blocks. Additionally, 280,000 zero-knowledge proofs were generated, showcasing the robustness and reliability of Scroll’s technology.

Moreover, Scroll’s commitment to community-driven development is evident in its transparent roadmap, which aims to transition from centralized features to a fully decentralized protocol. The Scroll team plans to engage the community in discussions to gather input on the platform’s future direction, ensuring a collaborative and inclusive approach to its evolution.


Scroll’s mainnet launch is a pivotal moment for Ethereum’s scalability. With cutting-edge zkEVM tech, it paves the way for efficient decentralized apps. Amidst growing zkEVM competition, Ethereum benefits from diverse approaches, ensuring a robust blockchain future. Scroll’s community focus and innovation signal a decentralized path for Ethereum. Stay tuned for updates as Scroll advances its scalable blockchain ecosystem.

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