Recently, a whirlwind of rumors swirled around the crypto community implying that the Chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Gary Gensler, had stepped down from his position. This article aims to debunk the misleading information and provide verified updates about the situation, based on credible sources.

Sec Quashes Rumors About Chairman Gary Gensler'S Resignation

The Rumor Mill

According to an online report circulated by a new website,, Gary Gensler allegedly resigned from his position “following an internal investigation”. This report quickly caught the attention of the crypto community, with many influencers echoing the news on social media platforms.

Skepticism From The Community

Key stakeholders within the crypto community like John Deaton, an advocate for XRP, expressed doubts about the authenticity of the story. Some in the community suggested that the false news could be a product of artificial intelligence.

The Official Stand

Sec Quashes Rumors About Chairman Gary Gensler'S Resignation

In response to the rumors, the SEC, through its spokesperson, categorically denied that Chairman Gary Gensler had resigned. This information was shared by Fox Business journalist Eleanor Terrett and was further corroborated by Fox senior correspondent Charles Gasparino.

The Crypto Community’s Reaction

Interestingly, the false news of Gensler’s resignation was welcomed by several members of the crypto community. This reaction is likely due to Gensler’s controversial stance on crypto regulation.

In conclusion, while the crypto community continues to grapple with the regulatory challenges posed by the SEC under Gary Gensler’s leadership, it is important to verify the accuracy of information before sharing. The rumor of Gensler’s resignation serves as a reminder of the need for responsible journalism in the crypto space.

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