David Hirsch, the United States SEC’s Crypto Enforcement Chief, has issued a stern warning to cryptocurrency exchanges and decentralized finance (De-Fi) projects. He has hinted at more charges and punishment on the horizon for those who violate securities laws. This move by the US regulator comes on the heels of ongoing scrutiny of major players like Coinbase and Binance. In his address at the Securities Enforcement Forum Central in Chicago, Hirsch not only emphasized the need for compliance but also revealed the agency’s intent to broaden its enforcement efforts across the entire crypto landscape.

SEC Expanding Its Targets Beyond Coinbase and Binance

David Hirsch, The United States Sec’s Crypto Enforcement Chief (Right) - Source: Youtube
David Hirsch (right) – Source: Youtube

Hirsch’s address made it abundantly clear that the US regulator’s enforcement actions won’t be limited to just the big names in the industry. While Coinbase and Binance have been under the regulator’s spotlight, Hirsch stated that the agency is actively investigating several other firms engaging in activities similar to those of the two giants. He emphasized that the industry’s compliance violations extend far beyond these two organizations.

“We’re going to continue to bring those charges,” Hirsch declared. He went on to highlight that there are other businesses currently on the SEC‘s radar, operating in a manner akin to Coinbase and Binance. This signals their intention to root out misconduct across the entire cryptocurrency exchange spectrum.

Hirsch’s remarks serve as a stark reminder that the SEC’s pursuit of legal action in the crypto space isn’t limited to a select few. The agency is determined to hold all violators accountable, irrespective of their market position. This expansion of focus underscores the US regulator’s commitment to maintaining the integrity and legality of the crypto market.

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SEC’s Reach Extends to De-Fi Projects

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In addition to its intensified stance on exchanges, the SEC is also setting its sights on decentralized finance (De-Fi) projects. Hirsch affirmed that the agency will continue to conduct investigations in this space and won’t be deterred by the “DeFi” label. De-Fi, which has gained significant popularity in recent years, offers a new frontier for financial innovation but also presents its share of regulatory challenges.

“We will continue to be active in this space,” Hirsch stated firmly. This signifies the US Regulator’s determination to ensure that De-Fi projects also adhere to regulatory guidelines and securities laws.

The inclusion of De-Fi projects in the SEC’s enforcement scope underscores the regulator’s commitment to maintaining a level playing field within the crypto industry. De-Fi platforms, known for their decentralized and often pseudonymous nature, pose unique challenges when it comes to regulation. However, Hirsch’s declaration signals that the US regulator is prepared to adapt its approach to address these challenges and ensure compliance.


David Hirsch’s warning at the Securities Enforcement Forum Central serves as a clear indication of the SEC’s intent to ramp up its enforcement efforts within the cryptocurrency sector. While Coinbase and Binance have been at the forefront of recent regulatory actions, Hirsch’s statements make it evident that they are casting a wider net. The agency’s determination to ensure compliance and protect investors extends not only to cryptocurrency exchanges but also to the burgeoning De-Fi space. As the cryptocurrency landscape continues to evolve, market participants must remain vigilant and proactive in adhering to regulatory requirements to avoid potential legal consequences.

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